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From the Deputy Principal, Ms Gabby Smith

Deputy Principal - Students, Gabrielle Smith

Deputy Principal - Students, Ms Gabrielle Smith

New Insight into Adolescent Mental Health and Wellbeing

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As mentioned at the Parents ’Association meeting on Tuesday evening, over the past few years, our school has been participating in the Black Dog Institute’s Future Proofing Study, the largest and most comprehensive long-term study of adolescent mental health in Australia.

The research team behind the Future Proofing Study have just released a 23-minute webinar to share their latest findings about the mental health and wellbeing of Australian adolescents.

What the Webinar Covers

Every year, researchers from the Black Dog Institute visit our school and many other Australian schools to survey the same group of over 6,000 students about their mental health and wellbeing. Study data is analysed and translated into practical resources, guidelines, and policy submissions in order to guide schools, families, and the government about issues relating to adolescent mental health and wellbeing.

Topics Included in the Webinar

(1) Background to the Future Proofing Study (at 1:46 mins)

(2) Rates of mental health symptoms found in the study (at 4:06 mins)

(3) Risk factors associated with development of depression and anxiety in early adolescence (at 6:55 mins)

(4) Peer relationships (at 9:00 mins)

(5) Sleep findings (at 12:22 mins)

(6) Screen use (at 15:58 mins)

(7) Mental health resources (at 22:58 mins)

We encourage you to watch this informative webinar below to learn more about this important issue.

*In the webinar, there is some discussion of self-harm and suicidal behaviour amongst young people, so viewer discretion is advised.

If you have any questions about the research or would like to contact the research team directly, you can email

Road Safety 

We have received a number of complaints from the community in regards to road safety around the College. 


Many senior students have their driver’s licence and with that independence and privilege comes responsibility. Most young drivers are careful, safety conscious and considerate when driving, however, they are one of the most vulnerable road user groups because of their inexperience, relatively underdeveloped driving skills and a distinct pattern of behaviour relating to youth culture and lifestyle. Research also shows that travelling with teenage passengers constitutes an increased risk for young drivers, particularly males. 

Waverley College supports licence holders’ rights to drive to and from school. It is the College’s expectation that students drive in a lawful manner and be mindful of the local road regulations and parking restrictions around the College. 

The College will support the New South Wales Police and Waverley Council in enforcing the road rules. Young males are overrepresented in statistics associated with motor vehicle injuries and fatalities.

Any information supplied to us by a member of the public identifying a Waverley College student not respecting the rights and responsibilities that come with driving a motor vehicle, will be dealt with accordingly by the Head of House or member of the College Leadership Team. 


Students who are riding e-bikes to school need to adhere to all rules and regulations. Students need to have their helmets on correctly and done up, no dubbing other students and specifically not riding up Salisbury Street in the wrong direction.

Youth Vaping Prevention Study

To prevent youth from vaping, the research team at the University of Newcastle have developed a text message program, targeting parents and their adolescents. To help test the effectiveness of the messages, they are looking for parents and their child/ren (aged 12-15 years) to participate in a study.  

Participants in the study (parents and adolescents) will receive a series a text messages (one per week for 12 weeks) that have been specifically developed to educate parents and youth on the harms of vaping, empower youth to say no to vaping through social support and teaching refusal skills, and facilitate healthy conversation amongst families. The text messages have been developed in collaboration with parents, adolescents, researchers and parenting experts.  

Click here to view the research flyer

If you would like to find out more information or to sign up to participate in the study, please click the button below.

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Ms Gabby Smith

Deputy Principal – Students