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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Junior School News

Junior School: 2017 Term 4, Week 3

Virtual reality at the Junior School

From the Director of the Junior School, Anthony Banboukjian

Prayer of the Week

As we pray together this week, let us keep in mind the following prayer from Pope Francis:

Pope Francis Five Finger Prayer

Let us pray the Hail Mary together.

Blessed Edmund Rice: Pray for Us

St Mary of the Cross: Pray for Us

Live Jesus in Our Hearts: Forever



A reminder that all money promised for the Walkathon needs to be handed in by the end of this week. It is extremely important that we account for all the money promised. We would like to present the cheques to the different charities at the end of our exams.

Special recognition needs to go to a few boys in particular for their wonderful contributions:

Tristan Lee                           5 White                     $6,635.00

Tashi Harrison                      5 Blue                      $4,907.50

Jack Smith                            6 Blue                       $2,379.00

Matthew Wong                    6 Green                     $1,153.90

Thomas Holroyde                 6 Gold                      $915.50

Rafael Di Giorgio                 6 Blue                       $867.90

Eddie Beswick                      6 Green                     $745.00

Vasili Vertsonis                     6 Blue                       $709.10

Joel Hammerschmidt          5 Red                        $707.30

Tom Johnson                        6 Green                     $659.30

Brock Randall                       5 Gold                       $605.00

Nate Smith                             5 Red                        $600.00

Jack Preller                           6 Red                        $596.00

Harry Hill                             6 Gold                       $576.00

Freddy Maree                      5 Green                     $570.00

Zachary Duane                    5 Red                        $545.00

James Nestor                      5 White                     $540.00

James  McGreevy               5 Green                     $537.00

Marcus Jomoa                     6 Blue                       $510.00

Rex Whale                           6 Green                     $502.90

Alexander Polihronas       6 Green                     $501.80

Bert Cottell                          6 Gold                       $500.00


The total amount promised is $56,415 and we have banked $48,443 so far. We still have nearly $8,000 to be brought in by the boys.

Highlights include:

4 boys over $1000.00

22 boys over $500.00

155 boys over $100.00

6 Blue & 5 White over $9000.00

6 classes over $5000.00


A truly inspirational effort of which the charities supported are going to benefit a great deal.

A reminder of the different charities we are supporting this year:

  • Edmund Rice Camps NSW
  • Sydney Children’s Hospital
  • Savio Education Centre
  • Prostate Cancer Foundation
  • Cure for Life Foundation
  • Local Families
  • Redkite


Year 5 Camp

A reminder that in week 4 from November 1 to November 3 all year five boys will be attending a year camp at Vision Valley. Could I ask yet again that all required letters be sent into the office by the end of this week.

A reminder that drop off time at the PAC is 9.15am. Can I again ask parents to be considerate of our neighbours and ensure they park legally and not across residents’ drive ways.


Special Notices

Plesae note due to a whole school staff meeting there will be afternoon training next Monday October 30.

The end of year Music Recital for the boys involved in music at the Junior School will be held on Thursday November 16 in the Performing Arts Centre on Birrell St. More information for the boys involved will be sent home after Year 5 camp.


Presentation from Suan Yeo, Google

Last week the boys in Year 6 were fortunate enough to have a presentation from Suan Yeo who works for Google. Suan spoke to the boys about Google and where the internet is heading. Some of the boys had great fun with some virtual reality headsets. Special thanks to Mrs Black (mother of Connor in Year 6 White) who arranged the contact with Suan.


Summer Sport

After two rounds of summer sport boys are well and truly into the swing of things.  Some training sessions have been disrupted by rain but from all reports the games played so far have been competitive and lots of fun.


Year 6 Graduation

Please note the details for the Year 6 Graduation are as follows:

Date: Thursday  November 30,  2016
Venue: Br Lacey Gymnasium (Senior School 131 Birrell St)
Time: 6.15pm boys will be required at 5.50pm

More information regarding the Graduation will be sent home later in the term .


Year 5 Presentation Afternoon

The Year 5 Presentation Afternoon will be held in the gym on Friday December 1 and will commence at 1.00pm sharp.

More information will be sent home in early November.

Year 7 2018 Orientation Day

A reminder that Friday November 10 is set aside for the boys progressing onto the Senior School in 2018 to complete their Orientation Day.

The structure of the day is as follows:

8.20am: All students and parents arrive at the senior school campus, gymnasium at the Cosgrove Centre, Birrell St Waverley.

8.40am: Students remain at the College and engage in Orientation activities. After lunch the boys engage in swim trials at the College pool

9.00am – 9.25am: Parents/Carers stay for a welcome at the Cosgrove Centre, then leave around 9.25am.

2.50- 3.00pmDismissal.  Current Junior School students  will walk back to the Junior School under supervision.


LUNCH: The boys will be provided with a BBQ lunch and drink (payment for ALLWELL testing also covered the lunch)

WHAT TO WEAR: Students wear school sports uniform from their current school.

WHAT TO BRING: Small bag/back pack with a water bottle, swimmers/sun hat/sun screen/towel for swim trials. Snack for recess.


Letter from Mr Ghattas regarding the Junior School Christmas Appeal

Dear Parents

Christmas time can be a lonely and difficult time for many people throughout Sydney, therefore this year we are hoping to support a few different charities that need our help this Christmas.

Year 5 – Matthew Talbot Hostel 

The Matthew Talbot Hostel is a social justice initiative run by The St Vincent de Paul Society, aimed at helping the homeless men of Sydney.

Donations to  include: Toiletries (preferably small travel size items), underwear, socks, chocolates, notepads, pens.


Year 6 – Kids Helping Kids

The Kids Helping Kid program is an initiative run by The Smith Family aimed at helping the disadvantaged school children in Australia.  We supported this charity earlier in the year by raising money on Edmund Rice Day.

Donations to include:  Stationery such as packets of pens, colouring pencils, textas, highlighters, scissors, erasers, pencil cases.


Giving Tree

You are invited to donate a gift for our Junior School ‘Giving Tree’.  The gifts are for disadvantaged children throughout the local and wider communities of Sydney.  The gifts are for children of any age range, both boys and girls.

These gifts need to be wrapped in clear plastic with the age range specified on the wrapping.  The gifts are then to be brought into school and placed under the Christmas tree.

Thank you for all your generosity in supporting these worthwhile charities.