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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


Football: St Andrew’s Cup, St Aloysius’ and Cranbrook

1st XI player in action against Cranbrook (Photo: Oliver Pether)

From the Convenor of Football, Stephen Wilmot

Over the last two weeks Footballers from Waverley have had a busy schedule.

Round 1 had Waverley take on St Aloysius’, with some great outcomes on the day. Waverley had 22 teams in round 1 come away with a win or draw, which is a great start for the teams. Last weekend for Round 2 we had the local derby against Cranbrook. With most of the teams on a high from the week before, many were ready to make it two in a row or to make their draw a win. There were again great results on the day with 20 teams finishing up with a win or draw. This is a great start to the season and I would like to challenge the footballers on what they can do to further improve this and to continue with these great results. Whether it be going to a park in the afternoon with friends to work on skills, putting in extra effort at training or getting to games earlier to cheer on the team playing before them.

2nd XI getting their instructions

Other notable results and achievements from the last two weeks start with the 1st XI getting to the grand final of the St Andrew’s cup over the holidays, unfortunately losing 4-3 in extra time against Oakhill. The 1st XI have won their first two games against St Aloysius’ and Cranbrook, with a 3-2 win against St Aloysius’ and a 4-1 win against Cranbrook. They also played a game on Wednesday evening against St Ignatius’ College in the quarter finals of the CIS Cup. Results for this game can be found on Team App and a report will be below. The 2nd XI have also had a great start to the season with a 0-0 draw v St Aloysius’ and a 1-0 win against Cranbrook.

This weekend we will be playing against Barker. It is important that players arrive at least 30 minutes prior to kick off for a warm up and are wearing Waverley gear including jackets, if it is cold. Good luck to all of our teams this weekend and let’s keep up these great results.

Waves to win!


From the Captain of Football, Julian Imvriotis

St Andrew’s Cup

Waverley College’s 1st XI took part in the annual St Andrew’s Cup at Valentine Park during the Easter holidays. The squad was shaping up well and the boys were ready for a tough two days ahead. The boys arrived promptly and were ready for the tournament ahead. Overall the lads had a great run and came up with some results that were satisfying.

  •  5-0 vs Redlands (win)
  • 4-0 vs Shore (win)
  • 2-2 vs St Spiridon (draw)
  • 2-1 vs Aloysius’ (win)
  • 4-3 vs Oakhill (loss)

The squad made it all the way to the grand final but unfortunately lost in extra time. The boys displayed a great effort in this pre-season preparation and are looking forward for the upcoming CAS season.


Waverley College VS St Aloysius’ College

Waverley’s 1st XI made there way out to the famous College oval to take on St Aloysius’ in the first round of the CAS. The boys arrived promptly eager to get on the pitch. The squad made their way to the changing room and prepared themselves ready for an intense warm up. The boys made their way out onto the pitch conducting a focused warm up for the big game ahead. The warm up overall was strong and the boys were ready for the game. The whistle blew and the first half began. The nervousness of both teams were evident in the first 10 minutes of the game but was then settled by the Waverley boys as they took charge of the pitch.

Finally. after multiple attempts Zac netted the first goal with a physical battle one on one with the keeper. Shortly after Aloysius’ scored a goal, bringing the game to a 1-1. Towards the tough end of the first half a penalty for Aloysius’ was awarded and taking the score to 2-1 at half time. The second half kicked off and Waverley were ready to come out to take back the lead. After numerous attempts on goal, finally an equaliser was scored by Zac. The game became very physical as both sides were fighting for the lead. Towards the end of the long second half Waverley were awarded a penalty taking them to 3-2 lead scored by Liam Preston. The final 30 seconds of the game was played and a goal saving slide tackle was made by Julian to prevent a dangerous attack. The final whistle blew and Waverley had their first win of the CAS.

Waverley College VS Cranbrook

Waverley’s 1st XI made there way out to Dangar Oval to take on the local rivals Cranbrook. It always going to be a tough game but with Waverley settling the nerves from last week, they were ready for round two. The squad had a dynamic warm up and had a good mental preparation for the game ahead. The boys stormed out on the pitch and Waverley came out firing, dominating possession, passing and overall control of the game. The quick pressing and determination finally lead to the first goal scored by George with a brilliant finish. Waverley kept their heads and kept the fight strong still dominating the game leading them to score another goal by no other than Zac. Waverley took the 2-0 lead to half time.

The second half kicked off and Cranbrook came out with a more physical game. This shook Waverley a bit but they quickly adapted to the physical game. After a few moments of weakness, Cranbrook capitalised on their first chance converting a goal to make it 2-1. Waverley kept their passion and spirit and worked hard to the final whistle. The constant pressing sealed another goal by Zac and towards the end of the half penalty specialist Liam Preston made it 4-1. The final whistle blew and Waverley walked away with their second win in the CAS.


Fancy footwork by 10C player (Credit: Oliver Pether)

Independent cup VS Riverview

Waverley competed in the quarter final of the CIS cup on Wednesday against Riverview. Unfortunately, the team lost 4-1, however it was a great achievement for the team to reach the quarter finals.