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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Co-curricular Activities 

Director of Co-curricular, Mr Steve O'Donnell

Director of Co-curricular, Mr Steve O'Donnell

Well done to all students on your great efforts so far this term with remote learning, as well as the wide range of physical activities that I have seen across all year groups. I am sure we are all well aware of how important maintaining physical activity and exercise is during this time for our overall holistic health. 

House Points Challenge Website

>>> Click here to view the House Points Challenge website. 

We have had some impressive submissions on this website. Many students have also utilised the recommended exercises from Mr Jeremy Roff each day in the Daily Notices.

Have You Subscribed to the New Waverley College App?

We have also commenced posting specific sport activities on the new Waverley College App under Co-curricular, so please ensure you have subscribed to the App AND those specific activities in which you participate. We will continue to post these over the next couple of weeks to ensure that the students in each of those activities are maintaining and improving their skills and fitness levels. All of these can be done at home and do not require much equipment, as well as being appropriate for all levels of ability.

Waverley College App

Olympic-Style Event Challenges

With the Olympics commencing this week we will also be posting some Olympic-style event challenges across a number of different platforms, with prizes for those students who submit the best results. These will include exercise challenges such as push ups, sit ups, accuracy, standing long jump, trivia questions as well as activity design tasks.

We will also have a medal prediction competition launching next week with the closest students being able to come and select any piece of sports equipment of their choice once we return to school.

Winter Sports Season and Presentation Evenings

At this stage we have no official update on the recommencement of winter sports and the season remains currently suspended. We will also be postponing any current planned presentation evenings and will update the College community based on further health advice and orders to ensure we are keeping everyone safe.

Summer Co-curricular Activities

We have had a number of students and parents in Years 7-11 asking about summer co-curricular activity changes that were due in week 3 of this term. We will postpone these changes until we return to school, or if lockdown is extended, we will look at an online method of making these change requests.

Water Polo, Fitness Group, Weights and Fitness, Touch Football

Please note that some summer activities such as water polo, fitness group, weights and fitness (selected Year 11 and 12 only) and touch football have very limited spots available, so students will need to ensure that they select second and third preferences.

Cricket and Tennis

We also need to maintain the integrity of a number of traditional sports such as cricket and tennis, and would not normally make changes for those students who were selected in As teams last summer season.


We will also be potentially offering a new summer activity in Sailing, depending on the number of students who express interest. Sailing would occur over two afternoons per week as well as on a Saturday morning at Woollahra Sailing Club. For any student selecting this activity, there is a direct cost involved for use of the equipment and instruction. These costs are lower per term the more students that participate, however, we need a minimum of six students for this activity to run.

Stay Motivated!

Keep working on those physical activities and exercises, and please keep uploading this evidence to the House Points Challenge website or please just send them to your Convenors or myself. 

James Fragias (Year 10) staying active at home during 2021 Lockdown

James Fragias (Year 10) staying active at home during 2021 Lockdown


Mr Steve O’Donnell

Director of Co-curricular