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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


Cricket Report

From the Convenor of Cricket, John McCallum

Over 280 players, coaches and families enjoyed the Cricket Presentation Evening last Friday after the final round of the season he week previous.  A BBQ dinner and a great social atmosphere begun proceedings as friends shared highlights of their seasons. Coaches awards, new training shirts for all boys in Years 5 and 7 from our Supporter’s Group and a great account from Captain of Cricket Ryan Smith described how enjoyable playing Cricket has been. Year 12 students were thanked for their outstanding contributions toward Cricket and their team mates. The Br Murphy Player of the Year awards saw 1st place go to Lachlan Forrest from the 1st XI, with 141 runs, a HUGE 22 wickets and 3 catches. 2nd place was Harry Whitaker from the 1st XI and then followed 3 “Young Guns” from the 9As: 3rd was Daniel McSweeny, 4th Maxim Brooks and 5th Edward Regan

Team Coaches Award Winners:

7A: Sam Rossen
7B: Aonghus Carone
8A: Carter Steyn
8B: Alistair Isaac
8C: Reece Emmins
9A: Daniel McSweeny
9B: Oliver Monaco
10A: Patrick Hoggett
10B: Cooper O’Donnell
2nd XI: Charley Howell
1st XI: Reid McNamara

All boys who scored over 50 runs or took 5 wickets or more in an innings will be receiving their individual awards at the College’s Summer Sports Assembly on April 4th.


Jack Hickey: 10As, 116 v St Aloysius
Scores of 50 or more
Will Hickey: 8As, 58 v Barker
Hirav Gandhi: 8As, 60 v Cranbrook
Jesse Sonego: 10Bs, 67 v Knox
Noah Mitchell: 10Bs, 53 not out v Trinity
Keenan Maritz: 10Bs, 55 not out v Knox
Ethan McArdle: 8Bs, 60 v SAC
Maxim Brooks: 9As, 62 v Barker
Maxim Brooks: 9As, 89 v SAC
William Dodd: 9As, 54 v Knox
Caleb Urquhart: 8Cs 52 not out v Trinity
Leo Carr: 8Cs, 82 v Trinity
Dylan Brown: 10As, 78 not out v Knox
Jackson Dodd: 10As, 72 v Cranbrook


Scores of 50 or more: 1st and 2nd XI
Harry Whitaker: 1st XI, 60 v Trinity 9/3/18; 74 v Knox
Alex Ferrara: 1st XI, 69 v Cranbrook,
Reid McNamara: 1st XI – 50 v Cranbrook
Leo Shanahan: 2nd XI, 89 not out v Cranbrook
Ridley Owens: 2nd XI, 56 v Knox
5 wickets or more in an Innings
James Hoggett: 10As, 5/16 v Knox
Zac Wotherspoon: 2nd XI, 5/17 v Barker
Lachlan Forrest: 1st XI, 8/68 v St Aloysius; 5/25 v Cranbrook


Special Awards
Cooper O’Donnell, 10Bs: Hat-trick and 3/2 v Trinity
Jack Hickey: 1st XI, 5 Catches v Knox,