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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Inspiring Old Boy (Class of 1981) Energises Current Waverley Students

Mark Higgins (Class of 1981)

Old Boy, Mark Higgins, spoke to a group of aspiring student leaders in the College Senior Library during Week 2. His brief was to outline what leadership is, its power, and how we are all called to leadership.

Mark spoke as part of a longstanding program at Waverley, where leaders in their respective fields come in to talk to future student leaders. The power of linking to the broader world and connecting to our community to expose our student audiences to real-world practitioners, is of immense value.

Mark, currently a barrister, outlined his work and general life experiences throughout his impactful career, and how his actions are guided by core values originating from his time as a Waverley College student. He outlined how he has applied leadership to those he interacts with through work, and also in social activities and social justice programs outside of work.

Mark challenged students to treat all people with dignity. How can we maintain the sense of an individual’s worth? How can we facilitate bringing out the best in people and assisting people to excel?

Mark outlined one example about his experiences when working with Legal Aid in Western Sydney. Here, he worked with people who have committed serious crimes. He said that his stance of treating people with dignity is the ultimate act of leadership, and he challenged current students to consider this when they act.

He carefully outlined how leadership can be found in all areas of life. His experiences in parachuting, surfing and rugby all involved concepts of leadership and exemplified how we can all be leaders.

Mark’s explanation of the Waverley Crest and how its key aspects including: the gold star and the five gold bars representing Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Religious Virtue: faith, hope, charity, have been a great source of guidance. He said that these values are powerful and great to nurture.

This is first in a series of talks for Mark. We’re very grateful that he will continue to work with selected young men of Waverley, connecting their class studies to the wider world of life outside of school.

>>> Click here to view biographical information about Mark Higgins.

Would You Like to Make a Presentation to Waverley Students?

If you would like to contribute in a similar way, via presenting to students with your insights from industry and the world of work, please be in contact with Ms Venettia Miller in Archives, Alumni and Development.


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