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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

From the Director of ICT, Campus and Innovation, Mr Simon Potter

Director of ICT, Campus & Innovation - Mr Simon Potter

Director of ICT, Campus & Innovation - Mr Simon Potter

Cybersafety Hub

Cybersafety is an increasing challenge for parents with so many applications and social media platforms being accessed by our children. Whilst we may be aware of the most common ones, do we actually know what these platforms offer our children, and the potential challenges they could face in using them ? 

At Waverley, we believe that parents need to have the knowledge to have appropriate conversations and understand how to manage access in their particular circumstances.

To assist with this, Waverley developed a Cybersafety Hub with our partners ySafe. The hub contains information on current trending platforms and applications, and is updated regularly by ySafe staff, who review and give clear and understandable information that make parents better informed.

>>> Click here to view the Cybersafety Hub.

>>> Click here to view information about ySafe.

Waverley also offers access to the FamilyZone product on all school-issued laptops, which can also be extended to student mobile devices.

>>> Click here to view information about FamilyZone.

Needing More Information?

If you wish to get more information on using FamilyZone, or wish to get your free account activated, please contact the iAssist Team

Online Parent/Carer Webinar Dates Coming Soon

During Terms 3 and 4 we will be delivering Cybersafety Content to each year group, and providing parents/carers with an online webinar to learn more about the Cyber world our students are operating in. Dates for the webinar will be announced soon.



Mr Simon Potter

Director of ICT, Campus and Innovation