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Academic Curriculum

Senior Library Feature Title: ‘The Creation Machine’

by Andrew Bannister

It is the aftermath of civil war in the vast pageant of planets and stars known as The Spin. Three years since he crushed the rebellion, Viklun Haas, industrialist and leader of the Hegemony, is eliminating all remnants of the opposition. Starting with his own daughter.

But Fleare Haas, fighter for Society Otherwise has had a long time to plan her next move. Sprung from her remote monastery prison and reuniting with a team of loyal friends, Fleare’s journey will take her across The Spin to the cluster of fallen planets known as The Catastrophe Curve and from exile, to the very frontiers of war.

Meanwhile, in the brutal and despotic empire of The Fortunate, word is reaching viceroy Alameche of a most unusual piece of plunder from their latest invasion. For hundreds of millions of years, the bizarre planets and stars of The Spin itself have been the only testament to the god-like engineers that created it. Now, buried in the earth of a ruined planet, one of their machines has been found.

“The smoke moved, swirling towards the Tower and wrapping itself round the column nearest Fleare. It wasn’t smoke, she realized, it was mire like fine black dust. Dust that moved. She stepped back reflexively and glanced at the hovering ovoid. Its hum was getting stronger, and a tongue of violent light sprang from the front of it casing. Just like the video. Flare backed away. And then stopped and turned, as another sound – a loud buzz- filled the Vigilance.”

This exciting novel is available now to borrow from the Senior Library.