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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

From the Head: Term 3 Takes Off

A big welcome to our new students from the Northern Territory!

A big welcome to our new students from the Northern Territory!


Semester One Academic Assembly Address

Today at College Assembly the prayer acknowledged NAIDOC week and we celebrated the academic achievement of students in Years 10,11 and 12. I believe that Einstein was correct when he said, “intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” He was challenging all of us, students, parents, support staff and teachers at the College to keep learning no matter what stage of life we are at; to keep developing and challenging ourselves to be better, to learn from the past, to understand different perspectives, different cultures and different methodologies. Education is not just about the individual, it is about our wider community progressing and society developing as a whole.

Kofi Annan the seventh Secretary General of the United Nations said, “… education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rests the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable development.”

Since 2005, the Australian Government has developed a bipartisan strategy known as ‘Closing the Gap’ that aims to reduce disadvantage among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with respect to life expectancy, child mortality, educational achievement and employment opportunities. The Closing the Gap strategy has resulted in some improvements, but national statistics indicate that there is still a long way to go.

As a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition, we have four touchstones that are at the crux of what we do and how we should do it:

  • Liberating education
  • Justice and solidarity
  • Inclusive community
  • Gospel spirituality

All four touchstones have key elements that traverse what the Closing the Gap strategy is trying to achieve.

The College has recently partnered with the John Moriarty Foundation to assist Indigenous students from the remote Northern Territory, near the gulf country, to have access here at Waverley College to wider educational opportunities.

Who is John Moriarty?

John Moriarty was born in Borroloola, Northern Territory to a tribal Aboriginal woman and an Irishman from County Kerry. As such he was classified as ‘half-caste’. The government policy at that time was generally to remove ‘half-caste’ children from ‘full-blood’ mothers. John was removed from his mother at four years of age, making him part of the Stolen Generation. He was placed in a home for Aboriginal children at Mulgoa in the west of Sydney, and a few years later was moved to Adelaide.

Education played an important part in John’s life and he went on to obtain a Bachelor of Arts and was later a recipient of a Churchill Fellowship.

John Moriarty AM

John Moriarty AM

John served in various departments of Aboriginal affairs, both state and federal and on the Board of Indigenous Business Australia. He also holds a Advance Australia Award and is a member of the Order of Australia. John was the first Indigenous Australian to play for the Socceroos. John is also a well known designer and artist and was commissioned by Qantas to paint two of its Boeing 747s.

The Balanrinji designed Qantas jet.

The Balanrinji designed Qantas jet.

After a long and successful career, John had a desire to put something back into his community of Borroloola and set up a foundation to support young boys and girls who showed some football talent and to support them to obtain a more comprehensive education than they would receive in remote Australia. Clearly he is a talented and passionate man.

We have three students who have started with us recently who are recipients of John Moriarty Scholarships, a foundation that is also supported by the Socceroos. This LINK explains the program further and features ex-Socceroo and ex-Waverley parent Craig Foster.

Day two at Waverley.

Getting used to life as Waverley students.

It is my very great pleasure to welcome Darius Kidd, Tremaine Jupiter and Jeremy Herbert to Waverley College.

Our Year 12 students chose the theme of ‘Strength through diversity’ this year, and there is no doubt that these young men will have a great chance to take advantage of the learning opportunities offered by the Waverley College community, our other indigenous students and our students from different backgrounds to their own. We all have a great opportunity to learn from them; to understand their stories and gain a greater insight about where they have come from and what they and their communities can teach us. To come from remote Australia into Sydney is a different world for these young men, please extend the Waverley hand of friendship to our new community members and support them wherever you can.  

Both John Moriarty and our new students are from the Borroloola area.

Both John Moriarty and our new students are from the Borroloola area.

To our Year 12 students, I wish you strength and calmness as you approach your trial HSC examinations. You have led the school very well this year, worked hard individually and collectively and I wish you well on behalf of the rest of the College.

And I leave you with the words of Kofi Annan – “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”

I congratulate our academic award winners for Semester One and encourage them to keep up the high standards. Congratulations, too, to their families for the great support they provide to these students at home. The award winners from today’s assembly are listed at the bottom of this page.


Staff Update

This term, we farewell Mr Nick Kozma who has resigned from the College. Nick has worked at Waverley for four and a half years and we thank Nick for his service to the College. We wish Nick all the best with his future endeavours.

On behalf of the College I would like to welcome the following staff members:

  • Mr Thomas Smith replacing Mr Scott Bailey – Mathematics Department;  
  • Ms Annabel Kilpatrick replacing Mr Nicholas Kozma – Art Department;
  • Mr Mark Neale who will work part-time with Mr David Reidy –  TAS Department

We welcome back Ms Gaby Bransby from maternity leave and wish her a smooth transition back into the College. Whilst Gaby has been away on leave, Ms Jennifer Hoare has been acting Junior School Curriculum Co-ordinator and we thank Ms Hoare for doing an outstanding job.

Mr Chris Blenkinsopp is still in hospital, probably for another 6 weeks. We continue to keep Chris and his family in our thoughts and prayers and wish him a speedy recovery.

Many Waverley families and ex-students will remember Mrs Pam Shiels with fondness. Pam retired in 2012 after 36 years of service in administrative roles at Waverley College and 58 years of service to Catholic education. Pam died on 8 July 2017, aged 84 years. Her funeral service was attended by several members of our College staff during the holiday break. On behalf of the entire Waverley College community I extend our sincere condolences to Pam’s family and friends.


Student Congratulations and Best Wishes

Lewis Thompson performed very well at the recent Oceania Athletics Championships representing Australia in Fiji – Gold Medal in the U18 Mens 1.5kg Discus and 7th in the U18 Mens Shot Put, competing for the Australian Schools Athletics Team. Lewis is still recovering from recent knee surgery which makes these fine results even more impressive.  

Zavian Taylor-Simi has been selected for the Junior Bunnies Development squad to train in Jindabyne.

Ben Donaldson, Luca Moretti, Finn Wright have been selected in the Australian Schoolboys Rugby Union Team, whilst Marco Bell was selected in the Australian Barbarians Team.

Cameron Walker performed very well at the recent National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) held at the University of Singapore.

Noah Havard, Ben Walker, Zac Harvard and Jack Macgregor all performed well in recent open water ski paddling events held in Sydney that attracted top international paddlers.

We wish Nikita Strbac and Charlie Negus all the best with their preparations for Australian Junior Water polo team as they prepare for the Junior World Championships to be held in Belgrade in August.

We wish Daniel Gandy all the best as he has been selected by International Cycling to compete in Melbourne next week.

Ned Wieland is currently in Dover (UK) on his amazing challenge to become the youngest Australian male to swim the English Channel.

His father, Mark, sent us the following update:

“There’s been little to report, at this stage, due to the weather but on the upside, the fundraising for RUOK? is now over the $25k mark. That’s incredible – a huge thanks to all those that have contributed to this very worthy charity.

As far as Channel swimming goes, we were hoping Ned would have swum earlier this week, but the swell and winds picked up and closed off the opportunity. After a rather long wait, it looks like Ned’s off early next week, (fingers crossed) when the winds are due to abate.

So, in the meantime, Ned’s not only been swimming at many  locations, but has visited sites in London, plus local features such as Canterbury Cathedral, the Battle of Britain museum, the white cliffs and the Castle in Dover itself. So his English history is coming along well during this waiting period.  

If anyone would like to keep posted on updates and also a live feed, once he gets underway, this can be done via Ned’s FACEBOOK page or Instagram @channelswim2017.”

All the best to the Matthew Coorey Concert Band who are competing in the NSW Band Festival this weekend.

Good luck to all our Lawn Bowlers, Debaters, Cross Country Runners and our Judo, Tennis, AFL, Rugby, Football, Volleyball, and Table Tennis players as they approach the last three weeks of winter competition.


Semester One Year 10, 11 & 12 Academic Award Winners

Year 10 First in Subject
Religious Education Nat Yarrow
English Luke Harris
Maths Level 3 Gleb Samokhin
Maths Level 2 Marko Dundovic, Liam Faulkner-Hogg
Maths Level 1 Nathan Papageorgious
Maths Accelerated Luke Harris
Science Luke Harris
PDHPE Lachlan Manastirovski
Commerce Marco Emery, Rocco Evans
History Rocco Evans, Matthew Gallagher, Brad Marzol, Connor Pilger
iSTEM Rocco Evans
IST Finn McCloskey
PASS Harry Whitaker
Music Oliver Ruse
Drama Ethan Vella
Visual Art Flynn Gordon
Visual Art (Most Improved) Ridley Owens
Photography Bradley Marzol, Benjamin Rogers
French Luke Harris
Wood Technology Cameron Dawson
Food Technology Flynn Gordon
Design & Technology Lachlan Manastirovski
Applied Philosophy Edward Kranz
Work Education Ryan Smith
Spanish Billy DeLuca, Connor Pilger
Year 11 First in Subject
SOR I Unit Oliver Read
SOR 2 Unit Lewis Thompson
Catholic Studies Riley Singles-Fotopoulos
Advanced English Allan Cannes
Standard English Benjamin Heal, Jerome Mendes
English Studies Christopher Salakas
Extension English Allan Cannes
Mathematics Roby Guo
General Maths Harry Blackett
Ext 1 Maths Benjamin Heal
Accelerated Maths Oliver Read
Biology Oliver Read
Chemistry Oliver Small
Physics Oliver Small
Senior Science Noah Havard
PDHPE Lewis Thompson, Daniel Andrews
SLR Isaac Bartholomaeus
Music Course I Dominic Augoustis
Music Course II Damian Lin
Spanish Daniel Brown
Ancient Hist Patrick Kossenberg
Modern Hist Harley McGuiggan
Geography Oliver Read
Business Perry Aziz
Economics Patrick Kossenberg
Legal Allan Cannes
Drama Leonardo Bosi
Visual Art Mark Goncalves
Photography Tom Bower
Photography (Most Improved) Zachary Bloch
Design & Technology Benjamin Heal
Industrial Technology Anthony Pomes
Construction Tadgh Murphy
Hospitality Jye Davidson, Nathan Higgs
Food Technology Luca Galeazzi
Information Processes and Technologies Damian Lin
Entertainment Simon Finnegan
Marine Studies Baxby Ward-Gyton
Year 12 First in Subject
SOR I Unit Tyler von der Heyden
SOR 2 Unit Stephen Croft
Catholic Studies James McPherson
Advanced Eng Stephen Croft
Standard Eng James Rusconi
English Studies Jake Galluccio
Ext English 1 Stephen Croft
Ext English 2 Stephen Croft
Mathematics (2 Unit Candidate) Harrison Delaney
Mathematics Joe Nardo
General Maths 1 Joel Ellis
General Maths 2 James Campbell
Ext 1 Maths Taaj Davis
Ext 2 Maths Taaj Davis
Biology Lachlan Stewart
Chemistry Joe Nardo
Physics Lachlan Stewart
Senior Science Huon Beccaris
Marine Studies Matan Sharon-Lemon
PDHPE Ben Donaldson, Tyler von der Heyden
SLR Ricardo Duilo
Music Course I Marco Bell
Music Course II Alexander Vardanega
Spanish Daniel Priestley
Ancient Hist Stephen Croft
Modern Hist Ryan Crawshaw
Geography Luke Ryan, Nicholas Sterianos
Business James Rusconi
Economics James Rusconi
Legal Stephen Croft
Drama Hal Cumpston
Visual Art James Campbell
PDM Cooper Linardos
Design & Technology Kelvin Li
Industrial Technology Huon Beccaris
Construction Liam Rayner, Huon Beccaris
Hospitality Joe Capron
Entertainment James Rusconi
Food Technology Justin Fung
Information Processes and Technologies James Rusconi
Congratulations to Year 12 award winners.

Congratulations to Year 12 award winners.

Congratulations to Year 11 award winners.

Congratulations to Year 11 award winners.

Congratulations to Year 10 award winners.

Congratulations to Year 10 award winners.