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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

IT Student Support

iAssist Procedure – Students

iAssist support during online learning 

Date: 22nd March 2020



In light of recent government advice, the College is transitioning to online learning. The following processes are in place to support students so that they can continue their learning.


Getting Help

Support will be available by phone, by remote connections and in person in E15 between 8am-4pm Monday to Friday. If you need to attend in person to E15 you should call ahead to book a time.

The preferable and most efficient way to get support is to log a ticket via the automated IT helpdesk. To log a ticket simply send a message to from the students school email address, this will then notify iAssist support staff and place a job in their work queue.

If you are unable to send from the students account send an email from any other account to

When you contact iAssist give them as much detail about the problem along with a contact number that can be used to contact the student/family member. It’s important that emails contain as much relevant information regarding the issue as possible and that iAssist staff are addressed in a courteous way. Remember they are trying to help you.

The iAssist phone number of 02 9369 0784 will be manned during off-campus learning, at busy times you may need to leave a voicemail.


Hardware/warranty repairs

Repairs, both warranty and insurance will continue to be carried out during online learning. In the event of a more strict lockdown, these repairs will cease.

Apple Stores worldwide are currently closed until March 28 but we expect that this will be extended should NSW enter a more stringent lockdown state. This means no warranty support is available through Apple Stores.

Students should take extra care when managing their devices at home and take precautions to make sure that no damage occurs. Simple steps such as not trailing power leads across areas where people are walking or not leaving items on the keyboard and closing the lid causing damage to the screen.

Waverley does have a limited stock of hotswap units which can be issued to students in the event of a device failure. However the issuing of these devices will be on a first come first served basis and students should take steps the manage their devices appropriately. In the event of a more strict lockdown these units will not be available.

Hotswap devices will be issued from E15 so parents/students will need to attend Waverley, this will be by appointment only at an agreed day/time. To make an appointment, please log a ticket to


Remote support

Waverley has installed an application on student devices called TeamViewerQS, should the iAssist Technician need to remote into the device they will send instructions on what needs to be done prior to connecting.

Prior to connecting the student MUST restart the laptop before the remote session.


Other items

Adobe Apps

Students in Year 7-12 have access to the Adobe Creative Suite apps and these can be downloaded to their device directly from Adobe. 


If parents are using FamilyZone and need to adjust settings to allow students to access content from home they should contact FamilyZone for help:

Home networks

Due to the diverse nature of home networks iAssist staff will not be able to provide help with home internet connections. If a student is having performance issues accessing content they should use the website to test connectivity and contact their Internet Service Provider (ISP).


Kind Regards,

Simon Potter

Director of ITC, Campus and Innovation