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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Head’s Message

From the Head of College, Graham Leddie

Music, Art & Design 

This week I had the pleasure of attending both the Year 12 Music Recital Evening and the Art & Design Exhibition in conjunction with St Clare’s College. At the music evening, I heard along with parents and friends, each Year 12 boy present their HSC piece. A high level of performance skill was clearly evident for all to see and I wish each of them the very best in their upcoming HSC performances. There was also a high level of creativity and innovation on display at the Art & Design Exhibition. I enjoyed viewing how both school’s students interact, collaborate and work with a variety of mediums in the creation of their respective pieces. Recently we have been displaying many of our student’s work prominently throughout the College to encourage and inspire younger students to have confidence in developing their creative skills.  

Winter Co-Curricular Season Ends 

Last weekend saw the end of the season to most of our winter sports and activities. Thank you to all support groups, parents, coaches and Old Boys that assisted in making the respective seasons a success. Co-Curricular is an integral part of the College Wellbeing Program and is designed to encourage regular activity, competition, sportsmanship, team development and the formation of life-long habits of exercise. 

It is no coincidence that this week saw some boys struggle to concentrate and perform to their best both inside and outside of the classroom. Some would argue that it is the effects of a windy week and there is some research on the effect of low barometric pressure and how this affects humans to support this belief. However, I believe a lot of it can be attested to their change in routine and sudden reduced exercise program which affects energy levels and mood. Please encourage your son to get involved in the Track & Field season which is a short season between winter and summer co-curricular. Vice Captain of the College and Captain of Track and Field, Tom Jaeger (Year 12) encouraged participation at College assembly today. If your son does not wish to challenge himself with running, sprinting, jumping or throwing, then encourage him to maintain some regular pattern of exercise (jogging, swimming, walking, skipping, cycling, gym etc) as this will assist him not only maintain a healthy body, it will look after his mind as well. 

Careers Evening

Wednesday 28 August, 6pm to 7.30pm – Waverley College Senior Library

Have you ever wondered what it takes to follow a career in medicine, engineering, scientific research or run a successful online business?  Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to find out. Come along to be inspired and make better-informed decisions about the future.

Open to students from all years and their parents/carers, this informative evening will provide real-life insights and advice for those considering their options for tertiary study and career pathways.

Guest speakers for the night;

  • Matthew Davies (2010) – Medicine; Lecturer
  • Dean Jones (2012) – Business / Entrepreneurship – Dean manages his own online fashion business
  • Richard Zhang (2010) – Bioengineering / Science research
  • Andrew Weetman (2011) – Civil Engineer
  • Glenn Ong (2008) – Aeronautical engineer for Defence Dept

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Father’s Day Liturgy & BBQ

Thursday, 29 August 9am – 11am – Gymnasium, Senior Campus 

Fathers, Grandfathers and significant males in the lives of Waverley College students in Years 5 to 12 are invited to accompany their sons to a special Father’s Day Mass at 9am in honour of fathers everywhere. The Mass will be followed by a BBQ for the guests and their sons. Boys will return to class following the BBQ.

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Parents’ Association Meeting

Wednesday 4th September 6.30pm – The Grange

All parents are warmly invited to attend Waverley College Parent Association (WCPA) meetings. The Head of College usually attends and presents a report on College activities and developments.

Uniform Update

I encourage you to read through the latest information which was distributed at the beginning of the term. It includes all you need to know so far.