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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


Conlon House End of Term Report

Head of Conlon House, Ms Cathy O'Sullivan

Head of Conlon House, Ms Cathy O'Sullivan

From Head of Conlon House, Ms Cathy O’Sullivan

While the unexpected experiences of 2020 have imposed some limitations to our normal College activities; in many ways we have been challenged to think and undertake experiences in different and sometimes more creative ways. During Term 3 we have still been able to celebrate; the CAS winter co-curricula competition, assemblies via video link celebrating academic and co-curricular achievements, ‘Wear it Purple Day’, Indigenous Literacy week, RUOK? Day, and very competitive inter-house lunchtime competitions. Our Year 12 students have sat their Trial examinations and completed their major works and performances in Visual Arts, Music and Technology. In the final two weeks of term Year 11 completed their Yearly Examinations and beginning next term they will commence their final year of school. Our young men from Conlon House have not only shown great resilience this term,but have once again made some very positive and valuable contributions to College life.

Raising awareness for RUOK? Day was our Social Justice focus during Term 3. RUOK? Is a national charity on a mission to inspire and empower everyone to meaningfully connect with people around them and support anyone who is struggling. 2020 has been a challenging year where circumstances have made it even more important for us to stay connected, to listen and to offer support to those around us.

During Term 2 our House Prefects began thinking of ways in which (given the restrictions) we could both celebrate RUOK? Day on Thursday 10 September and also continue the awareness every day about this year’s theme ‘There’s more to say after RUOK?’ Mr Leddie agreed to the proposal put forward by Josh Conacher- Smith and Alfie Sewell of placing a large mural/notice board in a prominent area of the College, where most students would pass by daily.

R U OK? Day 2020

R U OK? Day 2020

During Term 3, to encourage a conversation and to start promoting awareness several Conlon students each day would wear a RUOK? Tee-shirt or hat in the playground during lunch and recess. On RUOK? Day itself, 3 Old boys – Lachlan Drew Morris, Patrick Cliffton and Luca Moretti from Turn up the Talk – conducted a live podcast with Maryanne Larkin (mum of Gus and Van ) and Wendall Sailor (RUOK? ambassador) which was aired to all wellbeing groups. A follow up video which included images of RUOK? Day activities at both the junior and senior campuses, further interviews with Maryanne and Josie Larkin, Lachlan, Patrick and Luca and ending with a beautiful rendition of the Foo Fighters song ‘Times like these’ sung by a group of incredibly talented Waverley singers and musicians from Years 5 to 12 was shown at a whole school assembly. A special thank-you to Jami Walker, Venettia Miller, Angus McPherson, Mr Balkizas and Mrs Rollins for making the amazing video, song and podcast possible.

Maryanne Larkin, Old Boys Lochie, Pat and Luca and Wendell Sailor

Maryanne Larkin, Old Boys Lochie, Pat and Luca and Wendell Sailor

During Term 3 we have experienced considerable success in a number of inter-house sporting competitions, and Conlon is currently in first place on the leaderboard. Our combined Yr 7 to 12 Touch Football and Tug-o-War teams were both victorious in winning their finals. In the ‘Strongman’ competition; Kalani Sullivan was the outright Year 8 winner; Lang Curran from Yr 9 and Marlin Bowring from Yr 11 were equal winners in their age group and Peter Cassimatics (Yr 12) came a very close second in the hotly contested Year 12 competition. Special mention to Henry Lacey (Yr 7) and Tom Martin (Yr 10) who just missed out on first place in their age group. Having their Head of House as part of the dodgeball team may have been a handicap as this was the only competition in which we didn’t get past the semi-finals. I would also like to make special mention of James Medland from Year 8 who received a special prize from Mr O’Donnell for winning the online Inter-House competition.

I would like to recognise and thank each of our Year 12 students, and on behalf of Conlon House sincerely wish them well for their HSC and beyond. Probably more than any other year group our Yr 12’s have had to show the greatest resilience as many of their final year rituals were cancelled or changed due to Covid restrictions. It is a credit to each and everyone of our young men that they were able to demonstrate that they could accept what they could not change, enjoy and make the most of the present, and continue to work towards their goals.

Our final Year 12 House Assembly has always been special and we were able to continue the tradition this year – albeit via video link, with mentor groups remaining in their usual meeting locations. Mentors or students then spoke about each Yr 12 boy from their group. Their words were all very heartfelt, very meaningful and very special to each Yr 12. Our Year 5 & 6 boys had once again made each Year 12 student a beautiful inspirational card. We were not able to give them a standing ovation as they left the assembly, but each mentor group was able to give their own special send off.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of our young men from Yr 12. As a group, they have shown sensitivity, compassion, focus, determination, leadership and above all, are all fine young men who have been extraordinary role models and leaders for us all. We sincerely wish them well for whatever path they take in life.

  • Calam Baird
  • Charlie Barber
  • James Brenchley
  • Peter Cassimatis
  • Josh Conacher-Smith
  • Joshua Cornelius
  • Tyler Dale Mitchell
  • Eyles Tom Felstead
  • Hugh Johnson
  • Huntter Keyes-Ahern
  • Joshua Magdas
  • Noah McDonald
  • Sebastian Puga
  • Alfie Sewell
  • Benjamin Smith
  • Eliot Vincent-Hull
  • Flynn Wild
  • Dylan Williams


Congratulations to all the Conlon boys who received Gold Awards this term and to the following boys who received Semester One Academic Awards;

Year 7: Kayden Baker, Rohan Baker, Charles Beckett, Callum Bush-Brady, Archie Godby, Huon Groves, Lachlan Isaac, Kai McDermott
Year 8: Tashi Daod, Deucher Dezamaulds, Hunter Eldridge, Matthew Frost, Cooper Gee, Eamon Henderson, Marcus Henderson, Ben Ledingham, Jordan McCreery, James Medland.
Year 9: Finn Backlund, Alistair Isaac, Kai Jones
Year 10: Oliver Elliot, Jared Garwood
Year 11: Patrick Hoggett, Samuel Kneebone, Cooper O’Donnell, Toby Rabinowitz, Hayden Wild.
Year 12: Joshua Cornelius, Eliot Vincent-Hull

Archbishop’s Award: Josh Conacher-Smith

Archbishop of Sydney Award for Student Excellence

Archbishop of Sydney Award for Student Excellence

Congratulations to the following boys who received Co-Curricula awards for the winter season;

Rugby: Hugh Johnson, Peter Cassimatis, Patrick Hoggett, Eamon Henderson, Marcus Henderson, Ben Van Dam, Rudy Bickers.
Undefeated 1st & 2nd XV Premiers; Reeve Smith, Darcy Sullivan, Hugh Johnson, Emmanuel Di Bartolo, Charlie Barber, Peter Cassimatis, Huntter Keyes-Ahern, Mitchell Eyles.

Football: Hardy Mears, Matthew Frost, William Kirk, James Privett, Karl Young.

Cross-Country: Huon Groves

AFL CAS undefeated: Joshua Cornelius, Marlin Bowring, Cooper O’Donnell

Judo: Paul Muir

Music: Alistair Isaac, Eliot Vincent-Hull, Robbie Muir

Track and Field Captain: Josh Conacher-Smith

Congratulations to the following boys who received Cadet awards:

Most efficient recruit award: James Medland
Most efficient LCPL award: Alistair Isaac, Thomas Brenchley
Commanding officer’s efficiency award: James Privett, Sebastian Van De Hoek
Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork award: Josh Conacher-Smith
Officers’ staff cane for excellence in the completion of duties: Josh Conacher Smith

Thank-you again to the wonderful Conlon mentors who continue to support and guide your sons.