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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Academic Curriculum

Entertainment Work Placements – what the students experienced

George and Sam at the entrance to Showtime

George and Sam hard at work at Showtime

Jack and Gordon at Showtime Productions

James at The Look

John at Showtime

Jordan at Sydney Props Specialists

Luke at Crystal Productions

Luke with some of the equipment at Crystal Productions

From the Head of Drama and Entertainment, Alison Jinga

As part of studying Year 11 Entertainment, it is compulsory for students to go out on an external Work Placement for one week in order to gain Industry experience.  Our class went to a diverse range of placements during Term 4 including; Showtime, Crystal Productions and Sydney Props Specialists and The Look.

Work placement is a wonderful opportunity for our students to step outside their own worlds and experience what really working in this Industry is like. Most of my students come back to school knowing that they want to be a part of the Industry when they leave school. I am happy to report that 40% of the class were also offered casual/part time work when they are on holidays or when they finish school. Great work guys!

Here is a snapshot of what the boys got up to.

From George Meli and Sam Walsh

Showtime productions is a private company based in Leichhardt and Moorebank that hires out equipment to other companies and functions including speakers, mixing desks, subs, cables, vision screens and other entertainment equipment. We learnt many skills that are currently relevant to the entertainment industry such as: testing returned equipment, cable rolling, programming lights, using a lighting console, using a audio console and setting up wireless microphones. Having a discussion with an experienced employee while on the way to a job about the current state of the industry was really interesting. He gave advice about employment and the kind of work you should specialise in to be successful. It helped us to understand the relevant skills needed and the equipment used today and the difficulties of dealing with clients and customers. 

From Jordan Perdia

For my year 12 Entertainment course I was sent to do five days of work experience at Sydney Props Specialists. An Australian owned company established in 1983, with a focus on Event Theming, Styling, Prop Hire and Photographic Studios, Sydney Prop Specialists (also known as “Sydney Props”) have been a full service provider for 32 years extending an array of services to their clients. With the largest collection of props in Australia and an extensive collection of backdrops, furniture and staging equipment, Sydney Props can design, source and produce an event from the start until the finish. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working there and have met many experienced people who are passionate about the Entertainment Industry. I learned a lot about the Entertainment Industry by being around them, in particular, Industry events such as plays and sporting events. I am glad to have had the opportunity to experience the kind of work that this course offers. I learned lots about the preparing of props, and behind the scenes of theming and prop hire and photo shoots.

From James Rusconi

I went on a HSC vet work placement at ‘The Look’ located in Banksmeadow which is a business that makes and hires out theatre drapes. They also assist in delivering and setting up these drapes if the client asks them to. My experience at ‘The Look’ was very enjoyable.  The people there are very friendly and helpful. They taught me how to properly pick up objects according to WHS standards, load utes, and correctly clean, fold and store theatre drapes. It also gave me more knowledge on stage geography such as: centre stage right, centre stage left, off prompt and prompt. I also had a better understanding of Staging concepts and vocabulary such as Bump-in and Bump-out, which I gained through experience and through notes the owner gave me.

From Luke Murray

Crystal Productions is a organisation based in Rydalmere, Sydney that specialise in audio and lighting equipment. They help set up for events and productions, which include award ceremonies for businesses and schools, birthdays, weddings, and festivals. When I was doing work placement, I learnt a lot of useful skills that correlate with the entertainment industry. I also took part in the setting up of a professional production. Taking part in the professional production was the highlight of my experience because I was able to see the work that is done in the entertainment industry by being a part of the setting up of the event. By doing the work placement it helped me understand the behind the scenes organisation of the entertainment industry.

From Jack Gordon and Peter Kavanagh

Last week we went on Work Placement at Showtime Productions at their warehouse in Leichhardt. Showtime Productions handle many components of the Entertainment Industry including hiring out Staging, Lighting and Audio equipment from their warehouse in Leichhardt and selling Staging, Lighting and Audio equipment from their retail store in Moorebank. During our week we learnt how to roll cables in the correct manner, how to test LED lights and change the colours, how to pack and unpack a truck safely using correct and appropriate manual handling techniques, how to test a speaker when it returns from an event, how to set up a stage and the legal requirements in terms of safety for setting up a stage, how to set up and test a television when it returns from an event (in our case from a Melbourne Cup event), how to correctly pack a case as well as many other components.

From John Hall

Sydney Prop Specialists is a company based in Marrickville Sydney. They cater for many aspects of the entertainment including reality TV shows, photoshoots and minor indie films. Their main source of work is shipping out props to events and performances including school plays and social recreational events such as parties at nightclubs. During my week I helped out many employees with moving props and lighting equipment to many different docks and studios. On Monday I had to paint a studio that was being prepped for a magazine shoot. On Tuesday I also had to help out with the preparation for a photoshoot and interview with celebrity and X factor winner, Samantha Jade. This was a fantastic insight into the entertainment industry and I realised how hard it really is to make a successful production whether that be for Theatre, Film, TV or a photoshoot.