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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


Conlon House Report – Term 3, 2019

Head of Conlon House,  Catherine O’Sullivan

Throughout a traditionally very busy Term Three, each year level has shared its own significant moments; from Walkathons, camps, formal dinner cruises, Cadet Parades, Graduation, to the highs and lows of the sporting field. The young men of Conlon are again to be congratulated for their efforts to fully engage in the many opportunities available to them, and, also in the way they continue to connect in an authentic way with their Conlon peers and mentors to make our community so vibrant. This was beautifully reinforced by Mr Disalvo who led the Year 9 Conlon group on their camp; The group got along really well with each other, a highlight was the 12km trek up steep hills on the unsealed ground, where all students supported each other with positive encouragement. A student struggled on this and the boys helped him out by carrying some of his clothes from his bag. The teamwork shown in volunteering for tasks was fantastic, they figured out a roster that was balanced and shared the workload by themselves – any negativity was not encouraged by the group.

Term 3 has been a busy term for all Year groups. Our Year 5 and 6 students have once again participated in their highly successful Walkathon, Blitz Day, Book week celebrations and RUOK? Day. Year 7 students went on several excursions including the Kadoo Tour and experienced service to others by helping to prepare food for meals at, ‘Cook for Good’. All Year 7 travelled to Homebush to support our athletes at the CAS Athletics Carnival. Year 8 experienced their first cadet unit Passing Out Parade at Queens Park. The Year 9 cohort went on a four-day outward-bound style camp to the beautiful Colo Valley. The camp provided the boys with a series of challenging physical and mental activities, which are designed to develop self-reliance and promote personal confidence. Our Year 10 students attended a very successful formal dinner cruise on Sydney Harbour, all young men were looking exceptionally handsome and mature and their behaviour was a credit to themselves and their families.

Our Year 11 and 12 students were very much focused on their ‘final’ terms. Year 11 were completing their Preliminary HSC courses. Next term they commence their final year of schooling and they will be the new leaders of the College. After completing their TRIAL examinations earlier in the term, Year 12 spent their final weeks fine-tuning their preparations for the HSC. There were again some outstanding performances by our Year 12 boys in both the HSC drama and music practical exams. Andrew Badger was selected for inclusion in OnSTAGE for both his group performance in, ‘Happy Happy Funtime show’ and his individual performance in Richard 111. There were also some exceptional final works completed for TAS and VA projects. Mats Lead designed and made an incredibly beautiful wooden guitar and stool.

Our Wellbeing groups continue to be vibrant and energetic gatherings including large doses of healthy discussion, debate, sharing of advice and wisdom, reflection, celebration and not forgetting the sharing of some delicious food. Ms Walsh’s Mentor Group, Conlon 01 went out to dinner with parents and siblings. Service is also central to what we do and Mrs Falkinder’s mentor group, Conlon 07 ran a lunchtime BBQ, with all proceeds going to support RUOK? Day.

Our Weekly House assemblies have continued to be opportunities for our boys to lead as well as to learn from each other. I sincerely thank our Conlon House Prefects; Oliver Ruse who was also a College Vice Captain, Ryan Smith, Lachlan Manastirovski, Max Johnson and Hugh Marshall. These young men have been extraordinary role models and leaders for us all.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Year 12 students, and, on behalf of Conlon House sincerely wish them well for their HSC and all their adventures in life. As a group, they have shown sensitivity, determination, leadership, empathy, compassion and above all are all fine young men. At our final House Assembly for the term, each mentor spoke about each Year 12 boy from their mentor group. As is our tradition the words were very heartfelt, meaningful, sometimes a little embarrassing, but very, very special. Our Year 5 and 6 students again had made beautiful cards for each student. A special touch this year was when Mr Anthony Gill and Ms Jennifer Hoare read out the comments they had written on their Year 6 report card for Ryan Smith and Max D’Agostino. The same positive and charming characteristics still hold true for both boys today.

Ash Backlund, Andrew Badger, Jackson Barono, Jasper Cately, Andre-Christian, Collet Max D’Agostino, Connor Davies, Angelo Di Bartolo, Sam Evstigneev, Cooper Flynn, Flynn Gordon, Max Johnson, Daniel Lambert, Mats Lea, Lachlan Manastirovski, Hugh Marshall, Mackenzie, Martin Luke Mendes, Vasilios Pairidis, Oliver Ruse, Ryan Smith and Finn Warren.

Congratulations to all the Conlon boys who received outstanding Semester One Reports and Gold Awards this term.

Congratulations to the following boys who received Semester One Academic Awards:

Year 7: Deuchar Dezarnaulds, Hunter Eldridge, Matthew Frost, Eamon Henderson, Marcus Henderson, William Kirk, Jordan McCreery, Judah Miller and Robert Muir
Year 8: Lachlan Grant, Campbell Groves, Alistair Isaac, Malo Morrisey and Liam Wood
Year 9: Flynn Barono, Oliver Elliot, Jared Garwood and Thomas Martin
Year 10: James Hoggett, Jesse Sonego and Hayden Wild
Year 11: Peter Cassimatis, Joshua Cornelius, Emmanuel Di Bartolo, Benjamin Smith and Eliot Vincent-Hull
Year 12: Ash Backlund, Max D’Agostino, Flynn Gordon, Mats Lea, Lachlan Manastirovski, Oliver Ruse and Finn Warren

Waverley College writing competition: Deuchar Dezarnaulds

Tournament of the Minds: Deuchar Dezarnaulds, James Medland, Tom Hughes, Ben Ledingham and Campbell Groves

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award: Oliver Ruse

Congratulations to the following boys who attended the Red Earth and Timor-Leste Immersions:
Red Earth: Thomas Martin, Riley Moore, Jacob Mulberry and James Garrop

Timor Leste: Sam Connolly, Joshua Conacher-Smith, Joshua Cornelius

Music Awards: Alistar Isaac, Oliver Ruse
Most Consistent in Debating – Yr 10: Patrick Hoggett
1st AFL Best & Fairest: Ash Backlund
U14 Cross Country Champion: Zac Tyrrell
1st Tennis Best & Fairest: Oliver Ruse
1st XV Best & Fairest: Max D’Agostino
Paul Cornish Award for contribution to Rugby: Max Johnson
NSW U18 Rugby: Max D’Agostino, Miles Amasotero
NSW U16 Rugby: Emmanuel Di Bartolo, Reeve Smith
Year 5 & 6 Rugby – Archie Creswick, Cruz Cooke
Year 5 & 6 Football – Charlie Paul, Benjamin Vedder, Connell Corcoran

This term we sadly say good-bye to two Conlon students. Marley Bridge from Year 9 who is moving to Singapore with his family and Keilan Grace from Year 11 who will be continuing his studies at TAFE. We wish both boys all the best in all their future endeavours.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Conlon mentors for their continued support, care and guidance of our students. I would like to congratulate Ms Kaitlyn Downey on her recent marriage to Mr James Horrocks. We wish Ms Downey and Mr Horrocks every happiness for their future together.

I wish each and every Conlon student and their families a safe and happy holiday break.