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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

From the Deputy Principal – Student & Staff Wellbeing, Mr Patrick Brennan

Deputy Principal - Student & Staff Wellbeing, Mr Patrick Brennan

Mr Patrick Brennan, Deputy Principal - Student & Staff Wellbeing

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Bus Travel Survey

The College has the opportunity to provide feedback to Transport For NSW, with regards to changes to the bus services that will affect travel to and from school.

To help us provide a clear picture of our needs, it is requested that you take a minute to complete the attached survey, so we can provide feedback to the operators.

>>> Click here to view and complete the survey.

The Conflict in Ukraine and the Wellbeing of Our Young People

Around the world, people are saddened and devastated by the events unfolding in Ukraine. Both adults and young people alike, are feeling the stresses of war from afar as they experience fear, frustration and helplessness.

The 24-hour news cycle has shown us upsetting images raising many questions, especially for our young people, about what is happening. This has backed on to over two years of often dire news about the COVID-19 epidemic. 


Parents and caregivers need to be guided by their son’s curiosity. There is strong evidence to suggest that having a supportive discussion about a stressful event in a developmentally-appropriate way, can actually decrease distress. It’s best to “name it, to tame it.” This will also combat any misinformation to which they have most likely already been exposed to, through social media, pictures or video clips.

Children need to know that they are being taken seriously. So it is recommended that you don’t avoid the difficult questions. Ensure you address their questions honestly and sensitively. With less life experience than adults, young people may need help navigating news about this crisis. Use this as an opportunity to model and encourage compassionate views towards fellow humans, regardless of distance or circumstance.

>>> Click here to view the 5.5-minute SchoolTV Special Report video on the Conflict in Ukraine.

May Procession

Sunday, 1 May 2022

Our annual May Procession is fast approaching, early in Term 2, and will occur on Sunday, 1 May from 12pm to 1:30pm, in the Centenary Quad, here at Waverley College. Students will need to be in the Quadrangle by 11:30am.

This wonderful celebration of our College founder, Blessed Edmund Rice, and Mary our Mother, is a compulsory event for all students. As such, full school uniform including blazer and tie should be worn.

Students will be required to get their names marked off by their Mentor upon arrival. 

Parent Event – ‘It’s Time We Talked’ – Save the Date

Tuesday, 26 April 2022, 5:30pm

‘It’s Time We Talked’ is a violence-prevention initiative that supports young people, parents, schools, government and the community sector, to understand and address the influence of pornography.

The program grew out of Maree Crabbe’s work with young people in secondary schools and community settings.

Maree noticed that pornography was increasingly playing a role in how young people learn about, think about and experience sexuality. The young people she worked with were keen to talk about pornography, but the adults in their lives often had no idea about pornography’s prevalence or influence – and those who did, often didn’t feel equipped to have the conversations.

These observations led to more questions, research, planning and writing. With significant philanthropic support, ‘It’s Time We Talked’ began in 2009.

Following a presentation to staff earlier in the day, Maree will be presenting to parents that evening. 

How To Join the Zoom Meeting for ‘It’s Time We Talked.’

>>> Click here to join the Zoom meeting.

Meeting ID: 896 5492 2955

Passcode: 864555


Mr Patrick Brennan

Deputy Principal – Student & Staff Wellbeing