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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Junior School News

Junior School: 2018 Term 1, Week 1

Junior School start of Term 1


Prayer for our return for the New Year                                              

God of New Beginnings,

We thank you for bringing us to this day where we begin our journey together here at Waverley College Junior School.

We give thanks for the opportunity we have had to rest and to spend valuable time with our families and friends.  We now look to the new year as one of hard work, study and achievements, academically and in all of our other cocurricular activities.

Bless in a special way all the students and families of Year 5 who are new to our community.  May they find their first year challenging, yet rewarding and full of many happy memories.

Bless all the teachers of the Junior School so that they may develop and challenge us into becoming the best that we can be.


Prayer: Our Father

Blessed Edmund Rice: Pray for Us

St Mary of the Cross: Pray for Us

Live Jesus in our Hearts: Forever


Welcome to the 2018 school year.  It was terrific to see the boys in their new uniforms and polished shoes ready to start the year with tremendous energy. I hope they can keep up this standard all year round. I hope everyone had a great holiday and a chance to recharge their batteries ready for another exciting year.

The boys have been challenged to be the best they can be in everything they do. I would appreciate if the parents could follow this through at home as well.

A big welcome to all our new students in Year 5 and look forward to their active involvement in all things Waverley.  I look forward to meeting many of our new and ‘old’ parents at the Parent Association Cocktail Party on Saturday 24 February.

Our complete staff for 2018 is as follows:

  • Greg Harris – Assistant Director, Year 5 Mathematics and Year 5 Computer Studies
  • Mr Matthew Ryan – Sportsmaster and Year 6 Green Class Teacher
  • Mr Stephen Ghattas – REC and Yr. 5 Blue Class Teacher
  • Mr Ben Meadley – Year 6 Red Class Teacher
  • Mr Anthony Gill – Year 6 Blue Class Teacher
  • Ms Gaby Bransby – Curriculum Co-ordinator and Year 5 Gold Class Teacher
  • Ms Jennifer Hoare – Year 6 Gold Class Teacher
  • Mr Kendall Robinson – Year 6 White Class Teacher
  • Mr Anthony Stanton – Year 5 White Class Teacher
  • Mrs Tracie Ryan – Year 5 Green Class Teacher
  • Mr Mark Claridge – Year 5 Red Class Teacher
  • Mr Tony Proudfoot – Year 5 Gold Class Teacher (Wednesday)
  • Mrs Michelle Rollins – Music and Drama
  • Ms Charlotte Stephens – Year 6 French
  • Ms Katia Iturrieta – Year 5 Spanish
  • Mrs Katrina King – Learning Support
  • Ms Margaret Fitzgerald – Learning Support
  • Mrs Morag Tunks – Librarian
  • Mr Glenn Fleming – Counsellor (Friday)
  • Mrs Megan Schmitz – JS Counsellor (Wednesday and Thursday)
  • Mrs Audrey Coupe – School Secretary
  • Mrs Sharon Baldock – Canteen
  • Mrs Julie Williams – Canteen

Year 5 laptop rollout

The laptops will be issued on Wednesday 14 February with the program starting at 3.30pm and concluding at 5.00pm. The venue is the Junior School Auditorium. All boys need to be present with at least one parent. All information and forms were emailed during the holidays.

Diary and calendar

Your son should have returned home this week with his blue College diary and the school calendars (large and small). The diary is expected to be signed by parents each week and to have homework and assignments listed.

Important dates

Week 1A

  • Friday 2 February  – Summer Sport Trials (Colour House uniform required) Periods 1-4
  • Friday 2 February – 50m Swimming Trials 1:30pm – 3:00pm

Week 2B

  • Monday 5 February – Summer Sports Trials Periods 3-6
  • Thursday 8 February – Commencement Mass, St Mary’s Cathedral 10am
  • Saturday 10 February – Rd 1 Summer Sport

Week 3A

  • Wednesday 14 February – Year 5 Laptop Roll Out – 3.15pm -4.30pm
  • Wednesday 14 February – College Ash Wednesday Liturgy
  • Friday 16 February – Aungier House Mass 8.00am
  • Friday 16 February – Swimming Carnival – 1:45pm finish All parents welcome
  • Saturday 17 February – Rd 2 Summer Sport

Week 4B

  • Monday 19 February – Year 5 & 6 Parent Information Evening – 6.30pm
  • Friday 23 February– Brennan House Mass 8.00am
  • Saturday 24 February – Parent Association Welcome to Waverley Cocktail Party for Parents
  • Saturday 20 February – Rd 3 Summer Sport

Week 5A

  • Tuesday 27 February – Enrolment Afternoon 3.30-6.00pm
  • Saturday 3 March – Rd 4 Summer Sport

Week 6B

  • Tuesday 6 March – IPSHA Swimming Carnival @ Homebush
  • Wednesday 7 March – Winter Sport Trials 1 @ Queens Park – Periods 5 & 6
  • Friday 9 March – Conlon House Mass 8.00am
  • Saturday 10 March – Rd 5 Summer Sport

Week 7A

  • Tuesday 13 March – Staff meeting no training
  • Thursday 15 March – College Assembly
  • Saturday 17 March – Rd 6 Summer Sport

Week 8B

  • Monday 19 March – Summer Sports Photos
  • Wednesday 21 March – Harmony Day – Mufti Day
  • Wednesday 21 March – Winter Sport Trials 2 @ Queens Park – Periods 5 & 6

Week 9A

  • Tuesday 27 March – Parent Evening – Male image PAC 6.30-8.00pm
  • Wednesday 28 March – Winter Sport Trials 3 @ Queens Park – Periods 5 & 6
  • Thursday 29 March – Classes conclude for Easter Holidays
  • Friday 30 March – Good Friday
  • Sunday 1 April – Easter Sunday

Week 10B

  • Monday 2 April – Easter Monday
  • Tuesday 3 April – Classes resume
  • Wednesday 4 April – Parent and Son Author Talk, College Library 6.30-8.00pm
  • Friday 6 April – Green House Mass 8.00am
  • Saturday 7 April – JS IPSHA Cross Country Carnival, Kings

Week 11A

  • Wednesday 11 April – Sport afternoon periods 5 & 6
  • Friday 13 April – ANZAC Commemoration 1.30pm. Classes Conclude Term 1
  • Friday 13 April – Armidale Rugby Tour departs
  • Saturday 14 April – Armidale Rugby Tour
  • Sunday 15 April – Armidale Rugby Tour concludes

Term 2

Week 1B

  • Tuesday 1 May – Waterford Parent Teacher Student Interviews
  • Wednesday 2 May – Waterford Classes resume Term 2 – Winter Uniform.

Who do I Contact?

If you are facing any difficulties at the Junior School please use the table as a guide on who to contact.

Area Issue Steps Contact Person
Curriculum My son’s progress in a subject / the content of a subject / his performance in assessments / his conduct in class

1st contact

2nd contact

3rd  contact

Class teacher

Learning Support

Junior School Director

Pastoral Care My son’s academic, social, physical and spiritual development, including discipline, peer relationships, attendance 1st contact

2nd contact


3rd  contact

Class teacher

Junior School Director

If needed, the school counsellor

Sport Matters relating to training sessions of my son’s team / team expectations / selection and venues / times 1st contact

2nd contact

3rd  contact

Team coach


Junior School Director

Fees / Finance For payment of fees and general enquiries. 1st contact


2nd contact

Assistant Business Manager

Business Manager

Travel Opal Card applications and replacements 1st contact

2nd contact

Administration Secretary

Deputy Director

Contact details Change of address / phone number / email 1st contact Registrar 9369 0698
Other For general information / absences / illness 1st contact
2nd contact
Administration Secretary  9387 5022

Junior School Director