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Cars around Waverley from the Deputy Head

College Gates, Carrington Road

From the Deputy Head of College, Patrick Brennan

Care when dropping-off and picking-up your sons

Waverley College’s campus sees the movement of 1500 students, 180 staff and external hirers across two campuses plus a preschool each day of the school year.

Transport NSW figures show that over 50 students annually are significantly injured in pedestrian accidents in close proximity to their schools.

Our staff are committed to ensuring our community arrives and departs the campus in a safe manner each day.

The College does not have designated drop off or pick up zones due to the proximity of our campus to Birrell Street. Most of our students walk, bus and train to and from the College.

To ensure the safety of all, parents who drive are asked to remain in their vehicles at all times and insist that their sons enter/exit the car on the footpath side.

Parking inspectors as well as the NSW Police have a presence in our vicinity at the start and end of our day so parents should ensure they are always parked legally and avoid manoeuvres such as illegal U-turns and three-point turns and ensure their speed is within the 40 km/ph school zone limit.

Finally, use of the main turning circle at the administration office should be avoided as this is an area of high student density. Departing students are often more focused on getting to their bus stop rather than awareness of surrounding vehicles. The College uses this space for numerous deliveries during the day and is an area that quickly becomes built up and jammed.

The following is a summary of our safe drop-off and pick-up advice:

  • Avoid collecting boys in the main turning circle
  • Park in designated parking spots indicated by Waverley Council signage. Do not arrange to pick students up on side streets, staff parking lots, or other areas that may not be as safe.
  • Yield to pedestrians, red lights, and buses, and be aware that boys who are walking home may not look both ways before venturing across a parking lot or pedestrian crossing.
  • Be sure to drive the proper direction through parking lots and nearby streets including Salisbury Street and the PAC staff car park.
  • Obey the local speed limits in our school zones of 40km/h
  • Always pick students up at the nearest curb and do not encourage them to cross parking lots to reach the car.
  • Use turn signals when entering and leaving the pick-up areas and check blind spots carefully.
  • Once students are in the car, make sure their seat-belts are fastened immediately. Injuries can occur even from slow-moving crashes and fender benders, particularly for young children.