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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Academic Curriculum

Conlon House Report – End of Year Reflection, Term 4 2018


It has been another busy and productive term for the young men of Conlon House. We have seen the induction of our four new House Prefects and one College Vice Captain. For the very  first time, Conlon, by enthusiastic participation, team-work and pure commitment won the Inter-House competition. Years 5 and 10 boys experienced time together at their annual camps and Year 12 students spent three days together on retreat. Year 6 spent a full Orientation day at Our Lady’s Mount campus, and Years 7 to 10 completed their final exams and assessments. There was again a significant number of Conlon boys receiving Gold awards throughout the term, and a number of boys received an Academic Award at the end of Year presentations. Sadly, at the end of term we also said good-bye to three dedicated Conlon mentors, Mr Phil Davis, Mr David Reidy and Mrs Karen Jones.

Presentation of College Leaders and Prefects

During Week One of term a special assembly with families present was held to announce and present the new College leaders. Oliver Ruse – Vice Captain, Ryan Smith (Community), Hugh Marshall (Spirituality), Max Johnson (Wellbeing) and Lachlan Manastirovski (Academic). They were presented with their badges by a family member in front of the whole College.  I was reminded of how meaningful these occasions can be for the boys and their families when I received the following email  “ My Son’s Grandfather and Uncles are all Old Boys of the school (all members of Conlon) and today his Grandfather who is 82 years of age, had the privilege of pinning his Prefect badges on him.   I can’t tell you how proud his Grandfather was of his grandson and of having this opportunity.   What a special moment it was and I know they will both cherish.  This is such a great experience for the parent, grandparent, carer etc and I hope this tradition continues for years. “

The boys have already demonstrated their maturity, commitment and strong leadership qualities by organising and running the House assemblies. They are setting a high standard for all members of Conlon House. The Prefects also assisted during the Orientation Day for the twenty-six Year 6 boys who will be in Conlon House next year.

Year 12 Retreat

In Week 3, Conlon and Tevlin House spent three (very hot!) days on Retreat at Winmalee Christian Centre in the lower Blue Mountains. The three day Retreat gives the boys an opportunity to explore their spirituality, reflect on where they have been and where they want to go. It is also an opportunity to get to know each other better. Both the Conlon and Tevlin boys were a credit to themselves and their families. Their mature behaviour, generosity and willingness to engage and  contribute to group discussions and activities made for a very successful and enjoyable Retreat. Thank-you to Mr Phil Davis (Retreat facilitator), Mrs Mary Ryan, Mrs Sherri Falkinder, Ms Kaitlyn Downey, Mr Paul Cornish and Mr David Reidy for their attendance.

(Year 12 Retreat)

Year 10 Camp and Reflection Days

Early Sunday morning at the beginning of  Week 7, the Year 10 cohort boarded buses for their five day ‘outward bound’ camp at Somerset, located alongside the beautiful Colo River. The camp provides the boys with an opportunity to not only be challenged by a fairly tough program of physical activities, but , also get to know each other better, encourage and support each other during those challenging activities, work together to set up camp each night, share the cooking and cleaning, tell stories (tall and true) and play games around the campfire each night. Activities for the Conlon boys included a one-and-a-half day expedition carrying their packs, a full day canoeing expedition, abseiling, rock climbing, archery and obstacle course. To add to the challenge, early Tuesday morning and throughout Wednesday the area was inundated with extremely heavy rainfall, and despite getting and staying very wet for the day – the boys took this all in their stride and ‘got on with it’. Thank-you to Mr Paul Cornish, Ms Kaitlyn Downey, Mr Richard Bryant and Mr Nick Brophey for attending the camp (and enduring the same conditions and challenges as the boys.)

On the last two school days of term all Year 10 boys attended Reflection days. The theme of the two days is Gospel values and Social Justice. The boys have the opportunity to reflect on their own attitudes and values as well as sharing in the experiences, attitudes and values of others.

(Conlon Group – Year 10 Last Day of Camp)

Years 5 & 6

It has been an extremely busy term for the Conlon boys in the Junior School. For Year 6, the final few weeks have been a time to reflect on their rewarding experiences in their last days of Primary School. Conlon House has been gallantly led in the Junior School by Captain, Mathew Frost and Vice-Captain, Hunter Eldridge. These two young men are to be congratulated for their reliability and enthusiastic leadership over the past year. As the boys approach their Graduation Day they are truly grateful for the great times they have shared. Some of the highlights this term have been the Year 7 Orientation Day, the final rounds of Summer Sport and the Luna Park Excursion.

One of the most exciting events for the Junior School is the Walkathon. Conlon Well-Being Mentor, Mr Gill, is the organiser of the Walkathon. He has been impressed by the generosity displayed by all boys in their efforts to raise funds for nine charities. The following Conlon boys raised impressive amounts: Marcus Marin – $900, Ben Stahle – $490 and Archie Perkin- $405.

The Year 5 Conlon boys have also enjoyed an exciting term. Their camp to Vision Valley was certainly the highlight where they enjoyed three days of exciting outdoor activities. The ‘Big Brother Program was also a great success. They Year 5 boys were given the opportunity to connect with their Year 10 buddy in Conlon House. These connections are valuable in building support and unity within the House. The boys all loved the Scavenger Hunt and Tug-O-War.

Many Year 5 boys have displayed their interest in stepping up as Conlon leaders for next year. We look forward to announcing the new positions at the start of 2019.


Congratulations to the following boys who were acknowledged at the Summer Co-curricular assembly;

  • 1st Tennis – Nikita Nikento
  • 1st Cricket – Ryan Smith (C), Oliver Ruse
  • 1st Basketball – Angelo Di Bartolo ( C), Ash Backlund
  • Music – Oliver Ruse (Co-captain)
  • 1st Water Polo – Baxter Flynn
  • U14’s 800m Preliminaries – Luca Wilson

End of Year Award Winners

Congratulations to all the Conlon boys who have received a Gold Award this term.  Congratulations to the following Semester Two award winners who were all presented with their awards at the end of year presentations;

  • Year 7 – Alastair Isaac, Max Velkovski, Liam Wood
  • Year 8 – Jared Garwood, Jacob Mulberry
  • Year 9 – Patrick Hoggett, Roger Lee, Cooper O’Donnell
  • Year 10 – Peter Cassimatis, Alfie Sewell, Eliot Vincent-Hull
  • Year 11 – Andrew Badger, Andre Christian-Collet, Max D’Agostino, Flynn Gordon, Mats Lea, Lachlan Manastirovski, Oliver Ruse, Finn Warren


At the end of this term we sadly say good-bye to four Conlon students; Felix Ranson -O’Byrne (Yr 8) who will be moving to a school in Queensland, Roger Lee (Yr 9), Clayton Bakels (Yr 10) attending TAFE and Monty Parsons (Yr 10) attending a Senior College. I wish all the boys the very best in their future endeavours.

It is also with great sadness that we say farewell to three of our Conlon Mentors; Mr Phil Davis (CO 01), Mrs Karen Jones (CO 04) and Mr David Reidy (CO 08). Mr Davis, Mrs Jones and Mr Reidy have all being incredible mentors to the boys in their Wellbeing groups. Mr Davis for his quite and considerate manner, and his genuine interest in the lives of his students; Mrs Jones for her calm and patience, and generosity with giving her time to all her students, as well as sharing her delicious home baked treats; Mr Reidy for sharing his knowledge and wisdom on almost any matter, as well as his quirky sense of humour. I would personally like to thank them for all the assistance they have given me. They will missed by not only Conlon House but also the wider College community.

Thank-you to all Conlon mentors for their continued care and support of your sons;  Ms Jennifer Hoare, Mr Anthony Gill, Mr Phil Davis, Mr Nick Brophy, Mr Paul Cornish, Mrs Karen Jones, Mrs Mary Ryan, Mrs Prue Fitzsimmons, Ms Kaitlyn Downey, Mrs Sherri Falkinder, Mr David  Reidy, Mr Bruce Dominish, Mr Richard Bryant and Mr Chris Blienkinsopp.

Thank-you also to Ms Gemma Brown who was Acting Head of Conlon during Week 7 whilst I was away at the Year 10 camp.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank-you all for your continuing support throughout the year. I look forward to seeing you all again in 2019. I sincerely wish you all a very safe and happy Christmas and New-Year.