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From the Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning, Ms Elizabeth Watson

Deputy Principal - Teaching & Learning, Ms Elizabeth Watson

Deputy Principal - Teaching & Learning, Ms Elizabeth Watson

The Impact of SBT – “100 Hours Down … Many More to Come”

Please join me in congratulating Jack Preller on the success of his Student Based Tutoring (SBT) initiative. Jack began this program as he entered Year 12 in Term 4 2022. He has worked diligently to provide a quality academic service that supports students at Waverley College. He and his team are to be commended on their passion and commitment to the academic care of their peers.

Click here to view the Student Based Tutoring SBT poster

To learn more about the success and impact of this program, please read the following from Jack.

After a year of operations, SBT (Student-Based-Tutoring) has now provided over 100 hours of free tutoring through senior volunteers. Over a dozen different senior students have volunteered their time to help tutor; with our top tutor, Harrison Rimell completing an outstanding 20 hours of tutoring since the commencement of SBT last year. Through these tutors’ commitment, SBT has been able to help dozens of students reach their academic potential.

The notable positive impact of SBT is captured through the statements of two students who have consistently come to receive tutoring for months: Jet Powell and Alex King.

Jet Powell – “I think it was great, for helping me understand my assignments which I struggled with and getting them started which is probably the hardest part of the task. Overall it has helped me a lot.”

Alex King – “I am a regular at SBT for about a year now and the changes that it has had to my academic journey are phenomenal. My marks have skyrocketed over the past year and I have had multiple Academic awards.”

SBT has considerably improved the results of participating students, which you too can attain by attending SBT at the library any day from Monday – Wednesday, 3:30pm – 4:30pm. So make sure you come down to the one-stop shop for academic aid so we can help you reach your full potential.

Student Based Tutoring


Ms Elizabeth Watson

Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning


Year 11 Engineering Studies – Making a Positive Impact

There’s nothing I believe in more strongly than getting young people interested in science and engineering, for a better tomorrow, for all humankind.” – Bill Nye

This is exactly what the Year 11 Engineering Studies students did on Monday, they got interested and they made a significant difference to another person’s life.

As part of the Biomedical Engineering module within the syllabus, students got to work with some medical grade components and built artificial hands that will be sent to “an amputee land-mine victim that would not otherwise be able to afford a prosthesis.

Engineering Studies incursion

Below are some of the students’ thoughts from the day.

“The experiences of today were truly enlightening. Witnessing firsthand the challenges that amputees confront on a daily basis has provided a new perspective. It’s truly gratifying to realise that the artificial hands that we built hold the potential to positively impact and improve someone’s life.”

Engineering Studies incursion

“Today I learnt the importance of helping and the significance engineering innovation like this can have on thousands of people worldwide. I also learnt the importance of being grateful for the limbs we are born with and the safe environment we live in.”

Engineering Studies incursion

“Building hand prosthetics was very interesting and fun, especially when being told that we would be helping those who had lost their hands to landmines. It was also interesting to see the function of the prosthetic hand and how it was so simple yet so effective.”

Engineering Studies incursion

“I reflected upon the difficulties faced in developing countries and how my small amount of effort will benefit amputees receiving my team’s developed prosthesis. These prostheses from Helping Hands were easy to build and were a good way to analyse how different components of prosthesis work in a real-world example.”

Engineering Studies incursion

Engineering Studies incursion

Engineering incursion

It was an absolute privilege to have been able to provide this opportunity to the students, not only did they get to learn with their minds, they also got to learn with their hearts. 

Engineering Studies incursion

Engineering Studies incursion

Click here to view a seven-minute video about the Helping Hands Program


Ms Silvia Baylie

Science & Engineering Studies Educator / Ecology Coordinator


HSC Art and Design Showcase 2023: Celebrating Creative Brilliance and Unveiling a New Tradition!

We are delighted to announce that the HSC Art and Design Showcase 2023 marked a moment for Waverley College as it introduced a brand-new tradition of celebrating artistic and design excellence. This solo showcase provided a platform for our students to shine individually, and the response it received surpassed all expectations.

The showcase not only displayed the remarkable talents of our students but also established Waverley College as a hub of creativity and innovation. This inaugural event was an opportunity for us to highlight the outstanding achievements of our students in the fields of Visual Arts, Visual Design, Industrial Technology – Timber, and Design and Technology.

HSC Art and Design Showcase 2023

HSC Art and Design Showcase 2023

HSC Art and Design Showcase 2023

We extend our congratulations to the students who demonstrated exceptional dedication, vision, and skill in their respective disciplines. Your hard work has not only enriched the showcase but has also set a high standard for the years to come.

We proudly recognise and congratulate the students who have been honoured with awards for their exceptional contributions. Your achievements serve as an inspiration to your peers and a reminder of the remarkable heights that can be achieved through dedication and creativity.

HSC Art and Design Showcase 2023

HSC Art and Design Showcase 2023

HSC Art and Design Showcase 2023

Congratulations to the Following Students

  • Distinguished Excellence in Visual Arts: The All-Rounder Achievement Award – Anderson Franulovich
  • Exemplary Dedication in Visual Arts: The Consistency and Diligence Award – James Iatrou
  • Distinguished Excellence in Design & Technology: Design and Innovation Award – Kit Armstrong
  • Distringuished Excellence in Industrial Technology: Professional Quality & Aesthetic Appeal – Max Dimitrijevic
  • Exemplary Dedication in Industrial Technology: Perry Stanbrook Award for Independence & Initiative – Ben Dunkley

Thank you to everyone who supported and attended the showcase, contributing to its resounding success. As we look ahead, we anticipate the continued growth of this tradition, nurturing future generations of artists, designers, and innovators.

*All photographs courtesy Zac Coonan.


Ms Jenna Turnbull

(Acting) Head of Visual Arts


Students Create Individualised Training Programs at Sport, Life and Recreation Incursion

This week, our Year 11 SLR students took part in a practical seminar focusing on strength training. The program covered the anatomy of the human body along with training programs for elite athletes and every day people.

Students were able to create their own training programs to assist them to reach their own fitness goals.

A massive thank you to Mr Mark Mitchell and the team at Advanz Therapies who prepared and delivered an engaging seminar.

SLR Incursion

SLR Incursion

SLR Incursion


Mr Lachlan Drew-Morris

PDHPE Teacher