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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

From the Principal, Mr Graham Leddie

Principal, Mr Graham Leddie

Principal, Mr Graham Leddie

Waverley Council Net Zero Roundtable 

Last Friday afternoon I attended a roundtable organised by Mayor Paula Masselos at Waverley Council chambers, along with 16 other key groups/organisations that all have a major influence within the council’s zone. There were representatives from industry, retail, transport, utilities, clubs, and schools. Representatives from government were also present from federal, state and local levels. 

Each group presented on what they were doing currently to reduce their carbon footprint, with the goal being Net Zero by 2035. Waverley College has made significant progress with the implementation of solar panelling, water saving devices, tracking our energy usage via the Climate Clever App, native tree planting, native bee hives, awareness campaigns and education, waste management, paper and cardboard recycling, transport audit, First Nation planting project, recycle bins for batteries and technology, clothing bins, Clean Waves Program, the work of our energetic ecology group, and our master plan will see us recycling buildings where possible and aligning them east west in orientation to take advantage of climatic conditions. The group will be reconvening in six weeks to share more ideas across sectors, and to commit to achieve this goal as a collective. The hope is that this will encourage others to change and commit to this target. 

A Night of Music!

Last night, we hosted the Lane Cove Cameraygal Wind Symphony in our first Combined Band Performance alongside The Cliff Goodchild Concert Band. The evening was a great success, concluding in a combined piece with over 75 musicians from both bands performing Verdi’s Dies Irae. Well done to the Music Team, Mr Dan Williams, Mr Chris Balkizas, Mr Chris Blenkinsopp, Ms Jaz Dolso, Ms Jazz De Witte and Ms Keiran Kossenberg.

Combined Band Performance

Combined Band Performance

Combined Band Performance

Combined Band Performance - Mr Dan Williams

Advocate for Change Launch Day –  Friday, 24 March

Edmund Rice Advocacy (ERA) For Change, is a youth advocacy network that stands for equality, human rights, and justice and solidarity with all people, and with the earth itself. Congratulations and thank you to the following students who were involved with the online launch today: Praman Gandhi (Year 8), Axel Stapleton (Year 8), Ethan Khatib (Year 8), Oliver Isaac (Year 8), Oliver Lorimer (Year 8), Oscar Wilson (Year 10), Lachlan Isaac (Year 10), Fox Stapleton (Year 10), Taj Lynn (Year 10),Kayden Baker (Year 10) and James Peate (Year 10).

How to Help Improve Your Child’s Memory – Free Webinar – Wednesday, 29 March, 6:30pm – 7:30pm

This webinar is hosted by Elevate Education. By tuning into their webinar series you will learn how you can better support your children at home, through reinforcing the skills they learn at school.

In this webinar Elevate will cover:

  1. How memory actually works (and how it has nothing to do with brain capacity)
  2. The most effective environments to assist in memorisation
  3. Techniques you can implement overnight to improve revision

>>> Click here to read Ms Lynsey Porter’s article to register for this free series.

International Science School 2023 – it’s back, live and in-person!

Applications close 6 April 2023. International Science School will run from 2-15 July 2023 for any Year 11 and 12 Students.

The fully residential International Science School returns to the University of Sydney in July 2023. Join top science students from Australia and around the world for two weeks of inspiring talks by world-renowned scientists, amazing visits to cutting-edge research facilities, loads of hands-on experiments and activities, and a packed program of social events. It’s going to be fantastic; you don’t want to miss this one!

>>> Click on this link for more information and to register.

Years 7-10 Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews via Face to Face & Zoom 

Years 7 to 10 Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews will be held on Wednesday, 26 April 8:30am – 6:30pm and the booking link will be open for parents/carers from next Friday, 31 March at 9am. Please note bookings will close on Monday, 24 April at 5pm.


In reading through this week’s and last week’s newsletter, there are many notes of thanks in end of summer season articles to staff, officials, parents, carers and students who helped make each respective season a success.

But in this article, I want to particularly highlight and thank the many parents/carers who assist across the College with the organisation of activities, fundraising for resources and cooking BBQs to support all students and visitors. COVID-19 has not helped increase volunteer numbers across many clubs and schools, so I am particularly thankful to those parents/carers who find some time to ensure our hospitality endures. Thank you! 

Waverley has a very strong reputation for being friendly, warm, welcoming, and helpful to others, especially strangers. I encourage you to join a committee, join a Supporters’ Group and play your part in building our community. Our College Canteen is also another place that would benefit from your support. 

If you are available on any of the following dates, the Canteen would love to have your help, so if you are interested please volunteer using this link.

  • Tuesday, 28 March, 9:30am  1:45pm
  • Wednesday, 29 March, 9:30am  1:45pm
  • Thursday, 30 March, 9:30am  1:45pm
  • Friday, 31 March, 9:30am  1:45pm
  • Tuesday, 4 April, 9:30am  1:45pm
  • Wednesday, 5 April, 9:30am  1:45pm

Lunch is provided for all volunteers.