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From The Principal, Mr Graham Leddie

Principal, Mr Graham Leddie

Principal, Mr Graham Leddie


Congratulations to the talented cast of Tartuffe! Waverley students, along with students from St Clare’s College and The Ascham School, delivered a splendid and professional performance for three nights this week of this play that is also studied as a HSC text. Congratulations to the cast and crew who have dedicated countless hours in perfecting their performances. 

Cast: Luke Crossen (Year 12), Matt Frost (Year 12), Lachlan Hoy (Year 11), Taj Lynn (Year 11), Oliver Bracic (Year 10), Lachy Colquhoun (Year 10), Alexander King (Year 9), Hooper Negus (Year 10).

Entertainment Crew (Year 12): Sebastian Blowers, Caelum Brook, Will Burland, Ashton Child, Dillon Due-McCoy, Matthew Garrop, Frankie Pedder, Thomas Pilger, Luke Richardson, Nate Smith, Zac Summerhayes, Henry Whitehouse.

Staff:  Peter Lamb – Producer/Director and Sound Designer, Gina Cohen – Assistant Director, Assistant Producer and Backstage Supervisor, Bishoy Wasef – Production Manager and Videography,  Steven Hall – Wardrobe Supervisors, Rachel Crompton – Choreography/Make-up, Peter Mussared – Set, Costume and Props Designer and Set Construction and Dress, Angus McPherson – Photographer, Keiran Kossenberg – Administration

Year 6 History Showcase 

As a principal, parent and history teacher, I was most impressed with our Year 6 History showcase this week. The detailed stories, journeys and experiences of parents, grandparents and other relatives that the boys shared was very impressive and I am sure they took a lot out of this deep learning experience. Thank you for supporting your sons with their history presentations. 

Year 10 Subject Selection 

I look forward to seeing Year 10 and their parents at next Tuesday’s Subject Selection Evening which is an important evening designed to assist students in choosing the correct subjects and pathway for their senior years at the College.

Social Justice Week – Our Faith in Action

Our Faith In Action Week at Waverley College has been a time of celebration, reflection and opportunity for all staff and students. This week encompassed our College touchstones of Liberating Education, Gospel Spirituality, Solidarity and Justice and Inclusive Community.  Each day presented aspects of social justice that we as a school can act upon as global citizens and exemplified the Year 12 motto for 2024 which is ‘stronger together, united as one’. 

As part of our Faith in Action week, we welcomed special guests Robert Toia from the Rooster NRL Team, as well as Teki Tuipulotu, former Tongan International rugby player and coach. Our Pasifika students performed a traditional Haka and demonstrated the importance of diversity and inclusion at our college. 

Our week of celebration was also a time for students to reflect on their own environment and included a challenge by the student-led SOTWEG group to promote the importance of respect and dignity towards each other and the space in which we share at Waverley College.  

The social justice focus of this week also enabled our guest Brendan from Wheel Chair Sports to showcase his skills and challenge students in new areas of physical activity.  Students from Physical Activity & Sports Studies (PASS) classes and our senior boys were invited to partake in the activity and inspire teamwork and cooperation between each other.  

As part of the week of celebration, students and teachers were also asked to reflect on the journey of others and gain a greater understanding of refugee week and what it means to be a displaced person in our world today.  Special guest, Ismail Ibrahim, a refugee who was born in Somalia presented his story to the College, demonstrating his resilience and strength throughout the obstacles he faced. 

Our Faith in Action initiative supports the Edmund Rice ethos and aims to strengthen our resolve in living out the gospel values and enhancing our ability to live with integrity and faith to help others.