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From College Psychologist: moving to a new school

College psychologists Ms Alex McCredie, Mr Greg Cameron and Ms Tessa Prior

College psychologists, L to R: Ms Alex McCredie, Mr Greg Cameron and Ms Tessa Prior

Moving to a New School

The beginning of the school year can mean new teachers, new classes and new friends. But for some, it will be the start of a new school.

Your son is going to meet lots of new people and be thrown into new situations. That’s bound to make them feel a lot of different emotions. They may feel worried and anxious, but also excited and happy‚ all at the same time!

It is considered to be one of the most important transition periods of a student’s life and can present some significant psychological challenges for both students and parents.

Making new friends, learning new routines, discovering new environments, accepting new cultures and adjusting to new learning practices is all part of the process. Some boys will sail through this period of change, whilst others may need a bit more guidance. It is important to give your son the chance to feel comfortable in his new space. This may take a few months, but ensure you keep the lines of communication open and check in regularly with your son to see how he is settling in.

Waverley College has a resource called School TV, which provides parents and carers with a number of strategies that can be deployed to help ensure a smooth transition. Please click on the following link to access this:

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your son, please contact the Head of House or College Psychologist for further information.