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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

End of Term 4 Cricket Report

Connor Andrews, Will Hickey, Jack George


Mr Barr and Gryff Eldridge

Parent v Son Game

Parent v Son Game

As Term 4 draws to a close, I want to extend my gratitude to all within the Cricket community for their support in an enjoyable return to a normalised season of CAS Cricket.

The Parent v Son game was another fantastic display of community spirit within our College, and was a delightful afternoon for all involved. Thank you to the new president of the Supporters’ Group, Craig McDonald, for all his work organising this event. 

After two disrupted seasons of COVID-19, and the constant threat of La Niña, we have successfully facilitated regular two-day Cricket, which has improved the boys’ development. Participation in the morning Batting Club has also been a clear example of the boys’ eagerness to improve their skill set and match performance.

Term 4 2022 Individual Batting Performances

Over the past term, we have been witness to some outstanding individual performances:

Players Score Team
Will Livissianis 115* v St Aloysius’ 9A
Luke Duffy 101* v Trinity 8B
Thomas Rudolph 110 v Cranbrook 9A
Ashton Hourn 124 v Cranbrook 9A
Thomas Rudolph 101 v Trinity 9A
Asher Dowd 102 v Trinity 9A
Hunter Eldridge 117 v Cranbrook 1st XI
William Hickey 100* v Barker 1st XI

50 +
Player Score Team
William Hickey 52* v Knox 1st XI
Hirav Gandhi 52 v Knox 1st XI
Charles Coughlan 53 v St Aloysius’ 2nd XI
James Fragias 62 v Trinity 2nd XI
Frederick Le Vay 62 v Trinity 2nd XI
Charles Coughlan 90 v Trinity 10A
Charlie Short 67 v Trinity 10A
Benjamin Van Dam 83 v Trinity 10A
William Bayly 54 v Trinity 8B
William Bayly 68 v Barker 8B
Kaden Maquire 55 v Barker 8B
Henry Reid 57* v St Aloysius’ 8A
Zander Bass 54 v Barker 10A
Ashton Hourn 59 v Barker 9A

Standout Performances

Notably, over the last two weekends, standout displays of batting prowess have come from Thomas Rudolph 101 (9A), Asher Dowd 102 (9A), Zander Bass 54 (10A), Kaden Maquire 55 (8A), James Fragias 62 (2nd XI) and Freddie Le Vay 62 (2nd XI).

Asher Dowd

Congratulations, Asher Dowd

Thomas Rudolph has scored back-to-back centuries, with his first against Cranbrook and the second against Trinity.

Thomas Rudolph

Congratulations, Thomas Rudolph

I would also like to recognise the grit of James Fragias, who took to the centre in a troubling time for the seconds, being down 5/48. Fragias opened up with his new Gunn & Moore – stickers gleaming – to put the 2nd XI in a much more securable position.

James Fragias

Congratulations, James Fragias

Zander Bass also carried his team to a first innings victory in regulation playing time, blasting 10 boundaries to knock a 54 against Barker. Thank you to coach Leo Shanahan, and all the players of the 10A, for the mature manner in which they conducted themselves. 

William Hickey‘s century against Barker was another display of Waverley guts and determination, whilst also a unique knock that was well overdue for the Hickey family. William took to the crease after a quick fall of wickets on Day 1, and finished the afternoon on 64. On Day 2, Will chose his shots wisely to gain his century comfortably, putting 11 balls to the fence.

Congratulations, Will Hickey

Congratulations, Will Hickey

William is a fourth-generation Waverlian. William’s great-grandfather and grandfather – both named John Hickey – played in the 1st XI of 1912 and 1939, respectively. William’s father, Denis Hickey, was a member of the 1979 championship 1st XI. William’s older brother also played in the 2019/20 1st XI. Despite this long generational connection with the College, William is the first member to score a century, and make his mark on the Pavilion honour board. I am sure the Hickey family are exceptionally proud of William’s efforts. William’s performance on Saturday is a testament to his firm resolve and will to represent his College proudly. Congratulations, William. 

Will Hickey congratulated by the 1st XI

Will Hickey congratulated by the 1st XI

Matthew Frost also earned his spot on the honour board, taking 5/47 in the same 1st XI match against Barker. Matthew’s five-wicket haul was only inevitable due to all his hard work at training, and the energy he brings on Saturdays. Matthew has become very comfortable with the Queens Park wicket, taking 4/26 in Round 2 against St Aloysius.’ I am sure Matthew’s next goal is to carry his bat with a maiden 1st XI century. 

Internal Cricket Camps for Junior and Senior Players

Lastly, a reminder that the College is offering two internal cricket camps for Waverley College students. These camps cater to both our junior and senior players, with days designated to these differing age groups.

Please click the button below for the College events page which includes the Trybooking links. 

College Events page – January Cricket Camps Trybooking Links

Wishing everyone a very happy and merry summer holiday!