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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

CAS Drill Comp, Cadet Passing Out Parade, Annual Awards Ceremony and Dining In Night

Cadet Dining In Night

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CAS Drill Competition

It’s been a big week in Cadets! On Wednesday, our CAS Drill Competition Team travelled to Knox to compete in the annual CAS Drill Competition against Cadets Units from Trinity, Knox, St Aloysius and Barker. A team of 22 cadets from Waverley and St Catherine’s have been rehearsing all term to compete and they did a sterling job. While Barker took out the trophy, Waverley were near contenders and we look forward to great things from our team in the years ahead.

Cadets CAS Drill Competition Team

CAS Drill Competition Team

Cadet Passing Out Parade

What a brilliant Winter’s Day graced us for Passing Out Parade on Sunday. Passing Out Parade is a formal farewell for our Year 12 cadets, and this year, we were fortunate to be able to open the ceremony to parents and friends. Spectators lined the balconies as our cadets performed brilliantly for the Reviewing Officer, Commander of 2nd Brigade, COL Glenn Taylor.

The symbolic exchanging of the flags was a momentous occasion as the flags from the Old Flag party passed to the new Flag Party Commander, WO2 Sophia Voigt. As the first St Catherine’s cadet to be appointed Flag Party Commander, Sophia represents the ongoing success of the partnership between our two schools.

The occasion allows us to recognise the significant achievements of cadets striving to achieve the tenets of the AAC over the course of the Cadet year and we are very proud to announce the winners for 2021.

Passing Out Parade 2021

Passing Out Parade 2021

Passing Out Parade 2021

Passing Out Parade 2021

Passing Out Parade 2021

Passing Out Parade 2021

Annual Awards Ceremony Winners

Most Efficient Cadet in the Field

  • A COY           LCPL Oliver Malzard
  • B COY           CDT Meg O’Connor
  • C COY           LCPL Robert Muir
  • SPT COY       LCPL Kai Jones

Most Efficient JNCO Awards

  • A COY           CPL James Fragias
  • B COY           CPL Sarah Teitler
  • C COY           CPL Kayla Heng
  • SPT COY       CPL Thomas Martin

Commanding Officer’s Efficiency Awards

  • WO2 Charles Alexander
  • WO2 Daniel Di Francesco
  • WO2 Daniel McSweeny
  • WO2 Sophia Voigt
  • SGT James Harding
  • SGT Vanessa Kimpton
  • SGT Hugo Pizzol
  • SGT Owen Punch

Commanding Officer’s Commendation for Excellence in the Field

  • CDT Mohamed Moussa

The Major General Charles H New Award for the Most Outstanding Medic

  • CDT Ruben Stock

The Commanding Officer’s Commendation for Outstanding Contribution to the Unit

  • CUO Thomas Cahill

The Johnny O’Keefe Award for Excellence in the Band

  • CUO Harrison Palmer

The Major General Charles H New Trophy for Outstanding Leadership in the Field

  • WO2 Darcy Ferguson

The Major F S Farrell Trophy for General Excellence in a Senior Specialty Platoon

  • WO2 Brandon Reid

The Sgt Bede Kenny VC Memorial Award for the Most Efficient NCO

  • WO2 Zachary Straker

The General Cosgrove Shield for the Most Efficient Senior Specialty Platoon

  •  Quartermaster Platoon

(Received by Platoon Commander – CUO James Privett)

The Major F D Marzorini Shield for the Most Efficient Platoon

  • 5 PL

(Received by the PL Commander – CUO Tobias Malzard)

The Lt Col P R Frost Company Cup for the Most Efficient Company

  •  C Company

(Received by the Company Commander – CUO Hayden Walker)

The Officers’ Staff Cane for General Excellence in the Completion of Duties

  • CUO Finn Anderson

The Col R J Marr Cane DFC QC for Meritorious Service

  • CUO Bryn Parry

The Maj General J A Chapman Cane for the Best Cadet in the Unit

  • CUO Mark Gaponov

Dining In Night

Later that evening, Year 12 cadets and their parents joined AAC and school dignitaries and Cadet staff in a formal Military Mess in the Gym. Our stewards transformed the room into an elegant dining space and we were blessed to come together to celebrate our Year 12s’ five years of service to the Cadet Unit.

One of the advantages of Cadets is the regular opportunity to display courage and that was certainly the theme of the day. This year group has risen to the many challenges they faced – with COVID-19, with new tasks, with change – and they have adapted brilliantly. They are an exceptional group who have raised the bar with their leadership, their dedication and their camaraderie. Although an emotional time for them, our Year 12 cadets are ready to say good-bye and to embrace the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Cadet Dining In Night 2021

Cadet Dining In Night

Cadet Dining In Night

Cadet Dining In Night

Cadet Dining In Night

Cadet Dining In Night


MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow

Commanding Officer – WCCU