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High Drama at Waverley

Happy, Fun Time Show; Pedram Biazar, Andrew Badger, Ethan Vella and Roman Koteczky

Andrew Badger took on the infamous role of Shakespeare’s, Richard the Third

Ethan Vella's portrayal of the central character from ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night Time’.

Nickita Hatjinikitas brought the character of Eugene Morris Jerome to life

From Drama/Entertainment Teacher, Peter Lamb

The 2019 HSC Drama class have every reason to be proud. The class received four individual nominations and one group nomination for OnStage, the annual showcase of the best HSC Drama performances in the state! To be nominated indicates outstanding achievement in the subject. Roman Koteczky, Pedram Biazar, Andrew Badger and Ethan Vella received a group nomination for, ‘The Happy, Happy, Fun Time Show’. This wickedly funny piece revolves around kid’s TV show hosts who argue and pursue solo careers, only to experience disappointment. They offer acute insights into our modern fascinations with fame and what really matters in life.

Andrew Badger took on the infamous role of Richard the Third. Richard, bitter at the world’s response to his physical deformity, hatches a dastardly plan to wed the wife of the prince he has just killed. Andrew created a highly physicalised, compelling and complex character, that was wonderful to watch.

Ethan Vella packed a huge emotional punch in his compelling portrayal of Christopher from, ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night Time’. The young autistic boy sets out to solve the murder of Wellington the Dog but discovers far more than he bargained for. Ethan delivered an extraordinarily detailed and nuanced performance.

Nickita Hatjinikitas brought the character of Eugene to life, from Neil Simon’s, ‘Brighton Beach Memoirs’. Fourteen-year-old Eugene is trying to make sense of his fracturing family while dealing with the end of puberty and his sudden urgent interest in girls. Nickita has created a charming and touching coming-of-age piece.

Roman Koteczky tackled Shakespeare’s, ‘Henry V’. Roman concentrated on finding the psychological complexities and self-doubt of the character. In owning his own fears, Henry finds the courage to ask his outnumbered army to face up to their foe and defeat them. Roman delivered a compelling Shakespearian performance, based on psychological realism.

Let’s celebrate the talent and hard work of the whole HSC Drama cohort of 2019.