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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Introduction of ‘Writer’s Toolbox’ in Year 7 Literacy and English

5 Indigo Learning with Writer's Toolbox

In Term 1, 5 Indigo Worked with Writer's Toolbox

This term we are very excited to be introducing all Year 7 Literacy and English students to an innovative program and online educational writing tool called Writer’s Toolbox.

This research-based online writing tool has been built expressly to raise student ability level in writing. The key advantage of this purpose-built educational writing tool is feedback. Artificial intelligence built into the tool reads student work, and provides individualised feedback according to the student’s age and ability level.

The program was designed by education innovator Dr Ian Hunter. Concerned about falling writing standards in his university students, Dr Hunter began a 25-year research project to develop a writing system that every student could master.

Writer's Toolbox

“The writing challenge our students and teachers face is significant. What I have endeavoured to do is to meet this challenge in a way that means teachers and students just get it – by removing the jargon around writing and by teaching explicit, easy-to-understand strategies to improve writing whatever the subject area.” – Dr Ian Hunter

The Year 7 students are now using Writer’s Toolbox at least three times each week, working on tasks and modules specifically structured to improve their writing skills, as well as their understanding of the units studied in English.

Writer's Toolbox

The writing tool is also being trialled in various classes and subjects across the curriculum. Initial feedback from teachers and students is overwhelmingly positive.

This is an exciting time for all students and staff involved. Thank you especially to Mr Tall and everyone involved in Year 7 Literacy and English for all your hard work and dedication in implementing this new program.


Ms Mary Ryan

Acting Literacy Coordinator