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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Principal's Message

From Principal, Mr Graham Leddie

Principal Graham Leddie

Principal, Mr Graham Leddie

Best Wishes to our Year 12s 

At tomorrow’s final assembly, the College community will farewell Year 12 and wish them the very best of luck for the last month before the final HSC Examinations. 

We encourage them to view the upcoming break and end of formal classes not as a holiday, but as study leave. While none of us can do it for them, a structured study timetable of six to eight hours a day, inspired by Dr Pru Salter, will provide hundreds of hours of revision and practice for the next month – and over the course of the examination period.

This will be supported and enhanced by our newly developed Teacher Tutorial Program, which will continue through the holidays and into Week 1 of Term 4. Thank you to the Year 12 teachers who have embraced the expanded program this year. They have delivered extra work and guidance to ensure any time lost to COVID has been made up, and even surpassed our previous practices. 

After 13 years of formal education, our boys have only accumulated half of the marks available to them – 50% of their marks are still on the table for each subject. There is potential for significant value to be added during this last month or so, and to convince them to push hard all the way to the finish line.

The 2019 HSC Mathematics Advanced course shows us why:

  • Student X received a School assessment mark of 58. In the HSC Examination he received 82, an improvement of 22 marks. His final result was 81, a Band 5.
  • Student Y received a School assessment mark of 56. In the HSC Examination he received 85, an improvement of 29 marks. His final mark was 83, a Band 5.
  • Student Z received a School assessment mark of 42. In the HSC Examination he received a mark of 73, an improvement of 31 marks. His final result was 71, a Band 4.

This suggests that all three students did something to dramatically improve their results after the trials and during their study leave. Please encourage your son, his friends and any Year 12s sitting the HSC to finish strong, and to take advantage of the big impact that they can still have on their final results. 

Thank You, Year 12 Parents!

Thank you to the Year 12 parents who provided morning tea for our Year 12 teachers this week, in recognition of their hard work and dedication this year. I know this was greatly appreciated. Special thanks goes to Dr Maureen Andrews and Mrs Arlene Cochrane for coordinating this.

Vanuatu Assistance

The College has partnered with PacificAssist charity to fill a container with over 200 desks and chairs. These much-needed resources will be sent to Vanuatu, which has been affected by natural disasters in recent years. Thank you to our campus team, who have coordinated this project. 

NSW Health Advice

Please find the latest information and advice for NSW School Communities from the NSW Chief Health Officer, Dr Kerry Chant. We will communicate with you early next term regarding any changes to policies as a result of this information. 

School and Community Sports Activities

From Saturday 26 September, interregional community sporting competitions may recommence without restricting these activities to regions or zones, where there is a COVID-19 Safety Plan for the school or community sport activity in place. 

More than one parent may now attend community sporting activities if physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres can be maintained between people that are not from the same household. 

Ensure strict compliance with all other elements of the COVID-19 Safety Plan. Non-essential adults should continue to be excluded from sporting activities held during the normal school day. 

School and community sports organisations and participants should continue to avoid shared travel arrangements such as car pooling, and to minimise gatherings before and after the event.

Please click here to read the full report.

End of Term 3 

Congratulations to all students for working hard, supporting each other and exhibiting determination throughout Term 3. 

I wish everyone a relaxing and safe spring break, and I leave you with the recent words of retired larrikin priest Father Bob Maguire, who has dedicated his life to helping society’s most vulnerable, often the poor and homeless. 

Don’t curse the darkness, just light a candle.”