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2019 Award Winners

Director of Curriculum, Ms Lynsey Porter

Director of Curriculum, Ms Lynsey Porter

From the Director of Curriculum, Lynsey Porter

Congratulations to all the award winners who were acknowledged at the Presentation Ceremonies, 2019.

Gold Award Prize Draw Winners

Year 5 | Owen Smith

Year 6 | Monty Armstrong

Year 7 | Zac Vivieaere-Bates

Year 8 | Joel Baldwin

Year 9 | Cuba Kanakis

Year 10 | Ryan Bayas

Year 11 | Nicholas Poulos

Junior School Major Award Winners

The Edmund Rice Trophy for Academic Excellence First Place | Kayden Baker and Tom Donaldson

Max Sheehy | Br J.P. Lacey Memorial Trophy for Study, Leadership & Co-Curricular Involvement

Archie Godby | Br M.M. O’Connor Award for Outstanding Sportsmanship

Monty Armstrong | The Helen Newman Award for Service

Charles Beckett | Waverley Council Citizenship Award

Fox Stapleton | The Waterford Trophy for Performing Arts

Zoltahn Szabo | The Judge Paul Urquhart Award for Social Justice

Oscar Wilson Old Boy’s Award

James Finegan | Murphy Rugby Award

Yianni Hatjinikitas | The Frank Salvo Football Award

John Varvaressos | Director’s Special Recognition Award

Junior School Class Achievement Awards

5 Blue | Lucas Guerreiro

5 Gold | Maddox Whitby

5 Green | William Elliot

5 Red | Owen Patient

5 White | Raff Toohey

6 Blue | Monty Armstrong

6 Gold | Jonathon McDonald

6 Green | Fred Carmody

6 Red | Nicholas Zanapalis

6 White | Lucas Simcocks

Junior School Christian Leadership Awards

5 Blue | Marcel Fernandes

5 Gold | Jimmy McDonald

5 Green | Bailey Gosbell

5 Red | Nicholas Rowley

5 White | Owen Smith

6 Blue | Archie Williams

6 Gold | Max Sheehy

6 Green | Yianni Hatjinikitas

6 Red | Fox Stapleton

6 White | Toby Fernandes

Junior School Dux of The Class

5 Blue | Riley Lashbrooke

5 Gold | Aidan Herlihy

5 Green | Jethro Jensen

5 Red | William Jacques

5 White | Aidan Carpenter

6 Blue | Dominic Schofield

6 Gold | Kayden Baker

6 Green | Yannick Hott

6 Red | Tom Donaldson

6 White | James Peate

Year 7 Awards

Anton Svennson | English

Aodhan Williams | Geography

Campbell Porteus | Mathematics

Kieran Markwick | Music

Ricardo Zanapalis | Head of College Award for Sport

Robert Muir | Steve Frangos Memorial Prize for Musicianship

Mitchel Ho | PDHPE 3rd in Academic Results

Ewan McDonald | Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Religion Equal First, Drama, Technology, Nicholas Farrow Memorial Prize for the Spirit of Year Seven and 2nd in Academic Results

Bailey Barker | Dux of Year 7, Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Religion Equal First Science

Year 8 Awards

Samuel Stewart | Head of College Award

John Walsh | Head of College Award

Hirav Gandhi | History Equal First

Matthew Woods | History Equal First

Ben Stirling | Mathematics

Luca Holmes | Visual Arts

Scott Swinburn | Head of College Award for Sport

Angus Birrell | History Equal First, Prize for Musicianship

Campbell Groves | Head of College Award for Excellence

Lachlan Grant | Martin Robinson Memorial Award for Service & Integrity

Jack Crotty | Head of College Award for Excellence, 3rd in Academic Results

Jake Perks English Equal First, Science and 2nd in Academic Results

Charles Hely-Hammond | English Equal First, PDHPE, Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Religion, Spanish, Technology and Dux of Year 8

Year 9 Awards

Achilles Zanapalis | Applied Philosophy

Conor Cahill | Commerce

Maddox Grebert | Design & Technology

Cjuba Lord | Drama

Toby Davidson | Information Software Technology

Luca Fucci | Mathematics Level 1

Christian Puga | Mathematics Level 2

Harry Gippel |  Music

Thomas Martin | Physical & Sport Studies

Daniel McSweeny | PDHPE

Daniel Di Francesco | Photography

Matis Jos-Rolland | Visual Arts

Will Coates | Work Education

Thomas Wilkins | Graphics Technology, Industrial Technology Wood

Riley Vidulich | Head of College Award for Sport

Luke Stewart | Prize for Musicianship

Zach Straker | Ned Silva Award for Most Improved Effort in Year Nine

Mack Flitcroft | 3rd in Academic Results

Jared Garwood | English, Stem, Science and 2nd in Academic Results

Carl Waterson | Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Religion, Food Technology, Geography, Mathematics Level 3 and Dux of Year 9

Year 10 Awards

Jack Fingleton | Duke of Edinburgh Bronze

Flynn Herbert | Duke of Edinburgh Bronze

George Vouros | Duke of Edinburgh Bronze

Dane Perica | Duke of Edinburgh Bronze

James Hoggett | Head of College Award

Finn Harley Whitney | Applied Philosophy

Lachlan Muir | Design & Technology

Massimo Di Napoli | Drama

Ronan Schocher | Industrial Technology Wood

Max Hammond | Mathematics Accelerated

Tom Cahill | Mathematics Level 2, Duke of Edinburgh Bronze

Billy Deutsch | Mathematics Level 1

Cooper O’Donnell | Physical & Sport Studies Equal First

Jesse Sonego | Physical & Sport Studies Equal First

Elija Heininger | Photography

Luke McLellan PDH&PE Equal First

Noah Mitchell PDH&PE Equal First

Alessio Imhoff | Spanish

Hugo Stephenson | Visual Arts

Saia Afeaki | Work Education

Giulian D’Ettorre | Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Religion and Food Technology

Fritz Jahnke-Tavana | Head of College Award for Sport

Dante Bryan | Prize for Musicianship

Peter Stamatelatos | Anthony Tarlinton Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievements in Study & College Activities

Darcy Widdowson | History 3rd in Academic Results

Harjot Mand | Commerce Mathematics Level 3 Stem
2nd in Academic Results

Hayden Wild | English, Music, Science, Sydney University Year 10 Academic Excellence Award and Dux of Year 10

Year 11 Awards

Will Cooley | Olympic Spirit Award

Ryan Abbott | Olympic Spirit Award

Sebastian Puga | Duke of Edinburgh Broze Award

Christopher Salam | Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award

Daniel Pomes | Biology

Jake Burns | Business Studies

Valentius Wirjana | Chemistry

Peter Cassimatis | Construction

Maksymilian Klimczak | Design & Technology Equal First

Sebastian Rayk | Design & Technology Equal First

Riley Klotz | Drama

Andre Bonanni | UNSW Australia Prize for Economics Equal First

Ben Walton | English Studies

Riley James-Cebokli | Entertainment

Joshua Cornelius | Engineering Studies

Samuel Markert | Geography

Joshua Preston | Hospitality Equal First

Jed Turnbull | Hospitality Equal First

Joshua Psarros | Information and Digital Technology

Jim Waterhouse | Investigating Science

Bodhi Reiners | Marine Studies

Liam Andrews | Music Course I

Alex Talbot | PDHPE Equal First and Visual Arts

Dylan Williams | Sport Life & Recreation

James McMahon | Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Studies of Religion II

Jake Smith | Catholic Studies and Photography

Oliver Blackett | Mathematics Standard, Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Studies of Religion I

Matthew Brock | UNSW Australia Prize for Economics Equal First and Legal Studies

Leo Shanahan | Ancient History and Modern History

Lachlan Miller | Mathematics Advanced and Mathematics Extension

Samuel Tsaousis | Ryan Shiels Memorial Prize for Musicianship

Reid McNamara | English Standard, PDHPE Equal First, Greg Carmody Memorial Prize for Best All Round Sportsman and Year 11 All Rounder Award

Benjamin Elder | Physics and 3rd in Academic Results

Finn Robilliard | Arthur & Mollie Burke Memorial Prize for English Advanced, Extension English, Industrial Technology and  2nd in Academic Results

Eliot Vincent Hull | Mathematics Accelerated, Music Course II and Dux of Year 11

Year 12 Awards

Alexander Rice | WJ Corbett Award for Best All Round Sportsman

Angus McPherson | Max Coleman Memorial Award for Prefect of the Sodality

Ash Buckland | The Brian Sheedy Prize for Ancient History

Billy De Luca | Investigating Science and Visual Arts

Bradley Marzol | The George & Elizabeth Thomas Prize for Extension History

Carter Killigrew | College Vice Captain

Connor Pilger | The Br PA Conlon Prize for Economics and Bishop Patrick Dougherty Prize for Studies Of Religion II

Eddie Kranz | The Catherine Smithurst Prize for Standard English

Ethan Vella | Br R J Wallace Prize for Drama

Finn Warren | English Studies

Flynn Gordon | Hospitality

Harry Heinemann | Photography

Harry Whitaker | College Captain and Caltex All Rounder Award

Jack Lloyd Bishop | Geoffrey F Mayne Prize for Studies Of Religion I

James Ritchie | Engineering Studies

Joseph Lyons | Mathematics Standard Course II

Joshua Gleeson | Food Technology and College Vice Captain

Lachlan Manastirovski | Br P Oakley Prize for PDHPE and 3rd in Overall Academic Performance

Luca Winch | Sport Life & Recreation

Luke Harris | The M O’Halloran Prize for Chemistry, The Abram Landa Prize for Advanced English, The Alice & Mildred Thomas Prize for English Extension I, Mathematics Extension I, The Judge

Thomas Prize for Mathematics Extension II, Br F S Farrell Prize for Physics and Br LB Tevlin Memorial Prize for Dux of the College.

Marco Emery | English Extension II, The Barry McDonald Prize for Legal Studies, Modern History and 2nd in Overall Academic Performance

Mats Lea | Industrial Technology

Max D’Agastino | Construction

Max Markert | Mathematics Standard Course I

Nathanial Yarrow | Mathematics Advanced

Oliver Ruse | The Ray Aston Memorial Prize for Biology, College Vice Captain and JJ O’Brien Award for Leadership, Study & Involvement

Oliver Tamsett | Old Boys Union Edmund Rice Award for Leadership of Social Justice

Oscar Davis | Design & Technology

Remi Defina-Sperando | Music Course II

Samuel Jagoe-Fisher | Music Course I

Saxon Cook | Catholic Studies

Thomas Carey | Reuben F Scarf Award

Thomas Deakin-Bell | Business Studies

Thomas Grayson | Marine StudiesThomas Jaeger | College Vice Captain

William Davison | Waverley Coucil Award for General Proficiency

William Durkin | Archbishop’s Award

William Woodward | Entertainment