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From the (Acting) Director of Curriculum, Ms Martina Cooper

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Digital Textbook Access

A new initiative to allow access to a range of school textbooks across all subjects has been launched for Year 12 (2024) students. Box of Books, our new online textbook platform, is now available for this cohort. Each student in Year 12 has access to relevant ebooks based on their individual timetables. Additionally, Year 12 students can also access their Box of Books via the CANVAS platform for each subject or via the Library CANVAS page.

This initiative will be made available to all other students in Years 7-11, at the commencement of Term 1 2024, once their timetables are finalised. Some subjects will continue to operate on a hybrid model with hard copy textbooks used in conjunction with the etextbook platform.

All students are encouraged to access a wide range of resources to develop skills such as note taking, summarising material and acknowledging sources. Independent learning and wide reading is always encouraged, particularly for students in Stage 6. In the pathway to success in education, the most important step a student can take is the one they take for themselves.