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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

From the Principal

Principal, Mr Graham Leddie

Principal, Mr Graham Leddie

Our thoughts, prayers and deepest condolences go to the family, friends and Marcellin College community of Zenn Pemberton. Zenn tragically lost his life last weekend in a motocross accident. A number of our students were good friends with Zenn and have had a tough week. Our psychologist team has reached out and met with many of our students. 

There is no perfect map of how to deal with grief and loss and it affects people differently. It involves the movement between the poles of loss and restoration and this takes time.

We have encouraged the boys to speak to their friends about how they are feeling, to celebrate Zenn’s life, to talk with parents, carers, mentors, Heads of House and Father Bernie. Please let our psychologist team know if you would like your son to see one of them. 

Psychologist Team 

  • Junior School

Alexsandra McCredie 9387 0774

Dawn Young 9387 0774

  • Senior School

Samantha Jessen 9369 0635 – Conlon, Green, Lacey, Quinn

Greg Cameron 9369 0645 – Aungier, Brennan, O’Connor, Tevlin – Monday to Wednesday

Olivia Stelling 9369 0645 – Aungier, Brennan, O’Connor, Tevlin – Thursday to Friday

A tribute and GoFundMe page has been created. Please click here if you would like to support

May Zenn rest in peace.

Returned From EREA Congress 

This is my first week back at the College this Term, after attending the EREA World Principal’s Congress that was held in Ireland with representatives from across the globe. 

In my absence, I would like to thank and congratulate the following staff who stepped up and acted in their respective roles. I am grateful for their leadership, care and work throughout this time, and I acknowledge their fine efforts.

  • Ms Gabby Smith (Acting Principal)
  • Mr Steve O’Donnell (Acting Deputy Principal – Students)
  • Mr Pat Darvill (Acting Director of Co-curricular)
  • Mr Ben Shorthouse (Acting Head of PDHPE)

Two Federation Star Recipients 

The College and Old Boys’ Association hosted a Cadet parade this week in recognition of two Old Boys and past staff members who were awarded the prestigious Federation Star for significant and dedicated service to the Australian Cadet Forces.

Special guests included: 

General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK AC (Military) CVO MC (Retired), Lady Lynne Cosgrove, Dr Marjorie O’Neill MP (Member for Coogee), Br RJ Wallace cfc, A.M. (Former Headmaster, Waverley College), Mr Sam Hardjono (Sam Hardjono, Board Chair of EREA NSW Colleges), Colonel Nicholas De Bont (Commander of NSW 2nd Brigade), Major (AAC) David Clancy (Waverley College Cadet Unit Liaison Officer to NSW 2nd Brigade), Mr Pasquale Guerrera (Chair, Waverley College Advisory Council), Mr Salvatore Riolo (President, Waverley College Old Boys Union), Colonel Brett Courtenay OAM (Chair, Waverley College Foundation), Associate Professor Mark Davies (Former Chair, Waverley College Advisory Council).

Congratulations to: 

  • Old Boy, former Commanding Officer of the Waverley College Cadet Unit and former College Executive member of over 50 years – Lieutenant Colonel (AAC) Peter Frost 
  • Old Boy, former 2IC of the Waverley College Cadet Unit and former Student Administration and Medic Officer, Major (AAC) Anthony Evans.

The service of these gentlemen is particularly noteworthy and unparalleled to any Commanding Officer or 2IC in any Cadet Unit across the country since 1906 and the Army Cadets nationwide foundation. They have both been instrumental in shaping the Unit to what it is today whilst instilling values of service, courage, respect, integrity and excellence. They have inspired and led countless young men to become leaders within their own communities, and beyond for decades.

Peter’s first introduction to Cadets dates back to 1960, when the Commanding Officer of the Cadet Unit at the time, Brother Frank Farrell announced to ‘2nd Class’ (now better known as Year 8), that they were invited to join Cadets a year early with the promise that they would all be Officers by their final year. 15 impressionable young men took up that offer, of that 15, there were three Peters, Lieutenant Colonel Peter Frost, Sir Peter Cosgrove and CAPT The Honourable Peter Collins, all of whom were present at this week’s parade. 

Peter Frost’s dedication to Cadets commenced that day, he then graduated in 1964, became an Officer of Cadets at Waverley College in 1965, and then commenced employment as an English Teacher at the College in 1969. He held numerous positions during his 50-year tenure at the College, most notably Assistant to the Headmaster on the College Executive and as the Commanding Officer of the Cadet Unit from 1977 to 2019, where Peter single-handedly reformed the Unit following its disband under the Whitlam Government in 1975.

Anthony joined the College in 1973, as a Year 5 Student and was heavily involved in Cadets from Year 8. He was the Cadet Unit’s Head of Medics during Year 10, 11 and 12 and received the CUO Officer’s Staff Award in his graduating year, 1980. When Anthony left the College, the skills he learnt as a Cadet Medic assisted in his chosen occupation, becoming an Ambulance Officer with St John’s Ambulance and the NSW Ambulance Service, whilst serving as an Officer of Cadets within the Unit from 1982.

Anthony commenced employment at the College in 1994 as the Student Administration Officer and Cadet Unit 2IC, contributing tirelessly to the Cadet Program as well as the overall leadership, development and medical care of young men at the College for almost three decades, helping to shape many young men who have walked through our gates.

These two summaries, whilst brief, show why dedication and service are two terms synonymous with both Peter and Anthony, and are a testament to their character and ongoing, unwavering commitment to excellence. As we celebrate Peter and Anthony’s decades of distinguished service, we are reminded of the profound impact that they have had on the lives of others. 

Thank you to the Waverley College Old Boys’ Association for hosting a wonderful celebration and evening which was attended by over 350 people.