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I’m a Waverley Student, Get Me Outta Here!

Can you guess what food this is?

Ice-cream flavoured milk

Ooooh! Edible bugs!

Today Year 10 Food Tech were introduced in a dynamic way, to foods that can be tied into Stage 5 units of study.

Divided into small groups, they sampled hidden food and were required to taste, smell and guess what they might be eating … with some hilarious results!

The students were exposed to:

  • Food in Australia, including food from different cultures, such as lamb heart, kangaroo sausages, and durian fruit

  • Food Equity, such as edible bugs

  • Food Product Development, such as Gaytime ice cream-flavoured milk

  • Food selection and Health, such as a purple carrot

  • Food service and catering, such as Dominos pizza

  • Food for specific needs, such as astronauts’ ice cream

  • Food for special occasions, such as Halloween lollies

  • Food trends, such as protein bars and plant-based duck.

Tallied on a white Leader Board, bonus points were afforded to groups who were able to answer additional questions.

Can you answer either of these questions about food?

Q: What is food equity?

A: Food equity is having access to healthy, affordable, culturally-significant foods.

Q: Carrots were originally purple. Suggest a reason why they are now predominantly orange.

A: One possible reason, is that they were bred to be orange in the Netherlands, in tribute to the emblem of the House of Orange and the struggle for Dutch independence.


Ms Bev McCarthy

TAS/VET Teacher