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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Academic Curriculum

Cross curriculum celebration

From Kaitlyn Downey, iLeader Coordinator

Cross curriculum initiatives run across Art, PDHPE, Languages, Religion, Hospitality and Mathematics

On Wednesday 5th September, faculties from around the college came together to celebrate the collaborative work of both staff and students this term in the support of the languages program. Under the guidance of the iLeaders, each faculty looked at where they could incorporate Spanish or French culture into their program, deepening the experiences of students across the curriculum. This culminated in a cultural celebration where all faculties and students were able to celebrate and show the work they had done in class. Four students were asked to speak about their experience and what it had meant for their learning. Their speech is as follows:

‘Hola y bienvenidos a esta celebracion de cultura.

Bonjour et bienvenue a cette celebration de la culture.  

Welcome to our celebration of French and Spanish culture.

We have invited you here today to celebrate the excellent work that has been done by all Year 8 students and staff throughout this Term 3. We have been working in all of our classes to deepen our understanding of both French and Spanish culture. It has been a lot of fun seeing how different subjects can work together and that languages is not just isolated to one lesson.

During this celebration, please take the time to look around and see what each subject has contributed:

In PDHPE, students have learnt to salsa dance and play bocce which you can currently see on the screens.

 In History, we took on the role of a French Scholar to write our own history of the First Crusade.

In Maths, we investigated the different shapes used in famous French and Spanish landmarks and then used our maths skills to determine their area.

In English, we looked into poetry that focused on World War 1 and life in the trenches in France.

In Technology, we used the program Microbit to code different parts of the French and Spanish language.

In Religion, we used our research on saints to focus on those specifically from France and Spain.

In Art, we worked together to help recreate the famous masterpieces ‘Japan’ by Spanish artist Joan Miro and ‘The Dance’ by French artist Henri Matisse.

In Languages, we learnt how to order food in a restaurant and then wrote our own dialogues and recorded them. We also learnt about the most traditional dishes from France and Spain and which regions they come from.

We have also created and helped serve a variety of French and Spanish foods for you to sample. We hope that you have enjoyed participating in this and that it will open up the door for more ways we can collaborate across the curriculum. 

Merci beacoup aux profs at etudiants.

Muchismas gracias a los profes y estudiantes.

Thank you, 

Au revoir.


We are hoping to continue this collaboration between faculties with a number of projects in the coming years.