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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

From the Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning, Ms Elizabeth Watson

Deputy Principal - Teaching & Learning, Ms Elizabeth Watson

Deputy Principal - Teaching & Learning, Ms Elizabeth Watson

Waverley College is a diverse and vibrant learning community, and in 2021 we had 179 students choose their own path to complete Year 12. A learning path that played to their strengths and engaged their unique passions and gifts. Whether they selected the HSC plus ATAR or HSC plus Vocational pathway, each student experienced personal success, and we had the pleasure of celebrating these achievements with them and their parents last night at their Graduation Ceremony. 

At Waverley College we are committed to providing a holistic education for our students, and recognise the importance of acknowledging and celebrating success in all its measures. We want our students to be happy at school as well as flourish post-school. We aim to open doors, not narrow pathways. As educators in the EREA community, it is our ongoing quest to support the formation of our young people, so that they “may have life and have it to the full.” (John 10:10). The interests of our students are front and centre, and we educate for the diverse learnings that make the whole person.

Contemporary educational research tells us that, over time, attending to more holistic aspects of achievement (spiritual, cognitive, social, emotional and physical) is more likely to have greater educational and life benefits for individuals (Shannon, 2019). Broadly defined and acknowledged measures of success will enable young people to graduate with confidence and capacity to successfully navigate post-school pathways and life experiences. Hattie & Larsen (2020), assert that  “the purpose of schooling is to help young people to uncover and recognise their particular talents that, appropriately nurtured through the school experience, will influence their future happiness.”

We are proud of the diversity of our student body, and congratulate the individual efforts of every student and the personal milestones that have been achieved. Whatever path our Year 12 students chose, it is important to remember that they leave the College with much more than just a number, mark or rank. The journey that brought each student to this point has been far more valuable. 

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Ms Elizabeth Watson

Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning