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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Junior School News

Junior School News: 2018 Term 2, Week 8

Matthew Frost Y6 - Edmund Rice Service Award

Hugo and the Origin Team

Sam Payrard - Guest of Honour at Mens Health assembly talking about His unusual sport - Ice Hockey


Prayer of the Week – CONFIRMATION

This term, many of our students have received the Sacrament of Confirmation in their local parish.  This is the final step in becoming a full member of the Catholic Church, having already received the Sacraments of Baptism and Eucharist. Through the Sacrament, the candidates received the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit which will help guide and shape their future actions and decisions.

Spirit of God; grant me:

The gift of wisdom

To see the world through your eyes,

The gift of counsel

To make difficult decisions,

The gifts of knowledge and understanding

To use my mind to know you and to love you,

The gift of fortitude

To have the courage to live in the faith

Despite the difficulties and disappointments,

The gift of piety

To be able to express my special love

And commitment to you,

And the right kind of awesome fear

That makes me pause to wonder and revere

God’s Love.



St Mary of the Cross: Pray for Us

Blessed Edmund Rice: Pray for Us

Live Jesus in our Hearts: Forever

Sacrament of Confirmation

From Assistant Director of Mission, Mr Ghattas

On Sunday 17th June, I was lucky enough to bear witness of the Sacrament of Confirmation of a number of our Junior and Senior School students who are part of Mary Immaculate Church in the St Charles Borromeo Parish.  This year was made even more special with the celebration taking place at St Mary’s Cathedral with His Grace, Archbishop Anthony Fisher, presiding over the Mass.  The Cathedral was at maximum capacity with approximately 200 confirmation candidates and their families from some of the parishes in the Eastern Region in attendance.  Needless to say, the ceremony was a beautiful way to end the boys’ involvement in their preparation program and begin their journey as a Christian adult.

I would like to congratulate the following boys who received the Sacrament of Confirmation as part of Mary Immaculate Church, Waverley.

Year 5

Sebastian Ari, Monty Armstrong, Charles Beckett, Rudy Bickers, Callum Bush-Brady, Patrick Carey, Oliver Farrugia, Toby Fernandez, Archie Godby, Claude Natalizio, Charlie Paul, Jamie Vanderkemp, Nicholas Zanapalis

Year 6

William Booth, Lucien Carone, Aonghus Carone, Thomas Edwards, Remy Frampton, Tashi Harrison, Christian Lorenzetto, Edward Lyons, Marcus Marin, Jack Moran, Anthony Scarfone, Lachlan Sidoti, Daniel Velder

Year 7

Rafael DiGiorgio, Ashton Plesums, Finn Stranix

The following boys also received the Sacrament of Confirmation as part of their own parish:

James McGreevy (St Michael’s Daceyville) James Dodsworth, Hamish Punch, Mark Rede, Oliver Stynes, Jack Kearney, Nathan Leabres, Sean McLaughlin, Aston Owens, Campbell Porteus (Holy Cross Woolahra) Benito Salvestrin (St Mary & St Joseph Maroubra Bay)

I would like to congratulate all other boys who have made their Confirmation in their own parishes already this year.  For those who are still in preparation, I wish you the best of luck and blessings for the special occasion.

I would like to thank all parents and sponsors who guided their children through the Confirmation Sacrament and hope that the boys aspire to follow in your footsteps in their Christian journey.  I would also like to thank Father Bernie Thomas, Mrs Leanne Quinn (St Charles) and Mr Anthony Gill for their organisation and assistance in the running of the Confirmation Program.

Finally, a reminder to all parents and boys of confirmation candidates of Mary Immaculate Church that there will be a Family Mass on Sunday 24 June beginning at 10:00am to officially welcome them into the Church.  Confirmation certificates will be handed out at the end of this Mass; therefore your attendance is compulsory.

The Hugo File – Update

Hugo Kulcsar receiving the 6 Gold Gift

Several staff have continued their visits to see Hugo and his family at the Prince of Wales Hospital.  Now two weeks into his treatment we all have a better idea of what Hugo will need to go through to return to full health. There will be a number of things that all of us in the school community will need to act on to ensure we play our part over the months ahead.

Hugo’s introduction to his chemotherapy has been problematic as the side effects caused by the aggressive medications have taken a toll on his young body. This has already seen his first stay in the hospital extend to longer than the family was expecting, so the situation can be monitored and controlled. Luckily, Hugo was given a huge lift this week when Ms Hoare delivered a wonderful book of ‘well wishes’ full of beautiful personalised messages from 6 Gold; a signed lime green kicking tee, including football and a teddy for a bit of comfort through the long days in hospital. His mum and dad saw the lift in his mood and demeanour instantly when this was presented. He sat there flipping the pages and we all shared a few laughs at the funny anecdotes and beautifully written thoughts from the class. He has also had the pleasure to meet the NSW Origin side this week and his hero James Maloney.

Hugo meets the NSW Origin Players

At some point Hugo will be allowed to come to school to spend important time with his friends and class. These times are seen as crucial socialisation and confidence building opportunities to keep Hugo engaged with his community. We will notify you of these days when Hugo will be coming in via Skoolbag App and we will need you to take action if your son is unwell in the following way:

If your son has a confirmed case of chickenpox, measles, shingles or whooping cough you must notify the school immediately. This is important so the family can be advised and the appropriate treatment may be given to Hugo. As his chemo treatment will lower Hugo’s immunity, it is vitally important that we are made aware of any medical issue.

We thank you for your continued prayers and support for Hugo and his family at this time.

Donna Drew Visit – Clinical Oncology Nurse – Wednesday 20 June 

On Wednesday we had Oncology Nurse, Donna Drew, speak with all the boys from the different year levels. She stressed several points to the boys that are worth noting and discussing at home:

  1. The disease Hugo has is not contagious. You cannot catch it by being near Hugo.
  2. The medication at some point will cause Hugo to lose his hair. This is just a part of it and Hugo is still Hugo.
  3. Hugo will be coming back to school for short periods during this time and all must realise his immunity (ability to fight disease) will be low and if you are unwell then you need to stay away from him.
  4. She made it very clear to us that Hugo is in the best of care; that a lot can be done to help him and they are having very good success rates with this cancer.

Still we must all be aware that the treatment is intense for Hugo and all involved and the first 6-8 months will be the hardest time before Hugo enters into an 18-month period of maintenance. Yes, that is two years all up to get through the treatment.

The boys were a credit to all as they listened intently and asked a large number of very intelligent and thought-provoking questions of Donna as she worked around the group.

She has organised a group called ‘Missing School’ to contact us with the hope of supplying us with a robot in the classroom for Hugo to engage with the class when at home. Not quite the robot I saw recently in the recent remake of ‘Lost in Space’, but more a glorified Skype system which looks a bit like an iPad on a pole on wheels. It is an exciting initiative Ms Hoare is willing to give a try and I am sure the class will reciprocate with their own enthusiasm should we get this all to work and have Hugo enter the room from Cyberspace.

Donna gave us one gem of feedback from her day that is worth sharing, when one boy was asking if he could take Hugo the robot with him to detention. We will work with that boy on his aspirations for his time with us at Waverley.

Mr Stanton and his wife, Bernadette – In our thoughts and prayers

To so many in our community the Junior School just seems to roll through its days seamlessly, but this is really only possible due to the hard work being carried out behind the scenes by staff, parents and boys to make it all work. Indeed, every day is filled with some form of drama that requires time and attention to solve; to set right and to smooth out so as the machine can move on and peace and harmony can return.

This term has been one full of major events on a very personal level for the school staff and yet we have managed to make it to nearly the end of another hectic term more united and supportive of each other than ever. From sickness to us and others in our families; to family tragedy; from the birth of a new family member to the death of a family member and a number of unexpected accidents. Not to mention the return of Mr Banboukjian to our ranks. I cannot remember a more challenging term in my time at the school, and that is just for the staff.

Our latest sad news came just this week with news that Mr Stanton’s wife Bernadette had a fall at home and has broken her hip. She has had surgery and is stable in hospital waiting for what will no doubt be a long recovery. Again, the staff was asked to rally for one of their own to allow him to leave school and get to his wife. The 5 White boys were magnificent in their response and just got on with work projects they had for the day in what became a more unstructured day from period 3 onwards. All had work they could do and all settled into their own projects. They were a delight to spend the afternoon with and Mr Stanton would be very proud of them and how their thoughts went to their teacher and making sure he had nothing to worry about. It was a great sign of love and respect for him.

But, here we are again as I ask you as a community to keep another staff member in your thoughts and prayers as we pray for Bernadette and the Stanton family at this difficult time. May her recovery be as quick and as painless as possible.

Whole School Athletics Carnival – Friday 29 June 

From Mr Meadley

This is a new event in the school’s calendar. The College’s House Athletics Carnival will take place on Friday 29 June at ES Marks Athletics Field and we have been invited to join them on the day. (Please note we will still have our own Junior School Athletics Carnival on Thursday 2 August – Term 3 Week 2)

The Junior School emphasis of the day is participation and friendly house competition. The day is also an excellent opportunity for boys to display their talents in the 100m event and a range of novelty events. Boys will compete in their age category.

The day is a great community and house team building occasion. The Waterford students will have a wonderful opportunity to interact with the Senior School students. The day is a compulsory school event and a wonderful way to end a very busy term.

Boys are asked to wear their college tracksuit, house jersey, PE shorts (Colour Comp Uniform) – Please make sure they wear their college cap and their own sunscreen.


Waterford students must meet at the Senior School Centenary Quadrangle by 8:00 am


Waterford boys with a sibling enrolled at the Senior Campus may make their own way to the venue and be there no later than 8:45 am – they must be in the care of their brother until Junior Staff arrive at the venue if arriving before staff get there on the buses.

Please note:

  • Waterford students are to meet in their House Colour Mentor Groups at the Centenary Quadrangle for roll call no later than 8:00am.
  • Expensive items are to be left at home.
  • Boys will have very limited access to their bags during the day.
  • Wallets and mobile phones will be stored in a secure area.
  • Boys will return to the College by bus at the end of the day


  • Boys may make their way directly home from the venue at the discretion of their parents either – with a parent, with their brother, or another arrangement you have made with them.

Canteen facilities are available at the venue but please be warned they are not cheap. Boys are encouraged to bring their lunch and drinks with them.

In the event of rain, boys will come to school in their College tracksuit, but are also asked to bring books/equipment for normal lessons (Friday Week B). The wet weather phone number is 8250 3780. This information will also be available on the Skoolbag app.

We are sure the day will be enjoyable for all. Parents are most welcome to attend. Your son should have presented you with a permission note for this event due back at school by Monday 25th June.

Old Boys Thank You

One of my great loves at Waverley is the incredible support we receive from the Old Boys Union. To see so many passionate men wanting to put back so much into this place that they once called home always amazes me.

We recently were the benefactors of this generosity when we discovered two lovely new BBQs in our storeroom that we did not know were there. They had been delivered, stored, but it appears no memo. Such is life in this busy place at times.

Regardless we are incredibly grateful to have these new BBQs and I am sure all our future chefs will appreciate the fact that blisters, burns and singed eyebrows will be a thing of the past, along with getting the heat right to cook all at the same time and feed the hungry hordes awaiting. An army marches on it stomach and we can surely now satisfy any cravings that come along.

We hope to make great use of these in the future.

We thank our Old Boys and all who decided on and acted on getting us this very generous gift,

NSW CIS Cross Country – State Representative – Jack Johnson

I am thrilled to report that Jack Johnson from 6 Green ran a cracking race to finish second in the 10 years boys’ Cross Country at the NSW CIS Championships. I am sure his Mum and Dad are very proud. Representing our association of IPSHA Jack has now won his way into the NSW CIS Cross Country Team and will take part in the NSW PSSA Cross Country Championships in July. I am sure his Mum and Dad are relishing another day off school.

Cantores – City of Sydney Eisteddfod for Schools – Monday 18 June

Last Monday Mrs Rollins and Mr Ryan accompanied the boys in the Cantores at the 2018 City of Sydney Eisteddfod. This was our first time back at this event after many years of absence due to it clashing with other school events. It is great to have this back on the Music Calendar of the school and a great opportunity for our boys to perform in public. Mrs Rollins was very happy with the boys’ effort; performance and behaviour. One of our parents who is a composer was there to watch and he made it very clear how impressed he was with their performance. High praise indeed. Well done boys.

Write a Book In a Day – Wednesday 20 June

Write a Book in a Day is a creative and challenging team competition for students in years 5 to 12. Teams of up to ten have just twelve hours to write and illustrate a book from start to finish. To make it even more fun, unique parameters must be included in the story. Completed books are donated to children in hospitals all across Australia.

Funds raised through sponsorship go to The Kids’ Cancer Project, a national charity with a mission to support scientific research to help children with cancer. Here is a bit about the history of the competition.

  • 2002 – Write a Book in a Day begins as a partnership between Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers’ Centre and Princess Margaret Hospital for Children in Perth. Chris Oakeley from the Centre and a few volunteers run the competition and 18 teams raise money for the hospital.
  • 2009 – 79 teams enter the competition, they are based in just two Australian states, Western Australia and New South Wales.
  • 2014 – The competition attracts 452 teams, 150 of them from schools. Over $100,000 is raised for children’s hospitals in every Australian state and territory.
  • 2015 – Chris and his team seek out a national charity to take over running the competition. The Kids’ Cancer Project are appointed. Entries grow to 529 teams comprising over 4,500 young and adult writers.
  • 2016 – Over $157,000 is raised for vital childhood cancer research through the participation of 630 teams including 187 schools.
  • 2017 – A new website for the competition is launched and 790 teams Write a Book in a Dayraising over $190,000 for research to help children with many different types of cancer.

A very excited and hard-working group of Year 5 and Year 6 boys headed up The Grange in the High School in the care of one of our cherished casual staff, in Mrs Arkins. The boys locked themselves in for a massive day of writing drawing and collaboration as they took part in the ‘Write a Book in a Day’ Competition. Two teams of seven boys each – a Y5 and Y6 team – took on the challenge and we congratulate them on a day of great team work and creativity as they went about producing their books.

Mrs Arkins had not been involved with this competition before and was a little anxious about how to keep the boys on task for the day. Her assessment when seen the next day was that it was one of the most rewarding of days and the boys’ enthusiasm and team work to stay on task was amazing. Even visiting staff from the High School were amazed by the energy and organisation in the room.

We will publish the boys’ work through the Weekly Student Wellbeing Notices when they become available.

He boys involved were:

Year 5 and Yr 6 Write a Book in a Day teams

Year 5

Writers – Charles Coughlan, James Peate, Lachlan Marzol, Oliver Hudson, Monty Armstrong

Illustrators – Fox Stapleton, Michael Soleas

Year 6

Writers – Joseph Vonwiller , Ivor Colquhuon, Bailey Barker, Zac Mollica, Campbell McCarthy

Illustrators – Orlando Smithers Haines, Alfie Francis

Men’s Health Week Assembly – Thursday 14 June

Mrs Schmitz, one of our wonderful counsellors in the Junior School, relishes the chance to do something special for the boys at the Men’s Health Week Assembly. She has a wonderful way of reeling the boys into her message with a bit of deception and clever motivational techniques so simply done.

She began by leading the boys into a list of the most popular sports in Australia and some of the massive participation numbers. She then asked the boys to name the fastest team sport in Australia. They spent a while working it out considering it has very low participation numbers across the country. The sport was Ice Hockey and Mrs Schmitz had sought out the help of Sam Payrard to discuss and demonstrate some of the equipment used in the sport. Sam did a brilliant job sharing his love of a sport not many knew much about. He helped dress Judah Miller in all the gear and a couple of lucky students went home with a lucky door prize of a brand-new ice hockey puck.

And the purpose of all this display? Mrs Schmitz was challenging all the boys to embrace their differences; accept others and be true to yourself and what it is you love or have a passion for. Sometimes this may be hard, especially when not everyone shares your passion and may just not get it. It was a lesson for all to be more accepting of others and stand up and be proud of the things that make you different. Well done Mrs Schmitz.

Term One Interim and Mid-Year Reports

Hopefully you have all received the rerun of the Term One Interim Report reissued to you through the Parent Portal last week. We have had no negative feedback that this has not been received so it seems all has gone well this time.

It will be a very busy weekend this week with teacher’s getting their last chances to put the finishing touches on their Semester One – Mid Year Reports. In taking on this extra load staff will be working hard as they try to ensure boys lessons are prepared; work corrected; sports teams coached and reports marks checked and verified and comments written. I remind you again to be patient with your demands of staff at this time.

The Finals Are Coming!

Now that I have your attention just a reminder that we are into the final days and weeks of the term and with this being Week 8 some things begin to wind down as follows:

  • Final training sessions for the term this week – No training in Week 9
  • Final round of Saturday Sport this week – No games in Week 9
  • Final day at school for the term next week – Friday the 29 June

The holidays run for three weeks and after a Monday Staff Day (23/7) the boys return for Term 3 in full winter uniform on Tuesday 24 July.

Term Three – A Busy Start

Just a quick reminder to lock in two special events in the first two weeks back after the holidays.

On Wednesday 25 July Week 1 the boys will be taking part in the Winter Sports Blitz Day at Queens Park involving all the Winter Sports we play. It is an exciting day of sport and one of the special days on the Junior School calendar.

On Thursday 2 August Week 2 the Junior School Athletics Carnival at ES Marks Field. This is our official carnival where we select our athletics team and allow all to compete in a day of both traditional and novelty races.

Wakakirri 2018 – Term Three – Coming Soon – Tuesday 7 August

Mrs. Rollins is in full swing with preparing for the 2018 Wakakirri performance at NIDA – 215 Anzac Parade Kensington NSW 2033 on 7 August 2018 (Performance 1). Mrs. Rollins and three Junior School staff members will be with the boys all day as well as during the performance. The performance starts at 7.15pm sharp. Until the evening we are not advised of the performance order. That means we could be performing first, last or anywhere in between – so please be punctual.

Other Information:

  • There are 100 boys in our 2018 production.
  • Behaviour is as important as talent in such a big group. Boys will be expected to be polite and cooperative at all times or their place will be taken by one of the reserves.
  • If we make it – the final will be on September 19 2018 at Homebush (Performance 2).
  • The boys will have one last time to “strut their stuff” at the Junior School Music Recital, November 15 2018 (Performance 3).
  • These dates are compulsory for all boys participating in Wakakirri – Boys must have made themselves available for ALL THREE PERFORMANCES as per the note sent out. Please add them to your calendar

Team App for Winter Sport

Sport at Waverley College is an exciting activity that involves every student at all different levels.  We are now up to our sixth game of our Saturday Winter Sports Program and the excitement and energy is clearly visible.

Waverley College’s Co-Curricular Directorate is using a free app again this winter for all football and rugby teams and their supporters. ‘Team App’ is a platform that will allow our football community to improve communication by integrating everything one needs to know about football at Waverley College including:
News, Fixtures, Competition Ladders, Selection News, Player Profiles, Live Scores, Photos
If you would like to access this information on your device or smart phone simply download this free App. Team App is available on both Apple and Android devices. Once you have done this search for Waverley College Football or Rugby. The College will then authenticate you giving access.

Armidale Rugby Tour 2019 – Expressions of Interest

All Year 5 boys had a Google Doc shared with them this week to list down their interest in the 2019 Armidale Rugby Tour. We are looking for 40 players to fill the positions listed. We will choose from both current YEAR 5 U10 & U11 Rugby Squads for the U12 Tournament in Armidale in 2019. U10 boys will need parent permission to play in an U12 Tournament. A detailed permission note will be coming home shortly. To be up for selection you must:

  • Have parent permission to be involved
  • Be playing rugby for a school team in 2018 and intend playing rugby in 2019
  • Be willing to play more than one position as specified on the shared document
  • BE AVAILABLE for the first weekend of the Term 1 2019 School Holidays – Friday 12th, Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th April

Selection is being carried out now by all coaches as you play your 2018 season on both Saturday School Games and Wednesday Colour Competition. We select only 40 players so there is no guarantee that by having your name on the list you will make the squad.

We do this now as to leave the selection to 2019 would not allow interested parents to organise accommodation as this weekend is always University Graduation and Rugby Tournament in Armidale in the one weekend.

If there are any boys currently playing rugby outside of school who would be interested we will let you have a trial at Colour Comp Rugby in Week 8 (washed out) and 9. Please come prepared with boots and mouthguards. If selected then you would be expected to play rugby in 2019. Squad announcements will not take place until the end of the 2018 season.

Waverley Sport on Facebook

Please remember the details to get pictures on the Waverley Sport Facebook Page and Waverley Sport Messenger.

You can contact Lindsay through the Facebook Page; Facebook Messenger or at his website: :This email is best to use if you have many photos to share with him – Please let him know via Messenger if you have emailed him as he only uses this address for photos. If you have just small numbers of photos then attach them directly to Messenger Service with a message.

It would help if as many parents as can LIKE the page as Lindsay wants to put a lot more focus on the Junior School teams this year. He will also add any reports we send about games.

Thought for the Week

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment ― Ralph Waldo Emerson