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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Junior School – Week 10

Deputy Principal - Students, Gabrielle Smith

Deputy Principal - Students, Ms Gabrielle Smith

Diary Dates

Please find below some reminders about upcoming events and key events you need to be aware of for the Junior School in Term 2. For all of the College events, please refer to the College calendar. 

Term 1

  • Friday, 8 April – Term 1 Classes Conclude

Term 2 


  • Monday, 25 April – ANZAC Day (Public Holiday)
  • Tuesday, 26 April – Staff Professional Learning Day (Pupil Free Day)
  • Wednesday, 27 April – Junior School Classes Resume
  • Thursday, 28 April – Years 5-12 Assembly (students need to be at school by 8:15am)
  • Saturday, 30 April – Junior School Round 1 Winter Sport Commences
  • Friday, 6 May – Mother’s Day Mass and Lunch, 12pm 


  • Tuesday, 10 May – Friday, 13 May – Year 5 NAPLAN
  • Tuesday, 17 May – Parents’ Association Meeting, 6pm


  • Thursday, 9 June – Junior School Edmund Rice Day
  • Friday, 10 June – Founder’s Day Holiday (Pupil-Free Day)
  • Monday, 13 June – Queen’s Birthday (Public Holiday)
  • Tuesday, 14 June – Junior School Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences (Pupil-Free Day)
  • Saturday, 18 June – Final round of Junior School Winter Sport
  • Friday, 24 June – House Athletics Carnival and Last Day of Term 2

Mothers’ Day Mass

Please see below your invitation to our very special Mother’s Day Mass coming up on Friday, 6 May in Term 2. Be sure not to miss out and please book as soon as possible.

>>> Click here to view your invitation and to RSVP to the Mother’s Day Mass.

Mothers’ Day Gifts

Our wonderful Parents’ Association has put together a bundle of Mother’s Day gift ideas for your son to purchase. Your son can also view these gifts outside Mrs Coupe’s office. Please click on the link below to buy online.

>>> Click here to view and purchase our Mother’s Day gift ideas.


Mrs Gabrielle Smith

Director of Junior School



Year 5 Camp


Year 5 Camp Stanwell Tops

Our Year 5 Students were full of excitement to be attending their first camp as a Waverley College student. Stanwell Tops, which is located between Sydney and Wollongong, was nothing short of a postcard. The picturesque treetop mountain range, with the occasional waterfall in the distance, amazed all the students throughout the camp.

Year 5 Camp at Stanwell Tops

Year 5 Camp at Stanwell Tops

Year 5 Camp at Stanwell Tops

The boys quickly settled into camp life, getting stuck into the wide range of activities on offer by the Stanwell Tops.

These included:

  • Beach Walking
  • Bottle Rockets
  • Bubble Soccer
  • Fireside
  • Goliath (Swing)
  • Minute 2 Win It
  • Survivor
  • Vertical Cluster 

Year 5 Camp at Stanwell Tops

Year 5 Camp at Stanwell Tops

Year 5 Camp at Stanwell Tops

Year 5 Camp at Stanwell Tops

In spite of all the activities taking place, the boys were largely more excited about the dorms they were staying in with some of their mates. It created plenty of opportunities for students to connect with each other and create new friendships.

Another highlight for the boys was the food options on offer, it’s fair to say no students left camp unhappy or hungry, but maybe a little damp from the rain!

Year 5 Camp at Stanwell Tops

Year 5 Camp at Stanwell Tops

Year 5 Camp Stanwell Tops

The overall experience of Year 5 Camp gave all students every opportunity to create new memories, step out of their comfort zone to face challenges, and conquer fears along the way.

Year 5 Camp at Stanwell Tops

Year 5 Camp at Stanwell Tops

Year 5 Camp at Stanwell Tops

Year 5 Camp at Stanwell Tops

Year 5 Camp at Stanwell Tops

Year 5 Camp at Stanwell Tops

It taught our boys about resilience, compassion, and genuine mateship for one another. It was an experience the boys will hopefully never forget, and one that will begin to positively mould their development into adolescence. 

Year 5 Camp at Stanwell Tops

Year 5 Camp Stanwell Tops

Year 5 Camp at Stanwell Tops 

I would like to acknowledge all the Waverley staff who donated their time to be a part of the experience, and to the Stanwell Tops staff who made every day enjoyable and memorable for our students.

CIS Swimming

A massive congratulations to Ryan Desousa and our U11-13 Freestyle Relay team for their amazing achievements at the CIS Swimming Carnival, which took place on Thursday, 24 March. Ryan Desousa competed in the multiclass events and placed 2nd in both his Breaststroke and Freestyle heats. He went on to win two medals in the finals. What a massive achievement for Ryan. As a College, we are very proud.

Our swimming star, Ryan Desousa

Our swimming star, Ryan Desousa

The Relay Team placed 3rd in their heat and 8th in the final, which is a great effort from the boys on the day, considering the competition in the races. The team on the day consisted of Ngakau Hirroti, Rowan Metzl, Aidan McNee and Jacob Roorda.

CIS Swimming Relay Team – Junior School – (Ngakau Hirroti, Rowan Metzl, Aidan McNee, Jacob Roorda

CIS Swimming Relay Team (Junior School): Ngakau Hirroti, Rowan Metzl, Aidan McNee, Jacob Roorda

Unfortunately, the team was missing Roman Szabu, who unfortunately wasn’t able to attend, but we thank Aidan for stepping in to help the team compete at a high standard on the day.

Co-Curricular Sport/ External Sporting Achievements

As Term 1 Sport came to an end, it wasn’t quite the start to sport we had hoped for, with all the interruptions and cancellations. I would like to commend all teams for the resilience during this tough season; all students and coaches handled it with class.

Congratulations Water Polo B Team

There were some fantastic results throughout the season, but I’d like to acknowledge the Water Polo B team. They played all six of their matches that were scheduled for the half season, and finished the term undefeated. It was a huge achievement and we know they will continue it into Term 4.

Water Polo B Team

Our Undefeated Water Polo B Team. Superstars!

Congratulations Ishaan Jeena – Japanese Karate Federation Australia National Championships 2022

Ishaan Jeena competed at the Japanese Karate Federation Australia National Championships 2022. He received two gold medals for U12 Kata and U12 Kumite.

Ishaan Jeena

Congratulations Year 5 Students in Oztag U10 Grand Final

The following Year 5 students won the Eastern Suburbs Oztag U10 Grand Final. The boys went through the season undefeated: Joey Di Blasio, Jackson MacAskill, Hugo Cummins, Louis Coleman, Kai Kolster and Ollie Burke.

Year 5 Oztag Grand Final 2022


Mr Jack Wachtel

Assistant Director Co Curricular



Home Learning Club – Week 11

*Please note Home Learning will only be open Monday and Tuesday of Week 11

 >>> Click here to register your son.

If your son is unable to attend, please contact the College via email at or call reception.


Ms Natasha Zivanovic

Literacy and Innovation Teacher



Welcome to 5 Blue!

5 Blue have been having a sensational Term 1. They are a fantastic group of boys who always strive to uphold all the College values. They enjoy each other’s company, and they should be very proud of their collaboration and cooperation.

5 Blue have been exploring ways in which to have a ‘Growth Mindset’, and the students continue to impress with the way they persevere and challenge themselves, while having a positive attitude.

Here is a little bit about some of the activities we have been exploring in class.

Philosophy Inquiry Sessions

5 Blue have been doing philosophy inquiry sessions where we sit in a circle and use a structured process to discuss and explore various topics. We present a range of ideas, and can agree and disagree with others, as well as challenge them.

It has been a fun way to develop strong discussion skills as well as our critical thinking. We aren’t allowed to interrupt each other until it’s our turn, which is super hard. Even our teacher struggles to wait her turn!

5 Blue Philosophy Class

Where Children Sleep by James Mollison

The book, Where Children Sleep, captures the lives and situations of diverse children around the world — told through individual portraits and environmental pictures of their bedrooms.

It’s great for understanding the enormous range of situations that children around the world are brought up in, and for gaining perspective.

5 Blue wrote their own version, describing their world in the third person.

Here is an example from the book, followed by one from our class.

Where Children Sleep (Book)

Where Children Sleep (book excerpt)Rio From 5 Blue

Rio is a nine-year-old boy who lives in Sydney, Australia. He lives in an apartment with his parents, two sisters, a dog and a cat. Rio goes to school where there are lots of policies and rules. It takes 15 minutes to walk there and five minutes to drive. There is lots of traffic where Rio lives.

In his room, he has a desk that his dad normally uses. He has lots of fun in the room, especially when he is home alone. Rio has an amazing view of Bondi Beach and sometimes Bronte. Sometimes he goes outside to play with his sister if it is good weather.

Rio likes playing video games such as Roblox and Mario Kart. His favourite sports are Touch Football and Hockey. He loves going outside to hit the hockey ball around and playing with the rugby ball. Rio also has a pool where he loves practising for swimming carnivals and playing and jumping around.

When he grows up, he wants to be a Psychiatrist. 

About Me Magazine Covers

5 Blue boys have been getting to know their new classmates, as well as delving into themselves. They have explored their own multiple intelligence strengths and interests, and created personalised magazine covers as a visual representation.

Here are some examples:

Bertie and The Crazy Waves Mag

Fletcher and Dash's Mags

Exploring Banqer to Learn Financial Literacy

Our class has been using Banqer, which is an online platform that teaches financial literacy to students all over the world. It teaches how finances, rent, bills, super, tax and loans work. We get money each week for being a part of the class, as well as rewards for great work. We also get paid for our class jobs.

We set up our bills such as electricity and pay rent automatically. There is also a class leaderboard of your net worth, achievements and savings. You have different accounts for your money like your savings and everyday account. Try to keep all your money in your everyday account before you start getting jobs, because you don’t want to go into debt when your bills come out.

With your money you can buy houses and cars or scooters. You can also get extra money by becoming a delivery driver if you have the right car. Did you know that Banqer is used by more than 170,000 people around Australia?


By 5 Blue Student Writers: Leo Henderson and Charley McKenzie 


Ms Tanya Buttling

Year 5 Blue Classroom Teacher