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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Junior School News

From the Director of Waterford, Gabrielle Smith

Gala Debating Day

The Annual Walkathon

The Annual Walkathon

The Annual Walkathon

Fred Carmody Coolangatta Gold Youth Champion

Coolangatta Youth Championships

Welcome back, I hope you all had an enjoyable break with your boys and they are ready for another exciting term.

Congratulations to Ms Gaby Bransby and her partner Michael who will be expecting twins in 2020. We are thrilled for her and know Mason will make a wonderful big brother.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to Mr Thomas Mitton who has joined us for Term 4 while Mr Henry Stanton (5 White) is on long service leave. 

 Congratulations to the following students who received exceptional results in the 2019 ICAS competition.

Digital Technologies:
High Distinction – Year 5
William Jacques
Distinction – Year 6
Sebastian Ari and Jude Timbs
Credit – Year 5
Aidan Carpenter, Samuel Coomer and Jordan Zitser
Credit – Year 6
James Peate and Sam Vlack

Distinction – Year 6
Sebastian Ari,  Tom Donaldson and Harrison Thorpe
Credit – Year 5
Parker Campbell, Mikayl Keshavarz and Riley Lashbrooke
Thomas Rudolph, Alexander Tarasov and Jordan Zitser
Credit – Year 6
Charles Coughlan, Oliver Dunkley and YeArchie Godby
Harry Hulks, Jonathon McDonald and Hugo Perks
Dominic Schofield and Zoltahn Szabo

Distinction – Year 6
Tom Donaldson
Credit – Year 5
Aidan Carpenter, Samuel Coomer, Jethro Jensen, Mikayl Keshavarz and Nicholas Scerri

Distinction – Year 6
Tom Donaldson and Zoltahn Szabo
Credit – Year 5
Aidan Carpenter and William Jacques
Credit – Year 6
Sebastian Ari and Jude Timbs

Distinction – Year 6
Dominic Schofield
Credit – Year 5
Aidan Carpenter, Charles Coutts and Archie Creswick
Adam Curran, Mikayl Keshavarz, Riley Lashbrooke and Oscar Owens
Credit – Year 6
Sebastian Ari, Fred Carmody, Tom Donaldson and Mark Rede

I am pleased to inform you that a new initiative which will start this term will be Lunchtime Talks. The purpose of these talks are to expose our boys to a variety of professions. The talks are held on various Friday’s throughout the term during lunch in the Learning Hub and boys interested in attending can do so. Thanks to Mrs Natasha Zivanovic for organising these talks. Please read below for more information.

Lunchtime Talks

Need something smart to chew on? As you eat lunch, come and listen to some enjoyable talks. Our first guest speaker is Nikita Strbac one of our very own Waverley boys. He is currently in Year 11 and newly elected House Captain for Lacey.

On Friday, 25 October, he will talk to the boys about his experience in representing Australia in Water Polo and how he balanced training and school life.

These talks allow our students to hear about a variety of professions. If you would like to volunteer to do a presentation, please email me directly at


From Walkathon Coordinator, Anthony Gill 

Towards the end of Term 3, God Blessed us with a spectacular Spring day for the annual walkathon (I put my request in early). The rain of the preceding days did not impact the track and the boys turned up with a spring in their step, knowing that they were doing this walk for the many children and families who are suffering from the devastating effects of various illnesses.  The walkathon has become one of the real community events on the Junior School calendar and it once again didn’t let us down. A fabulous time was had by all.

We were fortunate to have representatives from four charities present to witness the fantastic spirit that the boys brought with them. They were all so impressed with this event and how polite and respectful each of the boys were: 

I’m sure you hear this all the time but I can’t believe how polite all the students are.” – Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation

“I Just wanted to say congratulations on a really special event on Friday. I absolutely loved dropping by and it was fantastic.” –  Prostate Cancer Foundation

“I just love coming out to this event each year to help out and see how dedicated the boys are to helping others.” – Eddie Rice Camps NSW

Many members of the public also passed on positive feedback about the beautiful manners of the boys on the day.

We would not have been able to run this day without the tremendous support of the parent community. With nearly half of the boys within the Junior School represented on the day by a parent volunteer. I would sincerely like to thank each and every one of the 141 parents/grandparents who helped out on the day at a checkpoint, on the BBQ or collating the cards at the end of the day.  Without your help, this event is not possible.

I would also like to thank all the boys for their efforts leading up to the day. To date, they have promised $52,200 with more donations still to come inA total of 5 301km was walked by the 273 boys on the day with 5 boys walking 33km in the 3 & ½ hours, congratulations boys. The boys will now have until Friday, 25 October, to have collected and handed in their sponsorship promises.

I would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support of the boys for this special day. They have grown so much closer to the Spirit of Edmund Rice through their efforts.

From Assistant Director of Co-Curricular, Matt Ryan 

On 15 September Alexander Tarasov and Jett Lenzo represented Waverley College in Judo NSW’s Junior Schools Cup. We would like to congratulate Alexander Tarasov and Jett Lenzo on their efforts.

Congratulations to Henry Parkes who represented NSW in Rugby Union over the long weekend on the Gold Coast. The team played extremely well and it was a great experience for Henry and his family with lots of new friendships made.  

Record Broken: Luke Newrick has broken a 76-year-old record in the Under 12 Long Jump at the recent IPSHA Athletics Carnival. Luke jumped 5.01m and bettered the record held by N. Hayes of 4.83m. Congratulations Luke.

IPSHA Gala Debating Day

From Literacy and Innovation Teacher, Natasha Zivanovic

On Tuesday, 24 September, our Waverley IPSHA debaters competed in the annual IPSHA Gala day, hosted by Meriden. The boys that competed were James Peate, Lachlan Marzol, Archie Godby, Nicholas Zanapalis, Finlay Wilde, Oscar Wilson, Fox Stapleton and Zoltahn Szabo.

We debated two topics: ‘That students should write reports on their teachers’ and ‘That school sport should be optional.’ The Gala day was an opportunity to put our evolving debating skills to the test, including our ability to rebut and think critically under pressure.

We had a great day with two wins and two losses and debated with heart and a high level of spirit.

Coolangatta Gold Youth Champion 

From 6 Green Student, Fred Carmody 

During the school holidays, Fred Carmody from 6 Green, competed in the Coolangatta Gold Youth Challenge. Fred had this to say: 

As a nipper, I really wanted to go to the event and compete. It’s an iconic event.

Coolangatta Gold race day is big. It began as an idea in 1984 and has been run ever since then and has attracted many of the best surf lifesavers from Australia and around the world.

Hot sun, crowds, Nutri Grain freebies, loud music, commentary with race updates and my seven-year-old brother in his excitement crash tackling me to the sand – not ideal for my pre-race preparation.

On the day there is a race briefing. They hand out our lycra singlet and distribute an electronic timing tag for each competitor’s ankles.  Just like the elite athletes who run marathons. They write black permanent marker numbers on each competitor that are compulsory across the left and right side of our calves and arms.

After we were marshalled the official went through the course and positioned all of us in number order – Fred Carmody 759. There were over thirty competitors in the junior race and many were faces I had recognised at other state surfing carnivals. I knew there were some very good competitors her and that it would be a tough race.

The race is 1.65km in length and required me to complete several disciplines including a 250m soft sand run, 350m swim, 550m soft sand run, 350m board paddle and 150m run to the end.

The starter gun fired and I was off racing the Coolangatta Gold. During the race, I could hear the voice of the commentator but I didn’t know what was being said because my swim cap was covering my ears.

It was an unbelievable feeling to cross the finish line in first place. At the finish line under the golden arches, I was interviewed by world ironwoman champion, Harriet Brown. I must have been so exhausted because I told her I warmed up in the morning and ate half a metre of banana. If you want to win the Coolangatta Gold, don’t eat half a metre of banana.

It was a great experience to be involved and to have done so well.