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First Nation People’s Perspective of Landscapes and Landforms

Ehren Little extracting water from a plant

From Head of Geography, Adam Wallington

In Week 9 and 10, students in Year 7 attended a co-curricular Geography and Science Kadoo Tours excursion to La Perouse to better understand Indigenous environmental perspectives.

Students learnt how to use local vegetation to survive, including getting obtaining water from plants and making bread. They discovered how plants could be used to source Vitamin C, relieve stings and bites, as an antiseptic or ward of mosquitos and bugs.

In addition to studying bush tucker and vegetation, students learnt about customary law, totems and applying ‘cool burn’ techniques as a means of sustainably managing the environment.

A special thanks to Grant Hyde and Latoya Ella from Kadoo Tours for accommodating the Year 7 cohort. Overall, it was a great experience witnessing the wonderful outdoor learning taking place in our local community.