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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Head’s Message

From Principal, Mr Graham Leddie

Principal Graham Leddie

Principal, Mr Graham Leddie

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Like all of you, I am hoping that Sydney can get the rise in COVID-19 cases under control and avoid a substantial second wave. I also feel and pray for the people of Victoria, who are presently doing it harder than the rest of the country – and, of course, other countries of the world who have lost tens of thousands of lives and lost control of their respective health situations. This is certainly a tragedy on a global scale, affecting all nations. 

In our community, the safety of all students, staff and parents is paramount. We are particularly mindful of our Year 12s at this time, as they have their upcoming trials and are in the final stages of completing their educational journeys. 

To give our community the best chance of staying healthy and safe, I would ask all members of our community to carefully consider their movements throughout the community at this time and renew strict hygiene standards. 

Key Safety Areas

  • Travelling to school: The preferred methods are via foot, bike or car. Public transport should be the last option and consideration should be given for wearing a mask if travelling on public transport. 
  • Shops: get in and out quickly and make sure you socially distance wherever possible. 
  • Community touch points: Avoid touching common community areas and carry your own personal hand sanitizer with you for community touch points such as train and bus hand-holds 
  • Hygiene: Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face with your hands
  • Testing: get tested if feeling unwell. There should be no stigma attached to testing.  
  • Symptoms: Stay at home even if you have slight flu-like symptoms and inform the school of any COVID-19 issues or close contacts

Extra and Continued College Precautions

The College is asking all parents not to come onto campus past reception at either the Junior or Senior campuses. If you need to access the uniform shop, please use the elevator and do not deviate from this journey. 

We are continuing with temperature checks for all students, staff, parents and visitors to the campus. Hand sanitizer continues to be available in every classroom and there is extra cleaning throughout the day and evening. 

Please follow all COVID-19 protocols when visiting cocurricular venues at other schools. Unfortunately, we have also had to cancel some upcoming events and move many to video conferencing. We will continue to communicate these to you via the appropriate channels. 

Wonderful News 

Year 8 student Hugo Kulcsar and his family have received some wonderful news. Hugo is now officially in remission after receiving his latest bone marrow and lumbar puncture tests. We congratulate Hugo on the way he has hung in there and been so positive in the face of such a challenging and difficult situation. Hugo’s family wishes to thank the College community for their ongoing support. 


Vinnies asked the College to pass on the following message:

‘What a challenging few months it has been. However, we are overwhelmed by the ongoing support that school communities have contributed to Vinnies, especially for the COVID Winter Appeal’. Please click here to view our latest newsletter.’ 

Parent, Teacher and Student Interviews 

Year 11 parent/teacher/student interviews are scheduled for Wednesday 5 August from 4-8pm via video conferencing. 

Year 7-10 parent/teacher/student interviews are scheduled for Monday 17 August, from 8:30am-6:30pm via video conferencing. Year 11 students will be preparing for yearly examinations and will have the option of a study day at home or in the College Library. This date will ensure minimum disruption to Year 12 students, who will be sitting their trial examinations. 

Wishing all students a great term ahead. 

2020 Non-Government School Census

The Australian Government requires certain information about non-government schools, staff and students to ensure that funding is calculated and managed correctly. Please click here for information regarding privacy and the 2020 Non-Government School Census.