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Creative Learning with Sydney Opera House

Connecting with the Sydney Opera House via Zoom

James at work creating his story

From Head of Library Services, Mr William Roberts

Every boy in Years 7 and 8 has dedicated reading and Literacy classes. One special activity the library conducted at the end of Term 2 was a Zoom session with the Creative Education team at Sydney Opera House.

Selected boys participated in a live activity where four talented actors, performing from the Opera House, mapped out a scenario and story map for boys. Boys listened to and watched one aspect of a potential story unfold before moving onto the next piece of the puzzle leading to a complete story map.

It was great to see the boys so engaged throughout the process and so committed to writing. The boys were thoroughly entertained while developing sound writing techniques and skills at the same time.

The Zoom era has opened up new opportunities that the library will continue to draw upon to engage and enrich our young men.