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From the Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning, Ms Lynsey Porter

Ms Lynsey Porter, Deputy Principal - Teaching & Learning

Ms Lynsey Porter, Deputy Principal - Teaching & Learning

Congratulations Jack George!

Congratulations to Jack George in Year 12 who represented Waverley College at the VET Training Awards as a regional finalist, and won the category of ‘VET Student of the Year.’  He will represent Waverley College at state level in July.

For Jack, the opportunity to complete a Cert II in Construction Pathways while undertaking his HSC was an important step in his career trajectory.

“I have found my strength to be in practical classes.  I particularly enjoyed the creative and hands-on approach that technology provided, as well as being influenced by my family as they undertook a trade pathway after leaving school.  This exposure to practical learning encouraged my decision to choose the VET pathway in Construction as a HSC course.”

From assisting with home renovations to gaining white card training and work placement experiences, Jack has been proactive in his pursuit of knowledge and skills in construction.  Through these experiences and the completion of a major term-based assignment, he has honed his problem-solving abilities and communication skills; all essential attributes for success in the construction field.

Trade Information Evening

On June 10, 2024, the College hosted an information evening attended by parents and students to explore career opportunities in various trades and learn from old boys who have become successful tradesmen running their own businesses. The event aimed to provide insights into different trades, inspiring students to consider these professions as viable and rewarding career paths. The evening featured six guest speakers, each of whom shared their unique journeys from graduation to becoming successful tradesmen and business owners.

The speakers were as follows:

Ed Mott (Class of 1997) – Landscaping – Star Landscapes Group

Andrew Taylor (Class of 1997)   – Construction – Taylor Carpentry

Charles Stapley (Class of 2009) – Airconditioning – East Coast Air & Electrical

Ed Hartson (Class of 2012) – Hartson Electrical

Blake Thorn (Class of 2017) – Real Estate/ Mortgage Broker

Joel Ellis (Class of 2017)   – Plumbing – Ellis Plumbing

Some takeaways from the evening were:

Importance of Passion: Each speaker emphasised pursuing a career they are passionate about, which drives long-term satisfaction and success.

Value of Hands-on Experience: The speakers encouraged students to seize opportunities to gain practical experience in various trades. ​​It’s okay to be uncertain about what you want to do. 

Continuous Learning: The speakers stressed the need for ongoing education and skill development.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities: The potential to start and run a successful business in the trades was a recurring theme.

Stay off the phone: All the speakers emphasised that apprentices and work experience students need to refrain from using their phones at the job site.

Get your Manual Driver’s licence: there are still a lot of manual utes and trucks involved across all trades with fewer and fewer manual car drivers. Get an edge and get your manual driver’s licence.

The careers information night was highly successful, offering valuable insights and inspiration to our students. The stories of our old boys demonstrated that with dedication, hard work, and the right mindset, success in various trades is achievable. The event fostered a sense of possibility and encouraged students to explore different trades.

Good Luck James Peate!

On Saturday 22 June, James Peate will take part in the state final of a public speaking competition.

The competition started out with over 400 students and now he is in the top 12.

If he wins this round, he will be representing NSW in Tasmania, so it is a huge achievement.

The competition is being held at Sydney Grammar School from 1:30pm-5:30pm if anyone would like to attend and support.


Ms Lynsey Porter

Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning


Students Of The World Ecology Group

In a world where the impacts of climate change and social injustice are increasingly felt, the call for ecological leaders has never been more urgent. The College has been integrating sustainability into our curriculum, practices and policies for a few years now. At the forefront of this movement are our Students of the World Ecology Group (SOTWEG) who dedicate themselves to inspire change as well as pave the way for a more sustainable future for our school and our wider community.

This week in our assembly, we recognised the passion new members have given to the group, and congratulated the students who have maintained their dedication and tenacity over the years. After all, sustainability is not just up to one person. Together, we can create a world where sustainability is not just a goal, but a way of life.

Students of the World Ecology Group

Kayden Baker

Tomas Crosson

Lachlan Isaac

James Peate

Max Sheehy

Fox Stapleton

Luca Cornelius

Oliver Isaac

Ethan Khatib

Oliver Lorimer

Axel Stapleton

Luke Ibrahim

Eamon Esperanca

Lincoln Hamilton

Jett Fanning

Archie Godby

Constantine Iatrou

Hamish Witten


Ms Silvia Baylie

Engineering and Science Educator

Ecology Coordinator


Update to the Senior Library Magazine Area

The Senior Library has recently updated its Collection of Print and Digital Magazines.  An updated layout with new display stands have been installed to facilitate easy access.

The library currently has 30 print subscriptions including the likes of Fishing Monthly, Australian Mountain Biking, Rolling Stone Magazine, New Scientist, and World Soccer.

In addition, there are also back issues of most of these Magazines from 2021 onwards in storage tubs on top of the Magazine Shelving Unit.  These publications are in use as part of the College’s broad reading and literacy library program for Years 7 to 9.

Digital magazine subscriptions are available via the Zinio Platform, and there are plans to build on this with the rollout of a world-leading e-platform for schools known as SORA.

The Library CANVAS page also provides student access to to both The Sydney Morning Herald and The Daily Telegraph.


Mr James Russell

Library Technician