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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Junior School News

Junior School: 2018 Term 1, Week 4


Prayer for the Week

Dear God,

As we take our first steps in the season of Lent,
Take us deeper into your love.
Take us into truth, that we may learn and grow.
Connect us to your grace and compassion,
So that we may hold onto hope when we come to the place where we have to face our shortcomings. Push us into the wilderness of reflection, Test and strengthen us as you reveal your will in our lives.

As we travel with you on the story to the cross; As we journey to the cross and beyond,
May we take up our own crosses and follow you anew.

Walker of the Way,
Lead us again during this season of Lent.
Mould us as your people.
As we remember your commitment to us;
Your new covenant of love,
May we join anew with you in the being of the Kingdom


Blessed Edmund Rice: Pray for Us
St Mary of the Cross: Pray for Us
Live Jesus in our Hearts: Forever

Information night

Thank you to all the parents who took the time to attend the information evening on Monday night. I hope you appreciated all the information and are now better prepared to assist your son on his journey at Waverley. Thank you to Mr Graham Leddie for attending and his warm welcome to the parents.

Special thanks as well to all the Junior School staff for their support through the evening.

Swimming Carnival

What a brilliant day – not only terms of the weather but the way the whole carnival panned out throughout the day One of the great things about Junior School carnivals is every boy whether a swimmer or non-swimmer has an opportunity to earn points and ribbons for their teams.

The support of the parents was again very evident with the great turn out on the day. Special thanks to all the staff who ensured the carnival ran smoothly. A big thank you to the Head of Sport Junior School – Mr Ryan who again organised and ran a terrific carnival.

Congratulations to the boys in Green for an outstanding win their first win in 14 years. Special mention to all the boys in Conlon and Brennan for the great effort they put in to finish in second and third place.

Age Champions – special congratulations to the following boys who won places in their respective age groups:

Under 10
Age Champion:           Aidan Lee (Tevlin)
2nd Place:                     Ben Pignatelli (Aungier)
3rd Place:                     Digger Callandar (Aungier)
4th Place:                     Xavier Miconi (O’Connor)

Under 11 5th
Age Champion:           Oakley Lamb (O’Connor)
2nd Place:                     Zoltahn Szabo (Conlon)
3rd Place:                     Fred Carmody (Brennan)
4th Place:                     Nicholas Hjorring (Brennan)

Under 11 6th
Age Champion:           Tristan Lee (Tevlin)
2nd Place:                     Oscar Bennett (Green)
3rd Place:                     Cooper Gee (Conlon)
Equal 4th Place:          Will Sweetman (O’Connor), Cameron Pierce (Tevlin)

Under 12
Age Champion:           Jack Kerves (Green)
2nd Place:                     Lucas Dubois (Brennan)
3rd Place:                     Judah Miller (Conlon)
4th Place:                     Jack Tindale  (Tevlin)


Junior School Project Compassion 2018

As the season of Lent approaches, we are asking the Year 5 and Year 6 students of the Junior School to think about those who are less fortunate than themselves.  The theme for Project Compassion 2018 is “A Just Future”.

This year, Project Compassion demonstrates how love for our neighbours can transform lives. For more than 50 years, Caritas Australia has been privileged to work together with our neighbours – our most vulnerable sisters and brothers in First Australian communities and in many other countries. Working with our partner agencies in those communities, we have developed the strength to combat poverty, promote justice and uphold the dignity of every person.

Throughout Project Compassion 2018, inspiring stories from the Philippines, Cambodia, Australia, Nepal, Jordan and Mozambique will be shared, highlighting the importance of working hand in hand with communities around the world.

As the thought of freeing the world of poverty can be overwhelming, we are attempting to empower our boys to respond to the needs of others around the world. We have asked the boys to contribute to Project Compassion in some way this year. It may be that they give up a treat at the canteen or perhaps do some odd jobs around the house to collect a bit of spare change. Please encourage your boys to donate to this worthy cause.

“They will neither hunger nor thirst, nor will the desert heat or the sun beat upon them. He who has compassion on them will guide them and lead them beside springs of water” (Isaiah 49:10).

Family Mass

On Saturday 10 March students and families of Waverley College Waterford Campus are invited to attend the 6:00pm Family Mass at Mary Immaculate Parish, followed by a BBQ at the Waterford Campus.

Father Bernie, Parish Priest of Mary Immaculate and our College Chaplain, would like to become more involved with the students and families of Waverley College and would also like to see our families become more involved with the church.  This would also be a great opportunity to meet other families from the Waterford Campus.

If you are interested in attending, could you please RSVP by filling out the form sent home with your son and sending it back to school by Monday 5 March.  For catering purposes, could you please indicate how many people will be in attendance.

Stephen Ghattas
(Assistant Director of Mission Junior School)

Name on all Student Property

Can I please stress the need to ensure your son has his name on all his gear – it makes it far easier to return any lost gear.

Saturday Sport

Our interschool competition is well under way now and the boys are training hard both in the mornings and after school. It was great to hear the boys talking about their games on Monday morning – the energy and excitement is tremendous.

Waverley Skoolbag App

Waverley released its Skoolbag app which is available for both iPhone and Andriod devices last year to assist contact with parents and students. This app is a free download and enhances the way the school communicates with students and families.

You can find the skoolbag app for Waverley by searching in either Google Play or the Apple App store for ‘Skoolbag Waverley College’. You can also find links to the app on the School website.

Chess Notice

Learn to be a chess champion! Coaching for students at Waverley College (Junior School) is held on Tuesdays from 12:30pm to 1:30pm, starting on 6 February 2018.

Learning and playing chess helps children develop their logical thinking and problem solving skills, improves their concentration and focus, while also being a great source of enjoyment.

Activities include group lessons on a demonstration chess board or interactive whiteboard, puzzle solving and fun practice games.

Students earn merit awards by making checkmates, or by displaying skills and positive qualities, which all good chess players strive to develop.

If your child is interested in taking part, you can collect an enrolment form from the school office, or email for a copy. For all enquiries, please contact Sydney Academy of Chess on (02) 9745 1170.

Breakfast at the Junior School

With many boys involved in morning training sessions the canteen will be open for breakfast to ensure that all boys have the opportunity to have something to eat before school starts. The canteen will be open from 8.00-8.30am.