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Academic Curriculum

From Teacher Librarians, Ms Sue Bognar and Mr William Roberts

Students enthralled in the library's newest feature, Google Liquid Galaxy.

Google Liquid Galaxy

A corner of the library has been transformed with a Liquid Galaxy Screen installation. This has attracted a huge amount of interest among the boys. It was first created in 2008, as a project by Google, and shows satellite imagery, panoramic images from Google Street View and much more. It is possible to view panoramic videos and tours of places and buildings. 3D modelling and visualisations are also a feature.

Students and staff will be encouraged to examine the educational uses of this technology. A Geology class could go on a virtual excursion to Uluru to get a 3D sense of the formations of this massive rock. Viewers can go on 3D experiences, such as the Sydney Opera House, or to look at a panoramic view of Machu Picchu. You can find out more by heading to the Liquid Galaxy website.

Students enthralled in the library's newest feature, Google Liquid Galaxy.

Flexible Spaces for Contemporary Learning

One big desk out and one movable desk! Over the long holidays, the large circulation desk was removed and a new movable and smaller sit/stand desk was purchased. The new desk will give staff and students more space and more flexibility, providing greater teaching possibilities. The whole space can now be moved around for meetings and presentations, bringing the library space to everyone.