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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Firsts Debating Victory Against Barker

Congratulations First Debating!

Congratulations First Debating!

Last Friday evening, Waverley hosted the second round of the CAS Debating competition against Barker College. All senior teams were given the choice of three potential motions to debate on the concepts of justice, law, and politics. In negotiation with the opposition, the Firsts team affirmed the motion:

That Indigenous groups in parliamentary democracies should form independent political parties instead of encouraging their members to vote for, and run, on behalf of, existing parties. 

Mack Flitcroft opened the debate, providing a compelling overview of the affirmative case and the team’s proposed model. Second to speak was Christian Kitas who made clear, precise rebuttals of the opposition’s argument whilst continuing to develop Waverley’s case. Daniel McSweeny rounded out the team with a highly effective closing argument that articulated the primary issues of the debate, and why the affirmative model was the most plausible.

After deliberation, the three adjudicators awarded the debate to Waverley. Both teams were complimented on their manner and delivery, as well as the sophistication of the debate overall. 

This win marks the first time in 20 years that Waverley defeated Barker in a Firsts debate. The whole team should feel ecstatic at this significant achievement and I thank them for all their diligence in training and competing. 

Furthermore, it was fantastic that several other senior students came out to support the First team as they debated in the PAC theatre — a somewhat daunting venue that was made more comfortable by their enthusiastic support. I would like to thank Conor, Carter, Owen, Charlie, Alejandro, and Lachlan for their attendance and celebration for the team on their win.

The next round is an economic topic to be held at Waverley College against Trinity Grammar. Parents, carers and students are very welcome to support our debaters.


Ms Melanie Stephens

Senior Debating Coach