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How Much Does Your Son Know About the History of Online Search Engines?

Google search engine

Searching for Information

It is difficult to remember a time when you couldn’t ‘Google’ anything you wanted to know. Students can’t remember a time without it, but in fact there were decades (even centuries), when it didn’t exist.

Below are some possible ‘treasure hunts’ for your sons to undertake over the holidays.

Treasure Hunt One

Look into the history of search engines (e.g. Lycos was a search engine that started in 1994 with 54,000 items available!!)

>>> Click here to view more about the history of search engines.

  • When did search engines start?
  • What were some of the early search engines?
  • What did they look like?
  • How did they work?
  • When did Google appear?


Treasure Hunt Two

>>> Click here to view information about search engines that donate to environmental causes (ocean cleanup, planting trees, saving animals etc.).

Check out:

  • Givero
  • Ekoru
  • Ocean hero
  • Ecosia
  • Search Scene
  • Any others


Ms Sue Bognar

Teacher Librarian