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From the Deputy Principal – Students, Ms Gabby Smith

Deputy Principal - Students, Ms Gabby Smith

Deputy Principal - Students, Ms Gabby Smith

School TV Special Report – Harmony Week

Harmony Week is celebrated annually during March to highlight our diverse cultures and help us better understand each other’s experiences and backgrounds. During this week, the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is also acknowledged on 21 March.

Harmony Week is an opportunity to recognise Australia’s multiculturalism, which embraces people from all over the world, especially Indigenous Australians. As a nation, we are encouraged to promote respect, understanding and appreciation for all cultures.

Australia’s multicultural background has been shaped by migration since 1945, which at times has culminated into situations that have been challenging and sometimes leading to conflict due to a lack of understanding. Harmony Week reminds us to appreciate everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Families can join in the celebrations of Harmony Week, and view it as an opportunity to join in the activities that unite cultures demonstrating that everyone belongs. There is no set way to celebrate the week, but participating in international food fairs, attending street parades, wearing orange or even just having a meaningful conversation, can all help show your support.

Courtesy: SchoolTV Special Report

Further Information

For further information on how you can get involved, click on the links below:

Learn more about cultural diversity on SchoolTV HERE.

School Travel Passes

Students who require a School Opal card or travel pass but have not yet applied need to apply or update their details as soon as possible.

More about School Opal cards HERE.

In the Opal network, students should travel with a Child/Youth Opal card until they receive their valid School Opal card. If outside Greater Sydney, parents should contact their local bus operator to discuss their travel needs.

New Student Opal cards (including new Term Bus Passes) will be sent to the student’s nominated postal address within two weeks of their application being approved.

Terms of Use

Students using School Opal cards must tap on and tap off in line with the Opal terms of use.

This includes travel within the approved times between 6.30am and 7.00pm from Monday to Friday on school days only. Students must use their child/youth Opal for any travel outside these times.

All students are required to comply with the Student Code of Conduct. The code of conduct aims to ensure the safety and wellbeing of school children and other passengers. It is important that parents ensure their child is aware of this, as failure to comply with the Code of Conduct can result in a suspension from travel.

school opal card image - tapping on and off

Parking in No Stopping/ No Standing Zones

There have been reports that some parents/carers are parking in the No Parking / No Standing zone before the traffic lights on Birrell Street to drop their kids off in the morning. This causes congestion, is dangerous and sets a bad example to the students.

Parents/carers can use the turning circle to drop off their son or park legally in a nearby street.

We kindly request your cooperation in adhering to traffic rules and regulations to ensure the safety of our students.


Ms Gabby Smith

Deputy Principal – Students