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From Our Psychologists


Image: courtesy National Centre for Childhood Grief

National Centre for Childhood Grief Workshop

Two of our College Psychologists, Ms Dawn Young and Ms Samantha Jessen, attended a workshop last week run by Catholic Schools NSW and the National Centre for Childhood Grief (NCCG) about grief in the school setting. Unfortunately, our school community is not immune from the impact of grief, and we have continued to hear about and support those going through significant loss.

The experience of grief is one that all of us will go through at some stage in our lives. Despite this however, grief is rarely spoken about effectively, and a lot of us won’t know what to say when we learn that someone close to us has suffered a great loss. At times, this means we might avoid talking about grief, and even avoid the bereaved person altogether, which can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness.

If we ourselves are impacted by grief, our study/work, socialisation, physical and of course mental health can all be significantly impacted. This workshop has been a timely reminder to bring to your awareness the services offered here at Waverley College and in the wider community.

It is very important that each Waverley College student seeks support when they experience grief and loss; the College community is here to provide support in the best way we can. We encourage students to reach out if their family is going through a difficult time. We are here to offer support which may look like a chat with our College Psychologists or simply organising a safe space where students can take a break throughout the day.

Within our community, the NCCG offers free counselling for bereaved children aged to 3-17 years old (face-to-face or Telehealth options). Access to the service is self-referred (no GP referral needed) by calling 1300 654 556. Additionally, Psychology services are available for students at Waverley College. Feel free to reach out to the Wellbeing Team or your Head of House for further information.

Junior School Psychologists

  • Ms Dawn Young (Year 5 students)
  • Ms Alexsandra McCredie (Year 6 students)

Senior School Psychologists

  • Ms Samantha Jessen (Lacey, Quinn, Conlon and Green House students)
  • Mr Greg Cameron (O’Connor, Brennan and Aungier House students)
  • Ms Olivia Stelling (Tevlin House students)