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Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

From the College Nurse, Adele Cutbush

A Year 8 student has been diagnosed with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.

Hand, Foot & Mouth disease is a generally mild and not serious, common viral infection. It usually occurs in children under 10 years old but in some cases can occur in older children and adults.

Hand, foot and mouth disease presents with all red dots or blisters which later become ulcers. Blisters can appear in the gums, mouth, cheeks and also on the soles of the feet and palms of hands. The child can also suffer low grade temperatures or fevers, irritability, sore throat, tiredness and feel a bit off colour.

The disease is usually spread from person-to-person contact and can be prevented with practicing good hygiene methods including washing hands and covering up coughs and sneezes etc.

If you would like more information on Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease please click on the link to the NSW Health Infectious Diseases Fact page below for more details:

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