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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

From the Principal, Mr Graham Leddie

Principal, Mr Graham Leddie

Principal, Mr Graham Leddie

Christmas Message 

“Take time to see the quiet miracles that seek no attention.” ~ John O’Donohue

We have come to the end of our school year, and we are looking forward to a rest, reflection time and hopefully a hot and dry summer break. At this time of year, we  turn our attention to Christmas — but not yet! We await the arrival of Jesus Christ. We remember and celebrate his birth in a stable two thousand years ago, but we also wait upon his coming into our lives every day in the words of the gospel, in the eucharist, and through our unity as sisters and brothers. 

This once and future arrival (adveniens) of Christ, is what we celebrate every year at Christmas. The season of Advent is a time to prepare. All our life is an advent. We await Jesus’ arrival, we prepare the way of the Kingdom of God, we celebrate the birth of each new day. United as sisters and brothers, and dedicated to serve one another, we celebrate the love that lights the world.

Thank you to all parents and carers, Old Boys and members of our wider community, for again supporting the College throughout 2022. Thank you to our students who have performed very well. And, I thank the teachers and support staff on your behalf, for their hard work and care throughout the year. 

I wish everyone a safe, merry and holy Christmas.  


At The End Of The Year


As this year draws to its end,

We give thanks for the gifts it brought

And how they became inlaid within

Where neither time nor tide can touch them.


The days when the veil lifted

And the soul could see delight;

When a quiver caressed the heart

In the sheer exuberance of being here.


Surprises that came awake

In forgotten corners of old fields

Where expectation seemed to have quenched.


The slow, brooding times

When all was awkward

And the wave in the mind

Pierced every sore with salt.


The darkened days that stopped

The confidence of the dawn.


Days when beloved faces shone brighter

With light from beyond themselves;

And from the granite of some secret sorrow

A stream of buried tears loosened.


We bless this year for all we learned,

For all we loved and lost

And for the quiet way it brought us

Nearer to our invisible destination.


John O’Donohue (Irish Priest, author and poet) 


Congratulations to all of the College Award Winners for 2022

Year 5 Awards 2022

Noah Nunn – Social Impact Award

  • Class 5 Blue

Leo Vigil – Academic Achievement Award 5 Blue

Kalan Fisher – Christian Leadership Award 5 Blue

Leo Henderson – Class Achievement Award 5 Blue

Rio Kelly – Creative Arts Award 5 Blue

  • Class 5 Gold

James Draper – Academic Achievement Award 5 Gold

Marcus Millard – Christian Leadership Award 5 Gold

James Ganson – Class Achievement Award 5 Gold

Harvey Smith – Creative Arts Award 5 Gold

  • Class 5 Indigo

Tom Brown – Academic Achievement Award 5 Indigo

Sebastian Karhan – Christian Leadership Award 5 Indigo

Sam Burrows – Class Achievement Award 5 Indigo

Fred Cross – Creative Arts Award 5 Indigo

  • Class 5 Orange

Ryan Loughrey – Academic Achievement Award 5 Orange

Jack Burrows – Christian Leadership Award 5 Orange

Braxton Dow – Class Achievement Award 5 Orange

Boyd Haslam – Creative Arts Award 5 Orange

  • Class 5 Red

Max Service – Academic Achievement Award 5 Red

Jack Baker Sedgman – Christian Leadership Award 5 Red

Hopper Dyke-Miller – Class Achievement Award 5 Red

Joseph Madden – Creative Arts Award 5 Red

  • Class 5 White

Byron Campbell – Academic Achievement Award 5 White

Cormac Maher – Christian Leadership Award 5 White

Harry McKeon – Class Achievement Award 5 White

Aristotelis Evgenidis – Creative Arts Award 5 White


Year 6 Awards 2022

  • Class 6 Blue

Thomas Stillone – Academic Achievement Award 

Cooper Mott – Christian Leadership Award 

Frederick Crabbe – Class Achievement Award 

Luc Frampton – Creative Arts Award 

  • Class 6 Gold

William Frinsdorf – Academic Achievement Award

Jack Stuart – Christian Leadership Award 

Jack McCallum – Class Achievement Award

Henry Jones – Creative Arts Award

  • Class 6 Indigo

Ishaan Jeena – Academic Achievement Award 

Vincent Kapos – Christian Leadership Award 

Aiden McNee – Class Achievement Award 

Beau Matheson-Rayner – Creative Arts Award 

  • Class 6 Orange

Liam Madden – Academic Achievement Award 

Oscar Nicholson – Christian Leadership Award 

Henry Walker – Class Achievement Award 

Max Bracic – Creative Arts Award

  • Class 6 Red

Jasper Lumsden – Academic Achievement Award 

Aiden Reay – Christian Leadership Award 

Charlie Tucker – Class Achievement Award 

Jeremy Pounder – Creative Arts Award 

  • Class 6 White

Raphael Winterburn – Academic Achievement Award 

Lincoln Hamilton – Christian Leadership Award

Quinn Brodie – Class Achievement Award 

Henry O’Donnell – Creative Arts Award 

Year 6 Major Awards

Thomas StilloneThe Edmund Rice Trophy for Academic Excellence

Henry WalkerBr J P Lacey Memorial Trophy for Study, Leadership and Co-Curricular Involvement

Lukas PendletonBr M M O’Connor Award for Outstanding Sportsmanship

Lincon HamiltonThe Judge Paul Urquhart Award for Social Justice

Charlie GriffinThe Waterford Trophy for Performing Arts

Harry DemetriosHelen Newman Award for Service

Max WuWaverley Council Citizenship Award

Jonah NiopliasThe Old Boys’ Union Award


Year 7 Academic Awards 2022

Henry GoldrichDrama Equal First

Lachlan ChalmersDrama Equal First

Richard NestorEnglish

Axel StapletonGeography

Hamish WilsonTechnology

Ryan McNamaraPrincipal’s Award for Sport

Oliver IsaacDrama Equal First; Music; Steve Frangos Memorial Prize for Musicianship

Alexander KingPDH&PE; Nicholas Farrow Memorial Prize for the Spirit of Year Seven

Finley CromerScience; 3rd in Academic Results

Alexander AvdalisMathematics; 2nd in Academic Results

Daniel MorrowFr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Religion; Dux of Year 7


Year 8 Academic Awards 2022

Benjamin DarcyEnglish Equal First

Payton TarauPrincipal’s Award for Sport

Ryan MurphyPrize for Musicianship

Luke NezvalMartin Robinson Memorial Award for Service & Integrity

Dante FernVisual Arts; Equal 3rd in Academic Results

James BarberMathematics; 2nd in Academic Results

Benjamin CromerEnglish Equal First; History; PDH&PE; Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Religion; Science; Spanish; Technology; Dux of Year 8


Year 9 Academic Awards 2022

Finlay WildeGraphics Technology

Fred CarmodyDesign & Technology

William DawsonHistory Elective

Yianni HatjinikitasIndustrial Technology Wood

Tomas CrossonInformation Software Technology

Mark RedeMathematics Level 3 Equal First

Harry CreweMathematics Level 2

Ethan RichMathematics Level 1

Lieme ChanMusic

Montgomery ArmstrongPhotography

Yannick HottScience

Harry PapworthSpanish

Hamish WhittenWork Education

Sam CaroFood Technology; Geography

Lachlan MarzolCommerce; Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Religion; Equal First

Renato RovacchiSTEM; Mathematics Level 3 Equal First; Visual Arts

Ben PignatelliPrincipal’s Award for Sport

Max SheeyPrize for Musicianship

Lucas CraikNed Silva Award for Most Improved Effort in Year Nine

Kaden BakerApplied Philosophy; Physical & Sport Studies; 3rd in Academic Results

Harrison ThorpeAccelerated Mathematics; Drama Equal First; PDH&PE; Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Religion Equal First; 2nd in Academic Results

James PeateDrama Equal First; English; Dux of Year 9


Year 10 Academic Awards 2022

William KirkInformation Software Technology

Will HughesDesign & Technology

Luke CrossonDrama

Ewan McDonaldHistory Elective

Jack KervesIndustrial Technology Wood

Marcus Henderson – Mathematics Accelerated

Jock EdwardsMathematics Level 3

Remy FramptonMathematics Level 2; Social Impact Award

David EishoMathematics Level 1

Robert MuirMusic

Oliver MalzardPhotography

James BirbasSpanish

Henry WhitehouseWork Education

Otto HulewiczHistory Equal First; Visual Arts

Ehren LittlePrincipal’s Award for Sport

Robbie MuirPrize for Musicianship

Lachlan MirandaADF Long Tan Award; Commerce; History Equal First; PDH&PE; Anthony Tarlinton Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievements in Study & College Activities

James MedlandApplied Philosophy; Physical & Sport Studies; 3rd in Academic Results

Ricardo ZanapalisFood Technology; Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Religion; 2nd in Academic Results

Bailey BarkerADF Future Innovators Award; English; History Equal First; Science; STEM; Dux of Year 10


Year 11 Academic Awards 2022

Benjamin StirlingOpen High School Achievement Certificate

Bert CottellPremier’s Respect Award

Luca HolmesBiology Equal First

Jett WandaConstruction

Christopher ArmstrongDesign & Technology

Sam StewartDrama

Lachlan McMunnEnglish Standard

Vasili VertsonisExtension English

Thomas BrenchleyGeography

Wilford HydeHospitality

Mitchell CahillIndustrial Technology Equal First

Thomas GleesonIndustrial Technology Equal First

Penn O’ConnorInvestigating Science

Jacob WalkerMathematics Standard Equal First

Matthew WoodsMathematics Standard Equal First

Frederick Le VayMusic Course I

Angus BirrellMusic Course II

Daniel PalacioSpanish Beginners

Finn StranixVisual Arts

Anderson FranulovichVisual Design

Tom HughesMathematics Advanced Equal First

Malachy BroughMathematics Advanced Equal First; Mathematics Extension

Leo SchmidStudies In Catholic Thought; Sport Life & Recreation; Marine Studies; English Studies

Liam RussellRyan Shiels Memorial Prize for Musicianship

Zion Ahosivi PoitahaGreg Carmody Memorial Prize for Best All Round Sportsman

Jack PrellerFood Technology; Year 11 All Rounder Award

Theo Varvaressos – Biology Equal First; Arthur & Mollie Burke Memorial Prize for English Advanced; Modern History; 3rd in Academic Results

Liam WoodAncient History; Spanish Continuers; Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Studies of Religion I; 2nd in Academic Results

Jake PerksChemistry; UNSW Australia Prize for Economics; Mathematics Accelerated; Physics; Dux of Year 11

Charles Hely-HammondBusiness Studies; Legal Studies; PDH&PE; Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Studies of Religion II; Dux of Year 11


Gold Award Prize Draw Winners

  • Hopper Dyke-Miller 5 Red
  • Tom Brown 5 Indigo
  • Vincent Kapos 6 Indigo
  • William Frinsdorf 6 Gold
  • Oliver Isaac Year 7
  • Phoenix Miconi Year 7
  • Ben Cromer Year 8
  • Dante Fearn Year 8
  • Luca Cornelius Year 9
  • Fred Carmody Year 9
  • Charlie Murphy Year 10
  • Asher Thomasyu Year 10
  • Keyaan Abrahams Year 11
  • James Iatrou Year 11


Liberating Education Award 

Congratulations to Ms Natasha Zivanovic, on receiving the EREA Charter Award for Liberating Education. Natasha was selected from 4,500 staff of 55 EREA schools in Australia, for the amazing work she is doing liberating education at the Junior School. Natasha and her husband attended a ceremony down in Melbourne last weekend.

Ms Natasha Zivanovic with Principal, Mr Graham Leddie

Ms Natasha Zivanovic with Principal, Mr Graham Leddie

Wavelength Coming Soon

The Waverley bi-annual alumni magazine Wavelength will be published soon, and posted to all Old Boys and Waverley families in December. Wavelength celebrates the achievements and news of our students and Old Boy community, with this edition featuring engaging articles about Cadet leadership, Ecology, our Indigenous Walawaani Program, coeducational achievements, Professor Ian Hickie AM (Class of 1976), Daniel Ardilley ASC (Class of 1984), a nostalgic contribution from Chris O’Sullivan (Class of 1965/66), and more.

HSC Nominations

Each year, students in Technologies and the Creative Arts are nominated for their HSC achievements in individual performance/s and projects. This is outstanding external recognition in highly competitive fields, and an acknowledgment that they are amongst the best in the State. I know you will join me in congratulating the following talented students:

HSC Showcase Encore

Nominated for possible inclusion for a selection of performances and compositions in HSC Music:

  • Charles Alexander – Encore HSC Music
  • Louis Kitto – Encore HSC Music

Please consider attending the HSC Showcase, Encore, at the Sydney Opera House, on Monday, 27 February 2023.

HSC Showcase OnStage  – Individual Performance 

Nominated for possible inclusion for individual performance in HSC Drama.

  • Thomas Sheehan for ‘Mendacity’

OnStage is a selection of performances and individual projects from HSC Drama students and will be held at the Seymour Centre in February 2023.

InTech and Shape HSC Exhibition 2022 Nomination

InTech 2022

Nominated for possible inclusion in InTech, the annual exhibition of outstanding Major Projects developed by HSC Industrial Technology students: 

  • Jonathan Booy
  • Thomas Wilkins

A number of projects will be selected for Shape 2022, the combined exhibition of HSC Technology projects at the Powerhouse, Ultimo, Sydney from 3 March to 21 May 2023. 

Shape 2022 

Design and Technology student/s nominated for possible inclusion in Shape 2022:

  • Maddox Grebert
  • James Harding

Shape is an annual exhibition of exemplary Major Projects developed by HSC Design and Technology, Industrial Technology and Textiles and Design students.