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2019 Award Winners

(Acting) Deputy Principal, Teaching & Learning, Ms Lynsey Porter

(Acting) Deputy Principal, Teaching & Learning, Ms Lynsey Porter

From the Director of Curriculum, Lynsey Porter

Congratulations to all the award winners who were acknowledged at the Presentation Ceremonies, 2019.

Gold Award Prize Draw Winners

Year 5 | Owen Smith

Year 6 | Monty Armstrong

Year 7 | Zac Vivieaere-Bates

Year 8 | Joel Baldwin

Year 9 | Cuba Kanakis

Year 10 | Ryan Bayas

Year 11 | Nicholas Poulos

Junior School Major Award Winners

The Edmund Rice Trophy for Academic Excellence First Place | Kayden Baker and Tom Donaldson

Max Sheehy | Br J.P. Lacey Memorial Trophy for Study, Leadership & Co-Curricular Involvement

Archie Godby | Br M.M. O’Connor Award for Outstanding Sportsmanship

Monty Armstrong | The Helen Newman Award for Service

Charles Beckett | Waverley Council Citizenship Award

Fox Stapleton | The Waterford Trophy for Performing Arts

Zoltahn Szabo | The Judge Paul Urquhart Award for Social Justice

Oscar Wilson Old Boy’s Award

James Finegan | Murphy Rugby Award

Yianni Hatjinikitas | The Frank Salvo Football Award

John Varvaressos | Director’s Special Recognition Award

Junior School Class Achievement Awards

5 Blue | Lucas Guerreiro

5 Gold | Maddox Whitby

5 Green | William Elliot

5 Red | Owen Patient

5 White | Raff Toohey

6 Blue | Monty Armstrong

6 Gold | Jonathon McDonald

6 Green | Fred Carmody

6 Red | Nicholas Zanapalis

6 White | Lucas Simcocks

Junior School Christian Leadership Awards

5 Blue | Marcel Fernandes

5 Gold | Jimmy McDonald

5 Green | Bailey Gosbell

5 Red | Nicholas Rowley

5 White | Owen Smith

6 Blue | Archie Williams

6 Gold | Max Sheehy

6 Green | Yianni Hatjinikitas

6 Red | Fox Stapleton

6 White | Toby Fernandes

Junior School Dux of The Class

5 Blue | Riley Lashbrooke

5 Gold | Aidan Herlihy

5 Green | Jethro Jensen

5 Red | William Jacques

5 White | Aidan Carpenter

6 Blue | Dominic Schofield

6 Gold | Kayden Baker

6 Green | Yannick Hott

6 Red | Tom Donaldson

6 White | James Peate

Year 7 Awards

Anton Svennson | English

Aodhan Williams | Geography

Campbell Porteus | Mathematics

Kieran Markwick | Music

Ricardo Zanapalis | Head of College Award for Sport

Robert Muir | Steve Frangos Memorial Prize for Musicianship

Mitchel Ho | PDHPE 3rd in Academic Results

Ewan McDonald | Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Religion Equal First, Drama, Technology, Nicholas Farrow Memorial Prize for the Spirit of Year Seven and 2nd in Academic Results

Bailey Barker | Dux of Year 7, Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Religion Equal First Science

Year 8 Awards

Samuel Stewart | Head of College Award

John Walsh | Head of College Award

Hirav Gandhi | History Equal First

Matthew Woods | History Equal First

Ben Stirling | Mathematics

Luca Holmes | Visual Arts

Scott Swinburn | Head of College Award for Sport

Angus Birrell | History Equal First, Prize for Musicianship

Campbell Groves | Head of College Award for Excellence

Lachlan Grant | Martin Robinson Memorial Award for Service & Integrity

Jack Crotty | Head of College Award for Excellence, 3rd in Academic Results

Jake Perks English Equal First, Science and 2nd in Academic Results

Charles Hely-Hammond | English Equal First, PDHPE, Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Religion, Spanish, Technology and Dux of Year 8

Year 9 Awards

Achilles Zanapalis | Applied Philosophy

Conor Cahill | Commerce

Maddox Grebert | Design & Technology

Cjuba Lord | Drama

Toby Davidson | Information Software Technology

Luca Fucci | Mathematics Level 1

Christian Puga | Mathematics Level 2

Harry Gippel |  Music

Thomas Martin | Physical & Sport Studies

Daniel McSweeny | PDHPE

Daniel Di Francesco | Photography

Matis Jos-Rolland | Visual Arts

Will Coates | Work Education

Thomas Wilkins | Graphics Technology, Industrial Technology Wood

Riley Vidulich | Head of College Award for Sport

Luke Stewart | Prize for Musicianship

Zach Straker | Ned Silva Award for Most Improved Effort in Year Nine

Mack Flitcroft | 3rd in Academic Results

Jared Garwood | English, Stem, Science and 2nd in Academic Results

Carl Waterson | Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Religion, Food Technology, Geography, Mathematics Level 3 and Dux of Year 9

Year 10 Awards

Jack Fingleton | Duke of Edinburgh Bronze

Flynn Herbert | Duke of Edinburgh Bronze

George Vouros | Duke of Edinburgh Bronze

Dane Perica | Duke of Edinburgh Bronze

James Hoggett | Head of College Award

Finn Harley Whitney | Applied Philosophy

Lachlan Muir | Design & Technology

Massimo Di Napoli | Drama

Ronan Schocher | Industrial Technology Wood

Max Hammond | Mathematics Accelerated

Tom Cahill | Mathematics Level 2, Duke of Edinburgh Bronze

Billy Deutsch | Mathematics Level 1

Cooper O’Donnell | Physical & Sport Studies Equal First

Jesse Sonego | Physical & Sport Studies Equal First

Elija Heininger | Photography

Luke McLellan PDH&PE Equal First

Noah Mitchell PDH&PE Equal First

Alessio Imhoff | Spanish

Hugo Stephenson | Visual Arts

Saia Afeaki | Work Education

Giulian D’Ettorre | Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Religion and Food Technology

Fritz Jahnke-Tavana | Head of College Award for Sport

Dante Bryan | Prize for Musicianship

Peter Stamatelatos | Anthony Tarlinton Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievements in Study & College Activities

Darcy Widdowson | History 3rd in Academic Results

Harjot Mand | Commerce Mathematics Level 3 Stem
2nd in Academic Results

Hayden Wild | English, Music, Science, Sydney University Year 10 Academic Excellence Award and Dux of Year 10

Year 11 Awards

Will Cooley | Olympic Spirit Award

Ryan Abbott | Olympic Spirit Award

Sebastian Puga | Duke of Edinburgh Broze Award

Christopher Salam | Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award

Daniel Pomes | Biology

Jake Burns | Business Studies

Valentius Wirjana | Chemistry

Peter Cassimatis | Construction

Maksymilian Klimczak | Design & Technology Equal First

Sebastian Rayk | Design & Technology Equal First

Riley Klotz | Drama

Andre Bonanni | UNSW Australia Prize for Economics Equal First

Ben Walton | English Studies

Riley James-Cebokli | Entertainment

Joshua Cornelius | Engineering Studies

Samuel Markert | Geography

Joshua Preston | Hospitality Equal First

Jed Turnbull | Hospitality Equal First

Joshua Psarros | Information and Digital Technology

Jim Waterhouse | Investigating Science

Bodhi Reiners | Marine Studies

Liam Andrews | Music Course I

Alex Talbot | PDHPE Equal First and Visual Arts

Dylan Williams | Sport Life & Recreation

James McMahon | Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Studies of Religion II

Jake Smith | Catholic Studies and Photography

Oliver Blackett | Mathematics Standard, Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Studies of Religion I

Matthew Brock | UNSW Australia Prize for Economics Equal First and Legal Studies

Leo Shanahan | Ancient History and Modern History

Lachlan Miller | Mathematics Advanced and Mathematics Extension

Samuel Tsaousis | Ryan Shiels Memorial Prize for Musicianship

Reid McNamara | English Standard, PDHPE Equal First, Greg Carmody Memorial Prize for Best All Round Sportsman and Year 11 All Rounder Award

Benjamin Elder | Physics and 3rd in Academic Results

Finn Robilliard | Arthur & Mollie Burke Memorial Prize for English Advanced, Extension English, Industrial Technology and  2nd in Academic Results

Eliot Vincent Hull | Mathematics Accelerated, Music Course II and Dux of Year 11

Year 12 Awards

Alexander Rice | WJ Corbett Award for Best All Round Sportsman

Angus McPherson | Max Coleman Memorial Award for Prefect of the Sodality

Ash Buckland | The Brian Sheedy Prize for Ancient History

Billy De Luca | Investigating Science and Visual Arts

Bradley Marzol | The George & Elizabeth Thomas Prize for Extension History

Carter Killigrew | College Vice Captain

Connor Pilger | The Br PA Conlon Prize for Economics and Bishop Patrick Dougherty Prize for Studies Of Religion II

Eddie Kranz | The Catherine Smithurst Prize for Standard English

Ethan Vella | Br R J Wallace Prize for Drama

Finn Warren | English Studies

Flynn Gordon | Hospitality

Harry Heinemann | Photography

Harry Whitaker | College Captain and Caltex All Rounder Award

Jack Lloyd Bishop | Geoffrey F Mayne Prize for Studies Of Religion I

James Ritchie | Engineering Studies

Joseph Lyons | Mathematics Standard Course II

Joshua Gleeson | Food Technology and College Vice Captain

Lachlan Manastirovski | Br P Oakley Prize for PDHPE and 3rd in Overall Academic Performance

Luca Winch | Sport Life & Recreation

Luke Harris | The M O’Halloran Prize for Chemistry, The Abram Landa Prize for Advanced English, The Alice & Mildred Thomas Prize for English Extension I, Mathematics Extension I, The Judge Thomas Prize for Mathematics Extension II, Br F S Farrell Prize for Physics and Br LB Tevlin Memorial Prize for Dux of the College.

Marco Emery | English Extension II, The Barry McDonald Prize for Legal Studies, Modern History and 2nd in Overall Academic Performance

Mats Lea | Industrial Technology

Max D’Agastino | Construction

Max Markert | Mathematics Standard Course I

Nathanial Yarrow | Mathematics Advanced

Oliver Ruse | The Ray Aston Memorial Prize for Biology, College Vice Captain and JJ O’Brien Award for Leadership, Study & Involvement

Oliver Tamsett | Old Boys Union Edmund Rice Award for Leadership of Social Justice

Oscar Davis | Design & Technology

Remi Defina-Sperando | Music Course II

Samuel Jagoe-Fisher | Music Course I

Saxon Cook | Catholic Studies

Thomas Carey | Reuben F Scarf Award

Thomas Deakin-Bell | Business Studies

Thomas Grayson | Marine StudiesThomas Jaeger | College Vice Captain

William Davison | Waverley Coucil Award for General Proficiency

William Durkin | Archbishop’s Award

William Woodward | Entertainment