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From the Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning, Ms Elizabeth Watson

Deputy Principal - Teaching & Learning, Elizabeth Watson

Deputy Principal - Teaching & Learning, Ms Elizabeth Watson

Introducing SBT: the New Student-Based Tutoring Program at Waverley

From Monday, 7 November, there will be a Student-Based Tutoring (SBT) Program in the Senior School Library.

The senior students will run this Program, which will operate from Monday – Thursday, 3:30pm – 4:30pm.

The goal of SBT is to create a space where students excel, and can meet their academic goals with the assistance of senior students. This program is free of charge and runs out of the generous hearts of the senior students.

Senior School Library

Students during a senior study group session in the library

From now on, the Library will be students’ one-stop-shop for academic aid. Furthermore, it will be an environment where they can focus and reach their academic potential.

SBT is here to stay, so students, take full advantage of this opportunity! We hope to see some of you in the Library in the future.

Please note:

  • This Program will run in addition to the existing literacy and numeracy programs run in the library by Mr Couani, Ms Foster and Ms Guirguis
  • This Program does not replace co-curricular activities

SBT Poster


Jack Preller (Year 12)


Ms Elizabeth Watson

Deputy Principal, Teaching & Learning