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Join Theatresports for Extra-Curricular Improvisational Fun!

Theatresports in 2017

About Theatresports

Theatresports is a competitive and engaging improvisation activity played in teams. Opposing teams perform timed scenes based on audience suggestions. Scenes use both these suggestions and rules of a game (for example, the scene might be a commercial, the scene might need to begin and end with certain lines, or one player might need to provide commentary of the action).

Scenes are then awarded scores by a panel of judges based on their entertainment, storytelling, and use of the rules of the game. Scenes can be dramatic, they can be comedic – but they are always different.

If you love creating new content, acting for stage, or simply want to further develop your dramatic skills, then Theatresports is for you! It fosters skills in storytelling, communication, collaboration, creativity, and self-confidence.

Above all, Theatresports is collaborative and fun. The skills you will develop in Theatresports teach you to work as an ensemble, which is useful for productions and further drama education. We will encourage the development of a positive attitude, teamwork, and personal growth – Theatresports does not focus on winning for its own sake.

Theatresports in 2017

Theatresports in 2017

A Little on the History of Theatresports and the Competition

Keith Johnstone created Theatresports in 1976 in his acting classes to inject theatre audiences with the passion displayed by sports fans. Since then, this form of competition improvisation has spread all over the globe, providing audiences with enjoyment and performers with challenging games to stretch their creativity.

The Theatresports Schools Challenge (TSC) brings students together from scores of independent and government schools across Sydney and beyond, to share in the joyful spirit of improvisation.

We are after Waverley boys to take up Theatresports as an extra-curricular activity to represent the College in this wonderful competition.

Details of each division and heats are below:

  • Junior Division – Years 7 and 8 – heats during Term 4.
  • Intermediate Division – Years 9 and 10 – heats during Term 2 (30/4/24 onwards).
  • Senior Division – Years 11 and 12 – heats during Term 2 (30/4/24 onwards).


Please see Mr Stephen O’Donnell or Mr Steven Hall (Theatresports Convenor) for details on how to join.